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Question; Definition of Isanity and TSC I129F...WE GOT APPROVED!!!!!

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    You need a very clean and clear case for mandamus, yes.

    If you are successful in a mandamus action ( the USCIS is made to DO SOMETHING) you can get your attorney fees paid by the government. How great is this country!

    Texas is currently taking about 90-120 days to process fiancee petitions.


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      Bronze Lady...I'm not looking for sympathy and you're right. Many more people than I have been waiting far longer to start a family. But how does that fact excuse the inaction, inability or mismanagment of my case by my government?

      I can't do anything for anyone else in the same situation, but I can sure do whatever I can in my own. Don't take the tone of my reponse personally, please. I do thank you for your information. Which is a hell of alot more than I am getting from any governmental office to date.

      E. Thank for the message. I'll keep you all posted.


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        I could be wrong- but can't Canadian citizens vist for 6 months here without a visa or other stuff? If this is true why can't she stay here and then go back to Canada when her visa is ready?


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          It could be interpreted as "dual intent" and she could be prosecuted for fraud.
          I think rsexmm mentioned that in his replies.


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            I think Canadian's aren't allowed to visit more than 90 days. But the Border INS agents seem to play it by ear regarding this. Some agents let her in. Some don't. When she is not admitted, they note the denial in the system. When she comes to visit again, she gets grilled. Our I 129f is in the system. It's obvious we want to be married; I'm not hiding that fact.

            I know that if a Canadian came to visit solely for vacation...met the love her life here, corted for two months then decided to get married spur of the moment, she would be allowed to stay.

            My question is that I'm going by the book and it is taking forever!! So, my initial question is how much risk would we be taking if she traveled to visit me, her fiancé on record, stayed longer than 60 days, and we decided to get married while in Vegas? What can and can't they do to her?


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              There are some things that I could say, but I would prefer not to, on the board. However I understand your situation...I went through the same thing. Send me an email @


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                Got a call from my Congressman's Office Today...WE ARE OFFICALLY APPROVED!!!! Took almost twice as long as it should have, but that is all water under the bridge!

                Thank you to everyone for your valuable advice!

                To everyone in similar situations, Don't write your congressman...go and visit them!! OLD MAN is my hero!


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                  Hey, dude!!!

                  I am happy for both of you!

                  See, Congressional inquiry worked, as Old Man said

                  Hope you never face with something like that again.

                  Take care.


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