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  • I-751 Approval

    Hello everyone,
    I got the approval letter of I-751 in mail little while ago. My service center is Vermont and I filed my paperwork on Nov 11th 2004 and the approval letter says the date of decision was March 14th 2004.
    I have been a silent member here and been viewing this web site for a long time and I have benefitted immensely. Thanks Pasha and Spy and others.
    I don't have much time to write now but I will give my details later on.
    Take care

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    Congratulations Vernon!

    Wishing you the Very Best!


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      Congratulations vernon!

      That was real fast. That's probably the fastest I-751 approval letter I've ever known of. Good luck!


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        Hi Monclovac! How are you doing? Any new news for you yet?

        Do hope all is going well for you.


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          Feed Me Please,

          I am doing great. Thanks for asking. Hope things are going good with you as well. A week ago (last Friday to be exact) I received my 10-year GC in the mail. And, it's been about two weeks since I mailed N-400 form for citizenship. They already cashed the check so I assume everything was in order. So, I am guessing that I will be receiving NOA in the mail soon. Thanks and good luck!


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            Another fraudster beats the system !


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              Hi Monclovac,

              Wow, sounds as if things are looking pretty positive for you.

              I do hope that you will stay with us and keep updating us on your progress. I am really feeling excited for you.

              Best Wishes, Monclovac, and I do hope it will be nothing, but an easy road for you here on out!

              Take Care!


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                It's a freaking epidemic I tell you !


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                  Congratulations Vernon,

                  Can u please list out the supporting documents u submitted with ur I-751.

                  Thank u


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                    congrats vernon...that was pretty fast...good luck with N 400 now


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                      Hi, glad to know that I-751 road is over though I wasn't worried about it.
                      Even I was surprised to see the approval letter so early cuz' I know there are lot of people still waiting who filed many months ago.
                      I followed the same format that Pasha Patel had mentioned here and the my supporting documents were:
                      Cover letter
                      I-751 application form and the $200 fees
                      Copy of Green Card
                      Copy of Marriage Certificate
                      Copy of Birth Certificate of US Citizen(spouse)
                      Copy of our Driver's License
                      Copy of the Passport
                      Copy of State and Federal Taxes
                      Copy of Life Insurance
                      Car Insurance policy
                      Bank Account Statements
                      Expired Health Insurance Policy
                      Affidavit of support from 4 people
                      Copy of Leases
                      Electricity bill showing both the names
                      Mails showing both our names
                      Airlines tickets
                      Hotel and Motel receipts where we stayed
                      Pay stub showing marital status
                      Car Rental receipts
                      Warning ticket for a minor accident
                      Civil Citation issued by City Court of Maryland
                      I will be ready to apply to appy for citizenship in Nov 2005. I heard of horrible experiences with USCIS by other people but I for one never had to face anything of that sort thank God.
                      It took me only 4 months to approve my I-751 without interview. I have had great help in this forum and had it not been for this forum, I wouldnt have had such a smooth transition.
                      I will post my N-400 when i am ready.
                      Good luck everyone


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                        ANOTHER FRAUDSTER BEATS THE SYSTEM!!!


                        • #13
                          change the f u c k i n g record mate


                          • #14
                            OH, THIS ONE MUST HAVE DONE SOME FRAUD!!!

                            YES, I SEE, THAT'S WHY HE/SHE/IT IS SO IRRITATED!!!

                            YES, HE/SHE/IT IS A FRAUDSTER/****STER WHO GOT GC THROUGH FRAUD!!!

                            I SEE, I SEE!!!

                            **** ON GRINTS!!!
                            GRINTS, OUT, OUT!!!


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                              Cover letter full of lies
                              I-751 application form and the $200 bribe
                              Copy of Green Card OF COURSE
                              Copy of Marriage Certificate Signed By Elmer Fudd
                              Copy of Birth Certificate of US Citizen(spouse vicim)
                              Copy of our Driver's License - 2 people on one license
                              Copy of the Fruadulent Passport
                              Copy of State and Federal Taxes which will never be paid again
                              Copy of Life Insurance ON Spouse Victims life
                              Car Insurance policy Paid by Spouse Victim
                              Bank Account Statements Of Spouse Victims money
                              Expired Health Insurance Policy so when grint gets sick we all have to pay for it
                              Affidavit of support from 4 people who have no clue
                              Copy of Leases of Victim Spouses apartments
                              Electricity bill showing both the names which Victim Spouse pays
                              Mails showing both our names from fraudsters family
                              Airlines tickets which victim spouse paid for
                              Hotel and Motel receipts where we stayed or someone else
                              Pay stub showing marital status of vicim spouse since grint doesnt work
                              Car Rental receipts paid by victim spouse OF COURSE
                              Warning ticket for a minor accident ==== PROOF THAT HE IS A CRIMINAL !!!!


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