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how do i handle this, need justice

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    Its Abercrombie,,,,,, I understand u only end up buying stuff from 2nd hand jail cell facilities still though with some research u still can know it and dream of it..... It's Abercrombie,

    Originally posted by Someone12:
    well, I guess you get to decide...which is worse....a visa cheat (your husband) or an immigration attorney? ....tough call. Oh yes, no one gives an ambercrumbly if some visa cheat who marries the trailerpark dodo ever gets back to the US legally....


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      someone12, you sound like a very "negative" person and the things you say--sound ignorant. Even the ATTORNEY said "in the American system there is no mechanism to be heard" he looked at my husbands FOYA and in black and white the descrepancies are so visible even a soul like you would see that. Wake up and smell the coffee someone12. Might doesn't make right.


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        sorry, no matter how much you try to blame the American system, or our laws, or some attorney, a visa cheat is still a visa cheat, and your dirtbag hubby is still just that....whining cows always say the same old thing...that their dirtbag husband is some sort of innocent victim in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary...America doesn't deport people merely because they married some village idiot (though I wouldn't be unhappy if we changed our mind), and nothing you can say will convince me that your goat herding husband is a poster child for American justice....he likely lied, cheated and stole his way into MY country, when cornered somehow found you lounging in a trailerpark, swept you off your feet (which probably took three friends plus him to accomplish!) but the law caught up with him and now he is where he belongs.....outside the US of A, back with his goats and unwashed friends, where he belongs. I say...bravo to ICE and USCIS....


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          by reading your post seems like you tried to do DCF but your husband try to enter and he was send back .. twice. he now has ten year bar.\\

          Your information in your post was written in piece meal. can you put all in one post so someone can discuss further? writing approx dates will be helpfull. did your husband try to get into country before of DCF ( filing DS230) or after?
          you filed FOIA request and got the records. you can eaisly find the sequence of occurance. LEt see if your attorney had created this mess or if you was unable to understand the process?
          FYI; there are certain steps to be followed if it happend because ineffecient counsel rep. these steps are mentioned in LOZADA motions.
          Lets not go there as of yet , unless you are sure if its attorney's fault.
          Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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            leave it mohan to believe the stories and bleatings of cows who marry dirtbags,,,


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              hey beaner, sounds like your husband wasn't that ''spiritual and decent''.


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