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  • What are the chances??

    That if I were to get married in Mexico that I will be able to bring my spouse back with me. Or is the fiance visa better...I think I have asked this before but here goes...

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    That if I were to get married in Mexico that I will be able to bring my spouse back with me. Or is the fiance visa better...I think I have asked this before but here goes...


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      When you say "bring my spouse back with me", if you mean marry and hop on an airplane home, well, to give you a round number... 0%.

      If you are a resident of Mexico, i.e. have a "Mexican green card" then you can file for your spouse at the US Embassy. She should get an immigrant visa within a few weeks to a few months.

      Otherwise you will have to file through USCIS. K3 will be the fastest route if you marry in Mexico. Depending on your residence, the fiancée visa (K1) may be faster. The magic 8 ball predicts six to nine months.


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        Ok thanks so much but my question is this how can I file under the K3 if he would be my spouse and not my fiance by then. If I don't get married to him in mexico would I still file "there" or wait til I came back here in the US? I am sorry but what does USCIS stand for I know you'll laugh keep in mind I am learning ok


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          If you marry in Mexico, you'll file the I-130 and then the K-3 so that he can come here while the I-130 is pending. If you want to marry in the US, than you'll file for the fiance visa and he'll come here and marry you then adjust status. Either way it will be a long time until he actually gets his greencard. The USCIS stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Servics. It is changing names all of the time. For a while it was the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services and before it was the IS, I think it stood for Immigration Services(?). If he has ever been in the United States illegaly, then you may hit some ***ps.
          Have a nice day


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            Boy you have all your ducks in a row!! Thanks for all the info...yes he has been here but now resides back in Mexico. Wow this is going to be a stressful issue I can feel it already!!


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              When he was here, was he here illegaly? Did he sneak across the border or did he come with a visa? How long ago was it? How long did he stay here? Has anyone (employer, relative, etc.) ever filed anything for him before? Please give me some more info and I may be able to give you some advice, or at least point you in the right direction. My husband is from Mexico and I am going through the whole "immigration" process. I've learned a lot from others on the internet. You also might consider posting your questions on It's a great forum.

              Yes, it can be a very stressful issue. If you do your "homework" and get all the info BEFORE you start the process, it will probably go a little easier. At least you'll have an idea of what to expect.........
              Have a nice day


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                ok so what are my chances of marrying in Mexico to someone that entered illegally( he was only here at most 2 1/2 months until his mother became ill and he HAD t0 go home) He got a consular ID while he was here...........stupid huh? That is the reason why I wanted to know what was looked for in the so called background check!! I do not want to lie but I would rather be prepared before we start this whole process. @Would it be faster for us to marry there and apply for the k3 or apply for the k1?
                Both of these options include us disclosing the fact that he was here briefly illegally.



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                  Getting a consular ID does not mean anything. It is a service of the Mexican government and has nothing to do with immigration. Did he ever have his finger prints taken by ANY immigration or law enforcement officers? Did he ever give any law enforcement or immigration officers his real name? There is a chance that you could get by. If he was here less than 180 days he doesn't have the bar against him anyway.
                  Have a nice day


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                    He was stopped while here but the local cops were just bored and had nothing better to do than to stop him walking from the beach at 11:30 at night. They asked his name...etc. said they were looking for somebody that fit his description. (yeah right, the cops had nothing better to do.....small town...ghost town in the time of year he was so they just ran his name.. I was not with him during this time so I am unsure of all details. I do know he was not detained or anythign just a name check through the computers. Other than this he has never been fingerprinted at all by anyone in the US. I still do not want to lie about him being here for those two months I would rather tell it the way ti is... and save problems that may be casued later. But I am still unsure what is the best way for us to go. I am going to MEX in 1 month and we will be married or I need to file for the fiancee visa. But I am still unsure of which route to go...the quickest and easiest if this is all possible!! lol probably not either but I am hopeful!!


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