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  • Criminalize Republicans

    Republican representatives should be criminalized and deported for their corruption and fraud.
    They blame innicent illegal hard working aliens for their republican crimes and killing more than 2100 US troups.
    Criminalize Republican representatives in Congress and pass amnesty to innocent ilegal aliens.

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    Republican representatives should be criminalized and deported for their corruption and fraud.
    They blame innicent illegal hard working aliens for their republican crimes and killing more than 2100 US troups.
    Criminalize Republican representatives in Congress and pass amnesty to innocent ilegal aliens.


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      Republicans are law breakers because they corrupted the House.


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        Citizens of the United States cannot be deported, but can be sent to jail for breaking laws. Illegal NEVER equals innocent. Our laws say illegals aliens can be deported and sane people don't have a problem with that.

        Perhaps you were deported? If that's the case how can you pay taxes as you claim or how can you be writing this from Mexico as you claim?

        I go back to my first impression about you; you have been smoking something illegal with some other illegal Mexican man way too much.


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          Republicans only? For the love of God, are you calling President Bush a criminal? He's done nothing but face the nation with very hard and controversial issues. John McCain, a criminal? Please, he's an example for others to follow. Now you are being unfair. When it comes to corruption, being a democrat or a republican does not matter, what matters is a clean conscience and strong moral character.


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            I drank too much whiskey tonight.


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              I recommend you take a good look at the McCain/Kennedy bill for immigration reform. An example of fine and tough legislation combined under the principles of justice and fairness.


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                The McCain/Kennedy bill and similar bills (S.1033 Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act and S.1438 Comprehensive Enforcement and Immigration Reform Act of 2005
                ) pending in Senate have not had any chance to be read or voted while the Sensenbrenner Bill was passed in a couple of WEEKS after being introduced.

                USCIS could not process 10 milions of worker visa applications. It is not realistic. They have a problem with existing ones.

                The worst thing is that when we came here 15 or 10 years ago we had an option to legalize but now there is no such an option at all.


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                  Legalization, without more, is not an option. National security must come first, therefore only the proper processing of a visa for those in need of one, and only those who qualify, would be a measure of fairness given the current situation. I would also dare to suggest that the government should and could easily cut costs by eliminating at once all translated forms used to apply for benefits available to certain immigrants. This is an English speaking country, multi-cultural does not mean multi-lingual.
                  Sen. McCain has constructed a sensible approach to gradual and smart immigration reform, a solid start built upon fairness. To say otherwise would be a terrible injustice.


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                    And when you comment upon the processing of millions of permits at once, it wouldn't happen that way. There's a quota allocation for each kind of visa, and only the number specified would be processed each year. This bill, unlike others, was carefully planned and fundamental to the President's vision on immigration reform.


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                      It is funny that you say that about the translation of papers Houston. I just argued with my friend about this the other day. If someone comes to this country and they dont want to learn the language, i dont care. But It really bothers me when someone expects special treatment cuz they dont speak English. I cant believe that they offer driving tests in Spanish. If someone doesnt speak English, how can they read road signs? If you dont want to speak English, then you shouldnt be able to get a drivers license. I do have a question though. Do you have to know English for the citizenship test? Is that a stupid question lol?


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                        Yes, there's a test indeed, but there's a waiver available for those with mental problems and those who meet other special conditions. Age is also a factor, however I don't recall at this moment the particular requirements for an age-based waiver.


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                          I think Sugarpuff mentioned this in another thread, but I just wonder how did Mccain come up with this immigration proposal when the trend in Arizona is against that of more favor for illegals, as shown by the passing of Prop 200.
                          Having said that, I thought the bill might have a chance if Mccain can garner more supporter. But with the passing of the recent House resolution, things are pretty grim right now.


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                            McCain is thinking of moderates first and Arizonians second. I think it is pretty clear that he has every intention on running 08. He makes conseravatives nervous but HE SHOULD make liberals even more nervous. Liberals seem eager to embrace him but I think they will be in for a surprise.

                            This week will be interesting; if there is a fillibuster on the Alito confirmation McCain may vote for the nuclear option if he sticks to his word when he formed the "gang of 14" (no fillibusters on judicial nominations).


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                              Immigration is a national issue, therefore the McCain bill is designed to fit a national problem, not just an AZ problem. But when you study the statute, it takes care of the most problematic issues of INA in a very delicate way. It's not a drastic, radical or arbitrary statute, it's a start towards immigration reform. We're not talking candy canes here, we're talking major problems discussed by AILA for the last decade, the rough spots of INA. This bill listens to what the Courts have to say, it's not some statute created in a vacuum of all opinion and reason. I believe McCain is not thinking "moderate" he's thinking "reason".


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