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    yeah but his constituents are crying for drastic change. I don't think it was an accident that he waited until after he was reelected before he got together with Kennedy on this bill.

    He has a good shot at winning the 08 primary and I bet he will be elected president without winning his own state.

    AILA is not, in my opinion a barometer of moderate reason. They constantly skew every piece of legislation with a morality play. It get a little tiresome when you think that their main motivation is to line their own pockets AND to help business that rely on cheap labor.


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      Depend on who he's running against. If its another moderate conservative...I somehow doubt McCain can wrap it up. If its a hardliner, then yes, its possible.

      I think everyone with a logic will understand that AILA main interest is not for the illegals but themselves. As I said before, if Lacredo,etc really want to cause some damage with regard to illegals legislation, just educate the consequences of legalizing the present crop of illegals to those of the lower income folks, and watch the sparks fly.


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        I only mentioned that AILA discussed these modifications in depth. But I also mentioned that this bill listens to the opinion of the Courts on Immigration. This is something of importance to me, something relevant and material when it comes to legislation. The Courts have expressed over the years their concern with several provisions of INA while declining, as a matter of ethics, to express a particular opinion because a Court cannot legislate, only enforce. This changed when the 8th Circuit reached a limit of tolerance and urged Congress to once and for all amend INA to avoid certain issues. Congress however have ignored these calls to action, but the McCain bill actually listened to attorneys and the Courts in constructing sensible legislation that could be considered a solid first step towards the end of illegal immigration.
        Somebody mentioned the Alito confirmation issue. Alito is a "problem" for some individuals in Congress interested in passing arbitrary reform because he has continuously preserved the authority of the Courts at the same time that Congress is trying to hinder such authority by passing statutes that deny jurisdiction to the Courts over proceedings based upon certain titles of the Act. I will not try to discuss here the issues related to abortion and judge Alito, they are not material to this board.


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          When it comes to Alito I think Roe v Wade is a red herring. If Alito get confirmed we will see sweeping changes in many areas including immigration.

          I wonder which way it will come down though as Roberts is very pro-business. I don't know if that means he is a proponent of businesses that rely on cheap labor.


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            Its too bad if Alito's confirmation will be dominated by abortion lobbyist....there're millions of things wrong that needs attention, and that's the best all those so-called prestigious member-elect can come up with?


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              <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Houston:
              Republicans only? For the love of God, are you calling President Bush a criminal? He's done nothing but face the nation with very hard and controversial issues. John McCain, a criminal? Please, he's an example for others to follow. Now you are being unfair. When it comes to corruption, being a democrat or a republican does not matter, what matters is a clean conscience and strong moral character. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

              Even I, Houston am wrong sometimes.


              My post has been reported and I hope this time there's some sort of action to stop this nonsense.


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                Sure, I'm wrong plenty of times. I was wrong thinking the games were over.

                Trying to stir the pot? Poor pitiful you, at least before you used your regular screen name to do your c.****, now we can add coward to scammer.

                Bye bye lowlife.


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