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Let the truth be said .. Let's all fight AL QAIDA

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  • Let the truth be said .. Let's all fight AL QAIDA

    Hello Everyone,

    I was just browsing the web not too long ago when I came accross a site that was showing the beheading of the Americans Paul Johnson and Nick Berg.
    I am not an American yet but just a green card holder. But I do know one thing and one thing for sure, I love this country for all that it has given me and I also love it because it has welcomed me for the better.
    It breaks my heart to see those videos. And since I am who I am, I needed to view the videos in order to really decide where I stand and whether I should agree with MR Bush and fight those who just simply hate life and humans and call it an act of god.

    For thos people, and for the rest of America, here's my message ..... Let's all make a difference today..


    The following message is about Paul Johnson and Nick Berg's Beheading Videos.

    Do NOT Call it execution!... Call it what it actually is...

    A Senseless and Savage Act of Murder by cowards and murderous low life thugs who give NO value for Human life.

    There is NO Honor in ganging up on ONE guy all tied up and beheading him!... None!...

    Under Islamic Law, Al Qaida ARE the infidels who will NEVER go to heaven!...

    Al Qaeda did not execute Paul Johnson!... The cowards brutally murdered Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson did NOT commit a crime that deserved that he gets executed!...

    Paul Johnson 49 was from Galloway Township in New Jersey and he had a family who loved him. The person or persons who murdered him have no hearts!...

    Paul Johnson was unlawfully kidnapped and his decapitation was a senseless Act of Murder...

    To ALL Arabs and Moslems, I say... you MUST denounce such horrible acts with ONE voice!...

    To the Democrats, I say.. Those thugs do NOT differentiate between a Democrat and Republican

    They beheaded Paul Johnson because he was an American.

    So, it is TIME for ALL Americans to rally behind our President and give him FULL SUPPORT so he can fight those low life terrorists and bring freedom to other countries...

    The Terrorists will NEVER beat us militarily but we can allow them to beat us "politically" if we allow them to see us divided. They do not see our differences as a free debate... They see them as weakness!

    So to ALL Democrats: Politics should STOP at the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans...

    To All Arabs and Moslems, you MUST see this video to see how a valuable human life was taken by thugs and NOT by God!...

    If you are an Arab or a Moslem and care for life as well as for your God, do the right thing and let's all fight this stupid and heartless S-H-I-T that's going on in the world.

    God bless them and their families forever.

    This message should touch anyone with a heart.

    Please discuss this.


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    A very touching post. I agree with you entirely - Good luck to you and I, for one, will be proud to have you a fellow American.


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      I totally agree with you Boritos. However the present administration is not the best one for this country in my opinion. A little more diplomacy and little less threats might be a good option for the pacification of the middle east in particular and the world in general.


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        Kalla.....Your comments are exactly what the original thread was trying to condemn....You agree with the facts that the people(if you can call them that) that we are up against are ruthless, butchers....yet you try to politicize your position by saying "However I don't believe the current administration.....blah! blah! blah!" It is time that we all come together and realize the true nature of the beast that we face - President Bush is in office - get over that fact and try think like an American - not like a democrat or a republican.


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          Freedom of speech! rings a bell...I am old enought to think out of my own box.
          I still have the right to disagree about the methods of the current administration, and the feeling is not only mine.
          Try to accomodate different opinions, that's how you learn.


          • #6
            My reply Kalla was not meant as a personal attack against you - sorry if you took it that way. You absolutely have your right to your opinion as do I.

            The original poster, in my opinion, was trying to say - Let's forget about politics for a minute and try to come together as a nation to defeat these butchers....

            By qualifying your statement with "Although I don't agree with the current administration" - you are defeating the purpose.


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              Borito, thanks a lot...But the problem here is now Muslim people are afraid to talk to stand up and beat those Bast****. I am muslim here and F-1 student, really, many people, not all think that Muslim= Al qaida. Those people are not Muslim and they know...I swear they know. In The Coran, you can read that: NEVER TAKE OFF YOUR BROTHER LIFE, NEVER.
              Many innocent Muslim are suffering for those EVILS. But WHO WE CAN TALK TO ? Nobody...


              • #8
                To ALL:

                I posted a reply earlier[on separate thread] and will repeat:
                Read Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign, adopt it and America will be victorious, enemies will perish.

                As to kidnapping and murder: it will only complicate matters for Arabs.
                That they do not recognize their own stupidity and barbarity is only going to make matters worse for them.

                My sypathy goes to the family of victim.

                God rest him in peace!



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                  Hello guys,

                  First off, thanks for contributing to this post which to me although isn't an immigration issue it is an issue regarding all of us humans with a heart and feeling and for the love for our country.

                  Last night, I saw on TV that the Korean guy held in Iraq by those low life M-O-T-H-E-R-F-U-C-K-E-R-S was also beheaded.

                  Now I am getting pissed off ..

                  Somebody please tell me, What does this has to do with God? What kind of God is requiring the beheading of another human to serve his purpose?

                  We all have a belief .. Me for instance, I am a christian but will I go around and cut people's head off because they believe something totally different than I do? No so why .. Why?

                  It is time for all of us, either American or NOT to rise up and defeat these people.
                  Let's put aside our differences and I tell you what, I do not agree with lots of things this administration is doing .. Oh no believe it but at this point to me it is time to give this president FULL F-U-C-K-I-N-G SUPPORT so he can defeat them. Once and for all.

                  This has got to stop. And somebody has got to stop them.

                  This shouldn't no longer be about democrats and republicans but as Americans in a whole because those killings are now happening because they hate us and hate humans and hate life itself ..

                  Look for yourself, these people blow themselves up .. Now tell me can you do that?

                  They want us to live in fear and let's not allow it.

                  For all of the muslims out there, please understand that this isn't about attacking what you believe but trying to just tell it as it is.

                  Brother Roca, I understand you completely and I feel for you but I want you to know one thing that me and the rest of the people here want to see done.

                  As you say, these people aren't muslims and they know it .. Okay I can relate to that.

                  Now if they are claiming to be and the rest of you disagree, do you not think it is time for you all to demonstrate that those killers aren't muslims?

                  Rally against this, show it, voice your concerns and STOP being quiet, Speak up, make your voice heard and let's defeat them FOREVER so you can see peace in your regions and the rest of the planet.

                  No more fear.. No more.

                  A bon entendeur Salut!


                  • #10
                    If I follow you well, heads should start falling in Guantanamo?


                    • #11
                      Brother Kalla,

                      How you doing man? It's always good to read your post you know.

                      I am not sure if you understood my point but no I have no where in my post made any comment regarding that.. Not at all.

                      All I was saying was, let's support our president while he is in office so we can defeat those who are harming humans and wants to integrate fear in our modern life.



                      • #12
                        High-Tech World
                        The Alqaeda terrorists using low tech butcher knives for killings are called merciless babrabrians and those dropping high tech 500 lb bombs killing women and children are fighting in the line of duty. Way a go America .


                        • #13

                          But supporting the president, doesn't that mean supporting all the abuses which are perpetrated by the system ( cf. abu Gaharib prison, unilateral use of force against Irak based on false allegations).

                          Well I guess we have a different philosophy on how to resolve this matter, I don't believe in the use of force to counter barbarism.

                          I believe in education, negotiation. The key to this issue is very simple, stop the blind support to Middle eastern monarchies, stop the blind support to Israel..adopt a fair and clear policy in that area based on democracy, education of the masses and access to elementary sanitary attrubutes for the poor. Once people have hope they will hold on to it and look forward to the future.

                          Right now we are dealing with people who have lost hope and therefore are easyly convinced by ill-minded terrorist to carry out the outrageous acts we have been witnessing.

                          The use of force will just make things worse, and supporting this adminsitration is supporting thr use of force because they don't want to accept the fact that America's foreign policy has to be remodeled, the future and safety of the whole world is at stake here.


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                            I understand but I guess the videos have just changed me forever and whether it is the fault of this administration or not killing while chanting "Allah Akbar" just isn't right..

                            That is all I wanted to say.



                            • #15
                              ITDUZZ: If you are so disgraced by what America does or stands for, why don't you go to Iraq or Afghanistan and find along side your Al-Qaeda brothers?

                              If the "innocent" muslims of this world don't like being 'profiled' as sharing the same belief system as Al Qaeda, they better start speaking up and demonstrating against them. If they don't and remain silent, they are just as guilty as the barbaric terrorists.


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