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Let the truth be said .. Let's all fight AL QAIDA

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    Fellow Americans,

    I am a new member to this board and I saw this thread here and since it's about my country and humans life basically our modern life being challenged by some C-0-C-K-S ** S-U-C-K-E-R-S, I have decided to comment and tell it like it is.

    First of all, thanks Boritos for bringing this up. It's a subject that is important to all of us.

    I also think you'll make a FINE american someday. God bless you too.

    Now let's get to the point if I may:

    One of the terrorist who beheaded the americans and the Korean, said this on one of their websites:

    << "As for you Bush ... expect severe days. You and your soldiers will regret the day you stepped into the land of Iraq," >> he said.

    S-H-I-T, This in itself should be considered our "green light" to obliterate any target where terrorists are holed up, including Mosques......
    They cut off the head of a man who did nothing to anyone, because he was American. Enough is enough.

    As a taxpayer, I personally have no interest in attempting to win the hearts and minds of any Muslim walking planet earth.

    Sorry, but we've all tried to co-exist with this culture, and it's not possible.

    This murder is a perfect example of what type of barbaric savages we're dealing with, and we need to deal with them accordingly, namely kill them.

    This truly makes me sick.

    It's time President Bush, Rummy, Powell, the rest of Government, and mainstream media realize that these people are the source of their own, and most other problems in the world.

    That there is no compromising with them, no dealing with them. They understand power and control, and that is all.

    Islam will not be reformed. If these so-called modserate Muslims are so afraid to speak out against their own radical brothers, then this is the world most cowardly culture in existence, and it should be eradicated from this planet.

    The thing that angers me most is that all these criminals keep their faces covered. They are not men, they are cowards.

    If they truely believed in their cause, they wouldn't hide. Hitler didn't hide.

    What these acts are doing is creating a deep anger/hatered toward Iraq by the Americans.

    We catch these militants here in the USA and they are afforded all the rights of an American citizen. I'm tired of it, they don't have any rights.

    Iraq doesn't want our help, if they did the people would stand up to these criminals and turn them in.

    Ummm, I know that there are muslims on this forum. You guys should be jumping like locusts over this story condemning what happened....if your religion means peace as you claim.

    I want to hear some muslims.

    Now the snuff movies are being "enjoyed by the arab world".
    is it time we sent snuff movies to Al jazeera.

    How long are we going to weaken ourselves by maimtaining high moral standards in respect to the worst scum on the planet?

    Justice and fair play is only a god given right for those who have earnt it.

    Forever will love the US.


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      Boritos, there are more to do than just supporting this administration. I tell you what? I don't support them right now, not because of my political views but because what Bush is doing only makes it worse for Americans here and outside the country. Bush is trying to defeat them by power, those people are crazy, they are not afraid to die at all. It's not because their religion say they have to die to kill American but because they have nothing to loose. Their families are gone, died in battle or starving, they don't have money, they don't have education. And later, there's this group who is willing to give them food and shelter for free... it's so easy to persuade them to join. And then, just brain wash them, fill them with hates and blame the US for the misery they have, tell them it's GOD's willing that you have to fight for justice. For the land the US took over and gave it to Israelis. For the family of yours who died from the US missiles, etc... etc... They weren't born with hate to Americans already in their mind.

      The Arabs have stand united by condemning those militants starting the beginning. None of the Arab or Moslem countries support them and they are willing to work together with US to stop those crazy people aside from they don't like US foreign policies.

      I am not saying this because I want to justify what they are doing. I just want people here to know how they become like that and that American need to stand together and support their government but at the same time, you also have the guts to tell your government 'Hey, our foreign policy ****s, we need to revise that. No more pointing fingers at Arab countries but work together with them. Stop yelling about 911 while it is no secret to us that US military have bombed the whole village just to killed one ****, not only in Arab but all over the world. Stop accusing Iraq and Iran for nuclear weapons while you let Israel gets away with more than 200 nuclear heads in their country. Stop blaming Arab countries for helping Al-Qaeda, afterall, it was the US secret millitary who gave millitary trainings to the roots of Al-Qaeda years ago. Think better than that if you really care about your people and country'


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        USA, you just showed another typical way of thinking from an American.

        You don't get it. The Iraqis never asked for for any helped in the first place. It's Bush's own words of giving freedom to Iraqis to justify his acts.

        Read more, learn more. Al-Qaeda didn't have any power in Iraq before because they didn't get along with Saddam's government. But after the war in Iraq, they suddenly became big because now they can say.. 'See.. what the American has done to your country?' and they recruit more and more new members. I don't like Saddam at all because he's a dictator and a big ****.

        'Justice and fair play is only a god given right for those who have earnt it.' That is true and that is what happens right now. Due to US ****y-*** foreign policy, the innocent US people have to suffer for that. Go travel outside US and see how people treat you. There are lots of disliking towards you just because you're and American. Oh yes, they love your money but they hate you still. Learn more on history and you'll always see US involvement in every country and most of them aren't good at all.

        Again, I am not saying this to say I agree with this or that. But, I say this so more American will see and think more than just... 'We just want to try to help them but look what they've done to us?' and see the real problem is and really really work on giving more support for the US government to make a better and fair policies


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          Hey it's my country and if you DO NOT like it, leave now.

          We gave you the right to have internet and learn how to talk and type now you're not being greatfull.

          Other governments just do all the screw ups and wants the united states governement to be responsible for it.
          Let's take the case of Saddam. He killed his own people, starved them and all, all while he was getting billions from it's oil.

          It's not about what you know really it's who you know and unfortunately, people like Osama and other terrorists just know the wrong people and have bigger problems .. Make the rest of the world believe the stuff they do.

          Do your prophet agree with the beheadings since they say " ALLAH AKBAR " while doing it?
          Does he?

          Isn't it what all muslim say?

          All the things you're saying are all lame excuses for what muslims do.
          I bet you, you're a muslim and your nick asys it.

          Muslims, just want to rule the world and I tell you what, we wll stop them before they do that.

          Go bush and set a cloud of mushroom over this arabs and muslims fanatics A-S-S and forget about being nice to them.

          You arabs just do not get along with ANYBODY .. None.
          So why should we care now?

          Let's kill 'em all.

          Go bush.


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            Welcome back, Michael


            • #21
              Well it looks like Michael has surfaced under another name.. Knew he couldnt stay away Im O K USA!

              So Sad
              Ignorance at its finest


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                Kalla: I'd like to address a couple of points from your most recent posting. You said the following:

                "Well I guess we have a different philosophy on how to resolve this matter, I don't believe in the use of force to counter barbarism.

                I believe in education, negotiation. The key to this issue is very simple, stop the blind support to Middle eastern monarchies, stop the blind support to Israel..adopt a fair and clear policy in that area based on democracy, education of the masses and access to elementary sanitary attrubutes for the poor."

                First of all, the US support of Israel is not something that the current administration has dreamed up on its own - it has been the US policy since the birth of that Nation. So for you to lay blame on this administration on this point, whether you agree with the US support of the only democracy in the middle east or not, you laying blame on this administration makes no sense. Also, our relationship with Saudi Arabia goes back well beyond the current administration.

                Secondly, you don't believe in the use of force to counter barbarism? What would YOU have us do when these barbarians hijack planes and crash them into buildings killing thousands? What would YOU do when these barbarians chop off the heads of innocent victims? What would YOU do when these barbarians strap themselves up with dynamite and blow up innocent civilians? Would YOU give them a scolding? Would you give them 3 days detention after school? Please tell us!!!


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                  You people can call me Michael, I do not care.
                  I am who I am and I believe in what I believe in.

                  Go USA and for the middle east, we are coming.

                  We just cannot negotiate with these arabs.

                  Until the rest of you come to realize that we are facing a beast that wants us all dead if they had the chance, you'll always say what you say...

                  As for me, I have traveled the world and did my duty as a marine corps sniper.

                  These people DO NOT like us, and like what this muslim lady said to me in an early post, they only like our money but not us.

                  What kind of people think of blowing themselves up? Gotta be muslims only.

                  Look at them in Europe, all they want is power.

                  You will never get it from us.

                  Let's Kill 'em all.

                  4Now, I am far from being an ignorant person.
                  I am being realistic.

                  You all need to know what we are dealing with.
                  Barbarians, tugs, religion fanatics who could care less about your life.

                  These people dont care about discussion, nor about negotiations or educations.

                  I am just bitter because of the beheadings that's all.

                  USA Forever.


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                    Poor USA, getting p-i-s-s-e-d by his own dumb remarks.

                    FYI, I already knew how to talk and use internet looong before I came to this country. It's not a luxury thing that needs a permission from any government, not even mine.

                    US is your country but it'll be mine soon too. If there is something I can contribute my country, even if it's just a small advice then I'd do it. Only idiot will say this is my country, if you don't like it then leave. You know what??? that's just what those militants say to the US, so I think you and them will get along together very well since you have the same way of thinking. When you read something, don't just read, think as well, which I doubt you do it on a regular basis. So, I doubt anything I say will make it through your brain. You've been in the Marine for far too long, no wonder you messed up your brain. You've been granted a chance to travel around the world, thus you haven't learned a single thing. You can't even tell where my name came from... poor boy. When I said go outside the US, I mean every country, not just in Arabs. What can you expect there? ppl will treat you like a King??? everybody loves money, they will treat you right when you have US$ but that's about it.

                    And don't you read about Tameel Elam in Srilanka??? they blow themselves many times long before Al-qaeda and they're not moslem. Don't you read in Poso, Indonesia. Christian militants shot and beheaded hundreds of moslems and threw them in the river. The crazier thing is that they had a priest gave them 'sacred bestowal of blessing' before they did the mass-murder. Now, I'll ask you, is that what your religion will teach you to do? I don't think any of religion will ever teach you that. It's the wrong interpretation of religion, mixed that with some ideology and good talkings, you can have yourself some people who will follow your thought.

                    kjv... I agree with you too on this point. The problems in the middle east come from the accumulation of so many administration, not just Bush's. It's so complicated now that I don't think he will ever find away out. Unless, something magical happens.

                    Oh well, what can I say... it's just my two cents worth of talk.


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                      Problem with Al Queda is they're all spread out in their spider's nests.
                      Sweet Madame Belu


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                        I am American, love the US and am VERY thankful to have been born here. That doesn't stop me from looking objectively at the acts of our government and realizing that they are nowhere NEAR perfect. Most people are NOT selfless, many have agendas of their own and unfortunately they sometimes go after their own personal goals and agendas, disregarding the "greater good". I appreciate reading about some of the reasons people do what they do. When people feel desperate there is no end to what they will do and if some of these people "feel like they have nothing to lose" then there will be no stopping. There are a lot of things that have happened that Americans do NOT hear about.


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                          Yep, the light is coming....
                          But i think, America needs those Islamics countries, like Irak, Saudie etcc. Look, when the citigroup was falling down, Saudie gave a lot a lot of money. so you see.
                          America need foreign countries OIL..But between Bush and Ben Laden, I bet, Ben can blow itself more easly...


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                            Agreed with you BLSI ...

                            But truth is different from each point of view.... Wont discuss it furthermore ... but ... if you look at situation ... finally it comes towards Muslims...

                            Terrorist must get punishment

                            Innocent Muslims get crushed in between coz of some few b a s t a r d s those belong to the same religion.

                            Innocent people in Iraq don't even know and still they are suffering and paying for deeds of some stupid terrorists' acts.... They are not that much educated ... all they see is their personal loss ( if they lost their relatives/ properties in those bomb attacks from USA) coz anyway they are not as rich as USA and they live in their small world...and they start hating USA

                            USC sees all terror spread by Muslim Terrorists .... Including 09/11 .. so its not their fault either ....

                            So whats the conclusion ? innocent people suffer from these games and fights between terrorist and whatever ...

                            I wish someday there will be complete peace and no nation would need nuclear weapon in order to feel safe on the earth .... though it's next to impossible but there is nothing wrong in praying God for this to be happened...


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                              I am not sure if this is a good idea but I would like to do thid so those of you that say I am a crazy fool and ignorant can see for yourself why I feel the way I do now.

                              I cried all throughout this ..

                              Muslims, watch this and tell me if this is right.
                              Your people are killing innocents all while saying " ALLAH AKBAR ".

                              To all Americans, listen first before pasting the link in your browser:

                              << Watching this video will change you FOREVER and not for the better .. You have GOT TO SEE this video of the beheading of KIM from Korea by this muslims so called religion of Peace.. >>

                              I am not saying hate them but judge for yourself .

                              Be brave and watch this so you know who we are facing in our modern life.

                              Here's the link to the KIM IL beheading Video...


                              God bless his soul and may he rest in peace..
                              I hope he didn't feel to much pain.

                              God rest him and all my prayers to Kim's and all others family.

                              USA FOREVER..


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                                Josephine, kalla and others, did you guys get to see the video?

                                Muslims, when these guys while killing say " ALLAH AKBAR " what do you guys call that?

                                Please speak,

                                God bless the USA FOREVER.


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