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    Jeff, for as long as I can remember, no one was ever sentenced to jail or prison for illegally entering or remaining in the US without authorization, at least for the first offense. For that reason alone no one will be sentenced to jail or prison, absent a dramatic change of current laws - an unlikely event. Most civilized countries do not sentence illegal immigrants to jail or prison - detention is not for the purpose of punishing illegal entrants.
    Most civilized countries do not classify these people as criminals either.
    So, in concurrence with SOM and Houston, let's agree it's not a serious topic. But it's good for a laugh...


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      There is where "prejudice" comes in, minus any basis in law, in fact, and in any principle. Amen!


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        Verbalist, so when an illegal alien is caught and placed in jail or "detention" waiting to speak to an immigration judge, they aren't really there because they committed a crime and it isn't really a jail? LMAO. -- You're right that is good for a laugh. I think ICE, Homeland Security, and US law do think otherwise. "Detention is not for the purpose of punishing illegal entrants"?? ---LOL, do you think that is a perk?? LOLOL. Let everyone in any jail/prison know that, see if they agree with you. The continuing punishment, after "detention", is being sent back to your home country, and barred for 3/10 years (if found guilty by the immigration judge).
        Also, border security and all that it entails, is a serious topic, but I can understand, but not support illegal aliens and their supporters trying to cloud over thoses issues. Also, every country has immigration LAWS and border security. -- Wow, there was absolutely nothing correct about your post.


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          <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">has committed a federal crime. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

          Correct me if I'm wrong, Jeff, but I can't find this phrase in Title 8, Section 1325.


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            Immigration is under federal jurisdiction. This isn't news.


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              The fact that Title 8 of the US code is Federal makes any violations/crimes committed under that code a Federal crime/offense.
              Hence you are not going to find that statement in 1325 as it is implied by title 8.

              This is of course only referencing the undocumented aliens that sneak into the country without inspection.

              <span class="ev_code_RED">The most recent edit of Title 8 of the US Code was released by the Law Revision Counsel - LRC - ( of the U.S. House of Representative on 2007-04-30</span>


              [quote]There is where "prejudice" comes in, minus any basis in law, in fact, and in any principle. Amen![quote]

              There is no ETHNIC prejudice involved. Please support your statement or is this just personal opinion?

              Yes there is prejudice against Undocumenteds!
              But the prejudice is not an ethnic one.

              Undocumented = Undocumented. Asia, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Jamaica, South America,Russia, poland and the list goes on and on from all over the world.

              If you want to come to usa.. come in inspected and in a legal way


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                Jeff - deportation is an administrative measure and is not considered a penalty although the results are quite punitive to the affected person. It's akin to placing a person in a psychiatric hospital or revoking somebody's driver's license. They are NOT punishments and are considered only means of protecting the public at large and the individual from harm. They may seem as a penalty but in the eyes of the law they are NOT.

                Similarly, the pre-deportation detention is not punitive in nature much like jailing people before trial is not considered punishment but means to ensure their presence at the trial.

                These issues are not cloudy at all, just ask any competent lawyer. The issues only BECOME obscured when you start pick and choose what constitutes a crime and what doesn't. "Undocumented" or "illegal" aliens are here without our government's permission and should be removed in an orderly, expedited and human fashion and that is accomplished by means of deportation or removal and the subsequent bar from entering the US again. Otherwise, they are not punished. the same applies to all civilized countries. Nowhere is there a penalty for entering the country illegally or overstaying a visa. Everywhere the remedy is the same - deportation.

                So, what's to argue about? The simple fact that these illegal aliens, despite the extensive propaganda, are NOT criminals but just "undesirables". There is a huge difference between being "undesirable" and a "criminal".

                A quick note to 4now: Remember the old adage: Nullum crimen sine lege?


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                  Verbalist - You can try to put any spin on it you like, illegal aliens are criminals. Ask any immigration judge (the fact immigration judges / immigration jails exist should be a clue for you).

                  Do you see Homeland Security handing out green cards to illegal aliens? Do you wonder why? They are illegal. Criminals.

                  If you still don't understand, start at the top of the post again, and read your way down. (Do this over and over and over again, until something clicks)

                  Your opinion on how things "should be" do not translate to fact or law.

                  BTW, I'm still laughing at your post, you must feel very embarrassed being sooo wrong.


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                    You know, Jeff - something did click and I'm clicking off.


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                      Verbalist, maybe you made the mistake of quoting the Supreme Court. I'll repeat that mistake, but this time I'll include the relevant language directly from the Supreme Court opinion in St. Cyr...

                      "... the fact that deportation is not punishment for past crimes does not mean that the Court cannot consider an alien's reasonable reliance on..."

                      We're all wrong, even the Supreme Court or so it appears...


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                        Keep reaching Houston...

                        They are talking about this:

                        New restrictions do not apply to removal proceedings brought against an alien who pleaded guilty to a deportable crime before their enactment.

                        Hmmm, wasn't it you in your earlier post that didn't even know what "Statute of Limitations" was??? LMFAO.


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                          I know what the statute of limitation is; and if I didn't, I wouldn't ask you but somebody who actually knows.

                          Have fun!


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                            HMMMM, I suggest you start watching Lou Dobbs... have a pen and paper ready to take notes. LOL


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                              Lou Dobbs? Oh, sorry, that explains everything. Carry on...


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                                Houston, you've been proven wrong on all accounts. Deal with it. Illegal Aliens are Criminals.


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