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intimidation at Baltimore during CSS/LULAC interview.

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    I filed a document for my child and after I received a notice that my application had been approved and sent, I received a notice that the document had been returned by the post office and destroyed. After contacting the post office in writing (they said they had sent nothing back) and phoning USCIS (to no avail), I filed a complaint with all my documentation - six weeks later, the situation was rectified.

    I also complained about our treatment at our District office. They had been horrible to us and blamed us for their mistake. They threatened to have us appear before an immigrationjudge. When I pointed out that we had filed properly and that they had made the mistake, they became even more bent. My child was howling and crying in the office. Three months later, I received a notice that my petition had been approved. Interestingly, I found out later from other people I met along the way that that particular officer was from a hot burning place.

    You do need to let them know that they have rude and crummy employees (they are employees - not gods). If you check the form, you will see that they say there will be no retaliation for filing your complaint. Keep copies of everything you send.


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      Questions about the Interview:

      I've been reading all the forums and I thought the interview was were you would be either approved or denied. Is it different in every State?

      Will they review the case more profoundly after the interview and decide later?

      Can they catch lies during the interview or during reviews post interview?


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