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    Hi edgrapes,

    Here are answers to your questions...

    1. Does it matter how I type my information, all CAPS or Normal style?

    No it doesn't really matter at all...well I type in all CAPS... and now you can even get that form from this site and just type instead of handwriting in Acrobat Reader...

    2. There are some fields, like "Mailing Address if different from address above" in section 1 or "Information about children" in section 5 that are not quite applicable to me. I have only one mailing address and do not have children. Should I leave it blank, or write N/A in every little bracket, like City, Zip, State and all 4 empty brackets for children?

    If your mailing address is same then write same as above.
    Things that don't apply to you write "N/A" and where there is column about children ...write "NONE"

    3. In part 4 "Information about the spouse" there is a bracket for A#. Is this the A# from USC's naturalization certificate? My wife's US passport does not have A#.

    yes. If your spouse is naturalized USC then you will have to look at spouse's NATZ Certificate to find A # ... this is important ...make sure you write it...

    4. And the last one. Should I submit a copy of our marriage certificate? I know it's not a requirement, but I was once divorced and would not want to give INS any additional reason to suspect that I am going to get a divorce this time.

    Never hide anything from BCIS. Well I believe you must have declared about your previous marriage in original initial petition for GC ... but here in I 751 the bottom line is to provide evidences about your bona fide current marriage and ongoing BCIS could care less how many times you got married before.... Moreover divorce is not a big deal in this country...( more than 52-56% out of 100) ... so don't worry about it.... Yeah I sent my marriage certificate .... So I guess it might be a good idea if you sent your current marriage certificate .... Everyone sends that... I read it from almost more than 100 feedbacks...

    Have a great day...Pasha


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      Hey Pash!!!!! how u doing great 2 see u.

      Yoly & Wayne. Congrats Yoly!! how u guys doing

      all yall keep us posted u hear


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        Hi 4now,

        Thanks for asking...doing pretty back from trip...have some free time nowadays ...getting ready again to become busy with my residency soon enough.... Take care buddy... I will keep in touch through e mails...


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          I am going to file my I751 form next week. Is personal check good enough for INS or it has to be a money order or a certified check? Thank you.


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            hi edgrapes...

            u worry too much...but thats ok.... personal check is even better than any other form of payment...that way u have record of payment and application on your bank statement...good luck...


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              Hi everybody,

              I got to ask / share ur experiences here with me. I know it's a silly question but am quite curious about others' experiences... so put up with my silly question... well for those who are interested in knowing about NOA for I 751 does it look like... I m giving here complete format...

              U.S DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Notice of Action


              Receipt No. SRC-xx-***-***xx Case type I 751

              A # A ******xx Petitioner PASHA PATEL

              Date xx/xx/***x Page 1 of 1 beneficiary
              P. PATEL Receipt notice


              Received $ 145.00 in the form of personal check and
              From: ***xx Patel

              Your alien card is extended 12 months. Employment and travel authorized. Processing your form will require a minimum of 120 days. If you have not heard from us within six (6) months, then you may contact this office.

              You will be notified separately about any other cases you have filed.

              P.O.BOX 851488 DEPT A
              MESQUITE TX 75185-1488
              Customer Service Telephone : 800-375-5283

              Now my question is... I didn't have any problem while returning from Europe ...well my GC wasn't expired didn't need to show any NOA... but if I want to travel anywhere having NOA with expired GC ... they didn't type my full name... it says only P. Patel ... will there be any trouble ? my friend has full name on his NOA... so whoever ...Aguila, ARQU and others their NOA ... whats the situation ?

              Thanks a lot... Pasha


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                My NOA has my full name on it but it in reality it does not matter since the NOA has your A# printed on it and that is all they care about!


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                  Hi Aguila,

                  Thanks a lot for replying... you always reply to my questions and help me out.... I thought the same way it shouldnt be a problem since there is A # on it.... well sometimes we get problem at international airport in india...but i cant go out of USA within next year anyway.... well of course if there is an extreme emergency .... and i hope by that time they should proceed with my petition in TSC....

                  Have a great day. and let us know any progress in your case.... if its after june...please drop me a line in e mail ...coz i will really want to know about you....wish you all the best...Pasha


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                    I appreciate you a lot buddy :-)

                    I am doing awesomely great! I expect to be receiving something from either VSC or from Newark at anytime now. I am anxious but not the same sick anxiety that was torturing me before. I have now more resources available and should my case get complicated I will hire the best lawyer available, however, I still believe I will not face major complications.


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                      Hi Aguila...

                      I have a gut feeling that everything will work out in your case...wish you all the best.... Should you ever need ANY kind of help ... let me know... I will try my best to help you out....have a great day...Pasha


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                        I have travelled several times on both an [expired GC and NOA] as well as an [expired GC, an expired NOA and a new I-551 stamp]...

                        No problems.



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                          Thanks ARQU...

                          I was concerned about full name on NOA... but It should be ok...just wanted to see how did it go with you guys... thanks once again


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                            Pasha, you wrote that return receipt was received on 5th April 2004, 6 days after you've filed your I-751. Was that a return receipt from USPS or INS?



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                              Hi edgrapes ...

                              I sent my application through priority mail with confirmed return receipt .... So what happens ... when they deliver my file to BCIS ...whoever accepts it ... that person has to sign on return receipt (that he got my application) and that receipt comes back to you as a mail ....

                              And BCIS sends you NOA (Notice Of Action).... Good luck...Pasha


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