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    You are not only an idiot but with no brain also. What's wrong with you girl? Come to me baby; I will treat you like a queen!!


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      Still Baby.. how the h e c k are ya

      Booob/Michael: I think you meant to say

      "Whats wrong with you girl? come to me baby; I will treat you like a queen!! and if you do.. you are not only an idiot but with no brain also."

      Btw Mikey.. glad to see you have gotten over your prejudices about non white women. good 4U

      Nireemhamdi.. This is not the one who I spoke of that is waiting for you and needs you.


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        Is she hot?


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          Yet another of 4now's skills...interpreting for Michael/booob I hope he appreciates it....


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            If 4now is hot and girl I appreciate anything!!


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              If you sign the I-751, ou will continue to be subject to the affidaviat of support...

              Consider that...



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                Posts by Swissnut and E...beautifully put.....
                I read them over and over.....
                Answer to questions4..... I don't know....I am
                trying to work with is very hard....
                some of your are more knowledgeable on INS...
                so I pay attention to the comments......
                I appreciate them....


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                  What's wrong with you girl? God has sent me to guide you and you are not convinced? Are you going to listen to our Nutty professor and her staff? Kick his a s s out and come to me baby; I will treat you like a Queen!!!!!


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                    He waits to the night before, to get "act together"
                    to file I751. He asked, "did you get letters
                    from neighbors, etc.?" ...He was upset, when
                    I said, I couldn't get any. He has said all along
                    he could get "anyone to write a letter for him"...
                    this isn't so at all. Saw my attorney. He
                    left for washington, D>C. on business. I assume
                    to visit his embassy for something, I guess he
                    can get waiver or something from there. He has
                    called a couple of times. So, I do not know
                    what's going on at all. That's okey. So, filing by himself, lets me "off the hook". He
                    has gotten so "greedy for card" that he wants to
                    sit on somewhat fraud papers....I cannot do this. I risk too much. I also feel, he feels
                    quite guilty about his actions. I would. So,
                    i'm filing for divorce. I do believe he is
                    headed for a little trouble, however. If INS
                    says, we will see you in NOv., there is a heads
                    up right there. So, if we don't file, and he
                    goes another way, somebody somewhere is gonna
                    question this. He is his own worst enemy. I
                    have given all a very honest try. I'm 99.9999999%, he's nothing. So....that's it.


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                      You shouldn't care what happens to him. You won't get into trouble unless you entered into the marriage just to help him get a green card. If you did that, then I have to ask if you read the application? It clearly states that marriage for immigration purposes is a crime. I know it hurts, I am in the same boat, but you have to consider it a lessen in life and move on. Stop worrying about him. If he cared about you and/or repairing the relationship you would know where he is and he would NOT have a girlfriend.


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                        Congratulations on making the decisive move, to bring this to closure! As long as you have made the decision not to sign the I-751 with him, he cannot file an I-751 alone, until he has a divorce decree.
                        The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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                          I'm just curious. I am wondering why he went
                          to washington to the embassy? Maybe something
                          to do with his passport? doing a waiver?///
                          what is the AR-11? the attorney, said...
                          they are lots of guys out there...that would
                          want someone like you. That's okey. I have
                          a feeling, he is going to have to explain something to INS...i would bet bucks on it. On a couple of questions on the I751, he lied! This ain't good at all. He laughed...I don't think it's funny at all. he said, well, I
                          did have my clothes at home (our)...yes,
                          but hello, you lived elsewhere too......I have
                          put up with so much. I shouldn't have. I know
                          that I am a very caring, loving, doing person...
                          i deserve a hell of alot better than he is.
                          One day, he will figure this out!


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                            Question: If he changes his status to whatever,
                            will his SRC number change ? To indicate
                            a change in LPR status?


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                              Am I not getting through? He can't file a waiver without a divorce decree and it is done by mail to USCIS and not in person at an Embassy. I'm shocked that at this point in the process you don't have a clue about immigration. An AR11 is a change of address form, which must be filed within 10 days of an alien moving.

                              You do deserve a lot better than this and it's good to see you recognize that. Now don'tlook back. What would an opinion of his matter, if he has treated you so badly? If he did figure it out and that may never occur, he'll be but a mere memory to you and you'll be healthy, happy and enjoying life as you should.
                              The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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