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what if she gets married before receiving Immigrant Visa

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  • what if she gets married before receiving Immigrant Visa

    I have been waiting for visa number to come. My petition (I-130) filed has been approved in May 2007. I fall in unmarried child over 21. What will happen if I get married to someone who is from outside US

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    Sabita, your file has been approved? Congratulations! Yes, you can marry him now but you will have hard time getting your husband here. You will have to wait another few years to get him here. Kina yesto bihe garna hatar? K timile bihe garne keta timro Premi ho ra? Good luck anyway!


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      ...well, the first thing to realize is that Sanjay2002 doesn't know what he's talking about...and is giving bad advice.

      Sabita: Your petition (I-130) has been approved, but you're still waiting for your visa number to become available. If you truly want to immigrate to America and have been sponsored as an UNmarried child over 21, then what makes you think that you can get married before your case has been finalized??

      What part of UNMARRIED don't you understand, exactly??

      Of course, you're entitled to get married anytime you wish to do so...but, not if you wish to immigrate to America anytime in this millennium. You should be aware, however, that if you chose to marry a non-American after you immigrate, then you'll have difficulty in having your spouse join you in America (and if you remain outside of the U.S. with your spouse then you lose your permanent residency).

      If you do choose to marry before receiving your immigrant visa, then you will be processed as the MARRIED child of a U.S. citizen...and you'll wait and wait and wait...and then you'll wait some more!!


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        Who petitioned for you? Father (USC) or mother (PR)? It makes a difference, and not only for waiting time. There is no category: married son/daughter of PR.


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          My Father (USC) sponsored me. Rest of my family has a green card. thanks for your post.

          I am not in love but since waiting times looks so long my family is worried. you know how Nepali Parents and society is. I am already 28 so they are want me to get settled.


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            Thanks Sabita,

            Yes, I do understand what you're saying is and the Nepali society. Due to millions people have petitioned to get their family here, it is taking long time for your turn. You're only 28 now and in America, 28 mean just a starting age to think about having a bf or husband. You should think like you're only 14 in Nepal now. Think like you have another 4 years to think about getting married. Don't Rush to get married in Nepal right now because your prince might have waited for you in America. Good luck!


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              ha ha ha Sanjay.. Like how you convince people.


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                Sabita look, what I'm saying is 100% true. Your age is just started to think about a bf or husband so pls don't rush about it. You know anyone who comes in this country has to struggle a lot at the beginning so will you. If you marry in Nepal, then your husband won't be with you to share your problems. If you marry here then your prince will be here to share your happiness and problems. That's how it works. Your prince must be waiting for you in this country so please forget about getting married in Nepal.


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                  hey..well come. r u from Nepal? happy to hear about that. what's going on with your case? Thanks god we can meet everyone here.


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                    god .. how long ? dashain ayo aba tihar audai cha .. why me ..why do i have to stay alone here in Nepal. I wish my whole family was here with sound financial status. or this country was in better conditions. Its getting worse


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                      ohhhhhhhh happy Vijaya dashami to you Sabita. Happy Tihar too.

                      Yes, you're absolutely right. Look at us; everything is getting delay these days. Ohhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo waiting waiting n waiting ....but how long? Don't worry Sabita, your turn will come pretty soon.


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