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    Posting my experience at the interview yesterday.

    Heres a bit of history, Firstly I am one of those that came over on the VWP and didnt go home. I came over in November 06, and we decided to submit the paper work in December 2006. We were already married before I came into the country. Forms submitted, I 130, I765, I 485

    Submitted paperwork 15 Dec 06
    Received Date 18 Dec 06
    ASC Appointment notice for fingerprinting sent 27.Dec.
    Letter rec'd requesting Initial Evidence (tax returns 3 years previous) 9 Jan 07
    Sent requested info same day.
    Biometric Appt 12 Jan.
    Appointment notice Initial Interview for I 485 Feb 07
    Employment authorisation recd 8 March 07 (1 year)
    SSN applied for in Ann Arbor Mi. 9 March 07
    SSN rec'd 20 March
    Interview 2 April - ACCEPTED

    Got to Detroit 8.45, interview 9.30. It was packed. Apparently Mondays are deportation days! Good omen I had when i heard that NOT!!

    Got called at 10.00hrs. Chief Adjuticating Officer was the person that interviewed us, Again not a good omen when i heard what he was! Told me straight off that my FBI check was back, the only one of the day so I was lucky, and that it was cleared! Then proceeded to check off my answers as to whether I was a terrorist, prostitute - whereupon hubby gagged trying not to laugh! Asked how we met, husband told him that I have a problem but he will say it we met on the Internet, where Mr Interviewer said that it was perfectly normal today to meet on the internet and that people on their first meeting get married!!!!!!! I was a little shocked at this remark!. He said they see it all the time. Then he asked if we had anything with both our names on an envelope or bank statement to could prove we were living together, we had 2 utility bills, and hubby had put me as his beneficiary for his retirement policy should he drop dead! As I was handing him this he handed me a piece of paper that said CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I was a little dumb founded, and asked dont u want to see the pics, his words were "No, I beleive".

    He then went on to explain the I751 and the dates I need to file, and citizenship if I wanted.

    After that it was a little general chit chat. But this is where I was shown just how naive I was. I have visited the states quite often in the past five years, every month for maybe a long weekend, and one longer holiday per year. On one of my visits 3 years ago, I had to go to secondry because of the frequency of my trips and how short they were, where I was asked more questions, my job, my life in general, my kids. I was let thru but told that I could be asked when I entered the country again. I never thought much of it, because i was never stopped again. Mr Interviewer brought it up in conversation - the man was good at his job!!! So casual how the subject matter turned, he said oh did u have a problem once entering the country, I told him yes but i was not detained or deported, he said I know, and that was the end of it.

    But it made me accutely aware of how much homework they do as interviewers before u actually sit in front of them. And how slick they are. I was not asked tho how I entered the country this time, or when or where I decided to stay, or the fact that I didnt get the I130 done in my home country! No mention of it. But I was acutely aware that nothing escapes these people!

    So that is me done now for another 1 year and 9 months. I was amazed at how quick the whole process took. I was expecting a much longer time frame.

    Didnt get a Lawyer, decided to do it all on our own. Just got my email from USCIS. WELCOME! Now i might be able to sleep at night.

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    Hi ntfd3
    My situation is similar to yours, see under " Lets share our stories "

    Great news for you... *Congratulations*

    What country did you come from ?


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      From your experience, would you recommend to the others to take the route you did (marriage, VWP -> AOS)?


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        From your experience, would you recommend to the others to take the route you did (marriage, VWP -> AOS)?[/QUOTE]

        There is a loaded question!! Coming into the states with the intent to stay when u land and go thru POE is immigration fraud. However, u are able to change ur mind once in the country! Its a catch 22, prove that u had no intent! It clearly states on the I485. It is possible to adjust status if u are a immediate relative - spouse being an immediate relative. There has to be a more black and white ruling on this.


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