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    "One good thing is that there's no need for a gym membership in the railroad business - its no surprise how we keep slim and trim."

    Funny you said that, yesterday after lunch I was taking a break and sitting at the market square(live music), and Indianapolis Star reporter came upto me and wanted to talk. He is making an article about peoples dream job.

    I told him, my dream job would something outdoors. I think RR job is a perfect one for that. Get to spend lots of time outdoors.

    The article would be in "indiana Living" section of indianapolis Star the 5th or 6th of September.


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      And I can keep myself fit.

      do u have any opening ?


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        Sure. Always looking for eager hard-working employees. Up North, it's hard to find many with good work ethics - they tend to be too interested in huntin'; fishin' and cherry-eatin'.


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          Milwaukee, WI center.
          I have been here for a while, attended high school and college so I am somewhat versed in politics and history.
          I did brush up a bit

          ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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            Nothing too exciting.
            waited about 20min after dropped my letter into a hole in a wall.
            swarn in
            id verifyed
            EVERY question on N400 was gone over and officer (cool guy) put a red check mark over check marks right on my app.
            handed me 10 question (very easy) first one was what are the colors of the flag ... all multiple choice, on the bottom it said written test, I had to write "America is a home of the brave"
            was handed paper stating that I passed civics/government/language (100%) but because of the security bla bla bla some checks are not back in, therefore we can't give you an answer at this time. Should last clearance checks come back OK, you will be notified via an Oath Letter (by the way, nice to know that in WI - Milwaukee - Oath Monthly, Madison - every 3 months). I asked officer if he knew of a time frame for that last check - he said no idea, would not even attempt to speculate.
            ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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              Uh- so he handed you a paper that said "written test", and it asked you to write "America is the Home of the Brave" under where it had been written? Do I assume he was supposed to *read* it to you instead of give it to you?


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