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My wife was denied her residence. Now what?

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    but I have always said, if you come to this country USA as a visitor and you decide to get married while you are a vistor, your a.s.s will be grass,one way or the other.
    And for all you ****s who keep saying "once you are married you are secure have a secure status" yadi ya...

    Every street thug knows,you wanna come and get married legally in the US,you come and apply with a Finace Visa,just like I did...

    Then you have the nerv to apply for your wife's stuff with an attorney...another way that shows you,if you break the law, NO ATTORNEY can change or safe you, Immigration Law is very very tough and complex,once you break it,u are done...

    Not to sound rude or mean, but guys bypassed what everyone is suppose to do.....
    and its pretty clear,the marriage was planed,thus makes it so easy for ins to deny anything from your wife.
    U guys won't convince anyone that the marriage just happened and u guys did not plan it haha...
    not to mention u guys have been together for a while and she came to visit you often...


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      I think a few things need to get clarified. The original poster's wife did enter with inspection, THEN overstayed. Was an in-country I-601 filed?

      It is my understanding that a person who enters with inspection, then overstays can file for AOS without having to leave the country. The entry into the US though must have been as a tourist and not with the INTENT of marriage. Your wife is better off if she met you AFTER her entry into the US, otherwise you have Visa fraud.


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