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    Thank you, Pasha! The dates on your I751 case are impressive: 03/31, 04/05, 04/12. Please, keep us posted with your progress. I have a question though: what kind of evidences have you submitted?


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      hi edgrapes,

      somehow the link i pasted in previous reply...didnt come up ... here are answers to ur questions and the link i wanted to provide...check first post on page number 4...have a great day... Pasha


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        Pasha, this is a great info, thank you so much.


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          I see they let you back in...

          Welcome 'home'...



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            Patel it is a good thing that your NOA says if you don't hear from them in 6 months then give them a call. From my experience it used to say 11 months in VSC. Look like things are moving fast then before. Good luck.


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              Pasha filed on TSC.


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                Pasha was also still married which is an automatic pass; no big deal


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                  U r welcome edgrapes...

                  Yeah ARQU ... they let me I was thinking if they would give me little hard time...but nothing sort of that happened.... It was fun and easy...

                  Hi vivek .... Yeah it says 6 months.... My other friend filed at TSC too and he got the same letter like me stating 6 months...lets see how things goes... I will let u know if I get any correspondence from BCIS.... Yeah and as Michael said may be that's true...its not a big deal if u file jointly...

                  Aguila ... please let us know as soon as u receive any update from them regarding ur case.... Good luck... Pasha


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                    Sweet Madame Belu


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                      Since I know than you as some others in this board appreciate the is ours:

                      Yesterday, we received in the mail the appointment for Yoly's Citizenship test.

                      So you were right. I guess they are in a hurry because of the elections.

                      Few reminders:

                      October 21th, 2003: Conditions on residency removed.
                      October 27th, 2003: Citizenship application filed.
                      November (don't remember the date): got the Receipt.
                      December (don't remember the date): fingerprints taken.
                      May 7th, 2004: Appointment letter for Citizenship test.

                      Have a good night everybody


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                        hi yoly&wayne

                        i m happy for you guys... congratulations.... yeah when i wrote about election and NATZ looked funny but it's true...they proceed fast whenever ur application falls before election.... congratulations.... and let us know once u get the citizenship...have a great day...Pasha


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                          This question is for Pasha Patel.

                          Does your NOA, which you received about 2 weeks after you've filed to remove conditions from your GC, says that your current GC is extended for a year? Does it say something about travel document (reentry permit or refuge document) that you have or might have? Thanks.


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                            The NOA does indicate that Travel and work is still permited...

                            Just as an FYI, all you need is your expired GC (or I-551 stamp), and the NOA to get across the border after travelling internationally. I have done it dozens of times with no more than minor delays (they have on occasion pulled me into their office while they check the validity of the original stamp by looking up my status on their computer systems).

                            Hope that helps.



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                              Hi edgrapes,

                              ARQU already answered ....yeah NOA clearly states that your PR is extended for one year for legal PR and authorized work permit and if u don't hear anything within 6 months you can contact service center.... Have a great evening ...Pasha


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                                Thanks ARQU and Pasha Patel, your answers are very helpful. I have a couple of questions regarding I-751 form, however.

                                1. Does it matter how I type my information, all CAPS or Normal style?

                                2. There are some fields, like "Mailing Address if different from address above" in section 1 or "Information about children" in section 5 that are not quite applicable to me. I have only one mailing address and do not have children. Should I leave it blank, or write N/A in every little bracket, like City, Zip, State and all 4 empty brackets for children?

                                3. In part 4 "Information about the spouse" there is a bracket for A#. Is this the A# from USC's naturalization certificate? My wife's US passport does not have A#.

                                4. And the last one. Should I submit a copy of our marriage certificate? I know it's not a requirement, but I was once divorced and would not want to give INS any additional reason to suspect that I am going to get a divorce this time.

                                Thank you for any reply in advance.


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