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My AOS interview experience in Philly.

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  • My AOS interview experience in Philly.

    Hi Friends,
    I guess when the timing is right everything happens and it happens for good. A lot of you may not be familiar with my case well here is just a short version of my case. I am an Indian citizen married to USC. We applied for my Green card in Chicago and our receipt date was 07/25/02. I was fingerprinted for the FBI on Jan 12 2004 and our AOS interview was on May 12th 2004 the interview went fantastic but I still could not get my Green-card (stamp on my passport) since my Name-check from the FBI was not complete yet. 3 months after the interview we moved to Philly (cause of job opportunities). Well since I had been waiting on this name check to be cleared by the FBI forever I decided to meet our local US Congressman and with good luck I talked to the congressman himself for over 30 min and he assured me that things will move fast. He instructed his staff to get on my case and told them that if any one gives them a hard time let him know so he could talk to them personally (And boy he was right). 3 weeks ago I got a call from the congressman's office that my name check from the FBI was cleared and it was sent to the USCIS. But the USCIS told the congressman that they needed new fingerprints for FBI check since my last one's had expired. WOW they were fast. In just 2 days I got a letter from the USCIS asking me for a fresh set of prints. Also I got a notice for a EAD card prints (since they were expiring in Sept I had applied for those too. What a waste $175) So I went and did those on the first date of the notice July 29 2005. Just this Thu I got a letter again from the INS saying that me and my wife had to appear for a 2nd AOS interview (we were like what is this? Why again?) Anyway the major problem was in early 2005 (Feb I think) I had applied for my Advance Parole and I got approved (another waste $165 thinking god knows how long this name-check will take I wanted to see my parents badly since I had not seen them for 4 years now). I even booked my tickets in for AUG 2005. You guys won't believe what the interview date was set in Philly (yep the same date I was leaving the US on Advance Parole 12 days from today). I got a fever for 2 days as I was just helpless thinking what can I do. (Now I knew I could reschedule but I did not want to leave the US under these circumstance) Anyway Just today morning me and my wife took a chance and we woke up at 4.00am and drove to Philly (with of course all our documents thinking if we get interviewed great if not oh well and most importantly to speak with a immigration officer in person to explain to them that it was just impossible to attend the interview in Philly as I was leaving on the same date. (Not to mention we had already been through this before) Once we reached the INS (of course there was a huge line). We told the outside security personnel's that it was an emergency case and we showed him the tickets (he told us that they were really busy but he would inform the top bosses upstairs to ask how they could help. He told us to wait but with uncertainty it may take an hour or 5 hours since they have appointments set already. I told him take all the time they need I was ready to wait till 6.00pm if I have to he told me they close at 3.00pm he he he and this was at 7.45am) At 9.30am he says go upstairs with a big smile (I was so happy) Anyway we go wait and a officer comes over and takes us to his office (I remembered our interview last year in Chicago exactly the same). Anyway he puts us on oath and asks me oh 15-20 questions in 5 min (it almost looked like he was just doing it as a formality since he had all answers in front of him. He was a very kind/polite good officer, no problems, great. It was all over in 10 min and said " CONGRATES YOU ARE A PERMANENT RESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES" He stamped and signed my passport and said GOOD LUCK and even wished me a safe and a happy journey. (It took me 60 sec to realize what had just happened I just could not believe it) It was just great. I shaked his hands and we were out of the building in 10 min. I gave a big hug to the security man who helped me so much and he started laughing and so did the people in the Q. So friends after 3 years I am finally done with my AOS process. For all people who are still waiting for their BIG DAY. Don't give up. Hang in there. IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG AND ALWAYS FOLLOWED AND OBEYEDTHE LAW YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR. (If any of you guys are going for your AOS interview in Philly I can tell you guys what questions he asked me and my wife. I just don't want to take up all the space in this post he he he). If you guys have any questions I would be more then happy to answer. Over 2 years now I have got advice and suggestions from countless people on this board and others. I dont want to name all since I am sure I will miss some of you and that wont be fair. But you know who you guys are. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND I WILL PRAY FOR YOU GUYS. TAKE CARE.


    Ps: Now my question for the gurus 1) since I am green-card holder as of today what Q do I stand in when I come back to the US in Oct? USC? VISITORS?
    2) The interview officer did not take my I-94/EAD/AP? Is this normal or did he just forget?
    3) My stamp says it expires on Aug 6th 2006. What is the general time it takes to get the physical card in Philly?
    4) The officer has written "CWP" with red pen and circled it on my expired US visa does anyone know what this means?
    Thanks for all your help friends. Good luck and God Bless.

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    Congrats on FINALLY getting your residency!


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      Congratulations!!!!!! go to the USC line when you come back. have a good trip!!!!


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        CWB = Canceled Without Prejudice;



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          hI firstly congrates i m happy for you. i really need help. i came here 2 years ago on a bussines trip. i fall
          in love with an american lady and she is my wife now. we got married 2
          years ago. after the 1 year of our marriage we got interview. we went
          over there but immigration officer said i will mail you the decision.
          but till than now we didnot get first wife was died and this
          is my second marriage. i gave my wife's death certificate to my lawyer
          and he forgot to mention in my application that i was married. in
          interview immi officer found it that i was married from my passport i was
          not aware that it was not in my application. but i had my wife's death
          certificate so i gave to the officer. now we inquired from immigration
          office and they said my case need another interview but dont know when,
          so wat i have to do plz suggest me.


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            Congrats Raju...there is always some light at the end of the tunnel!


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              Hi Still Learning,
              Yep I am a Permanent Resident now. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

              Hi williamaria,
              It would be so great to go in the USC/Permanent Resident line on arrival in Oct. Wow cool (he he he). Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

              Hi sup,
              Ummm.. So that is what ˜CWB" means ummmm.. Good I hope (he he he)
              Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

              Hi sandhu_7881,
              Thank you so much for wishing me. I really appreciate it. Since you came on business I have no idea anything about that. I came to the US on a student visa, graduated and got married so I have no idea how the process works in your case. I hope there will be someone on this web-site who will give you more info on your case. I am sorry I just don't have any answers for your questions.

              Hi Kalla,
              How are you man? Yes finally I am done with this AOS process. I hope and pray that you will be done with this process soon too. Don't give up hope. Keep a positive attitude on life and yes there is always some light at the end of the tunnel! Trust in god.



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                I'd like to know the knid of questions they asked you. Thanks.


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                  congrats on achieving such a milestone Raju.being a Permanent Resident myself I ,along with the other LPR's on this site can relate to what you have had to endure throughout the entire process.You are correct by saying "there is light at the end of the tunnel"Good Luck to you.


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                    Hi and congratulations, we are still waiting of our interveiw, a friend of ours had there interview last week and were only asked 2 or 3 questions, what sort of questions did they ask you if there were 15 or 20 of them??


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