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    Hi all,

    I had applied for an F 1 visa for fall 2003 and got my visa. Due to personal reasons, i could not travel to US in 2003. I have deferred my admission to the same university and got my new i 20 and the visa originally issued was valid from 2003-2008.

    I want to know whether i can travel with the same visa and i-20 form this year ?

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    Yes, you can. Check the issue date of your Form I-20. It should have the signature of your school administrator on Page 3. Each Form I-20 is valid for 6 months. If 6 months has lapsed since issue date of your Form I-20, ask for a new one from the school. (The dates should be on Page 3, not item #5 on page 1 ok?). Goodluck.


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      Bea, what are you talking about??????? I-20 form is issued for the duration of the estimated time needed to get a degree (4 years for Bachelor's, 2 for Master's and 4 for PhD) + grace period of 60 days. That will be the duration of your F-1 status.

      Yes, you can enter with your visa if it is in fact valid for 2003-2008, as long as you have the I-20 from the same school, even if it is new. Just in case, you can inquire at your International Center.

      By the way, your I-20 will be signed only on the first page by the representative of your International Center, since you never entered the U.S. using it. Once you enter, and you want to travel overseas and come back on the same visa or a new F-1 visa (not likely a new one, since it seems you have a multiple entry 5 year visa), you MUST get it signed on the 3rd page by the International Center.

      International Center will also use the 3rd page to make remarks of your dependents (if any are coming with you or later), your OPT, your travel signatures, other stuff.

      The status expiration date is on the first page of your I-20. When you get your OPT (quite a few years from now, and the format might change), a remark on the third page will extend the expiration date of your status (from the first page).


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        oh yes you are right lucy. sorry prash for confusing you. what i was talking about was form 1-20 each time you travel. there should be a signature on the 3rd page. sorry.


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          Thanx Lucy and Bea for ur suggestions. I have the new I 20 with the same SEVIS number from the school and as u said the duration of my stay is printed there(2004-2006). The 3rd Page is empty since i have not entered US yet.

          Also it is a multiple entry visa that I have since the entries column, its written as 'M' which i guess should mean Multiple.

          Will I be asked about the details at the Port-Of-Entry as to why I did not come last year ? I could'nt come due to personal reasons. Do I have to show any proof, or the questions at the Port-of-entry is just a formality ?

          thanks in advance


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            yes it will be likely that it will be asked. but dont worry about it. just tell them you deferred studies because of personal reasons. and considering that your I-20 is valid, i dont think you will have any problems.


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              If I were you, I'd contact the school official who takes care of issuing I-20s. I'd email her asking to clarify the situation and keep the printed responses with you when you are at the port of entry in the U.S. That way, if they chose to question the **** out of you, you can prove you made reasonable effort to keep up with the immigration papers.


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                all these sound good to me. For me it was just a formality... they stamp your I-20, and I-94, staple I-94 to your passport, write the number from your I-94 in your passport (since this is the number you will now use for all your following entrances on F-1 visa, instead of the number preprinted on I-94 - the officer or you will just scratch out the preprinted number and hand-write the old one in). Good luck! You shouldn't have any problems, since your visa has multiple entries on it.


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                  Thanx Lucy, Uve been of great help. I should not face any problems. Ive asked the Officer of International Studies in the University and he too said there won't be any problem. I have the print out of the mail he sent to me, just in case the ppl at the port of entry ask me.

                  thanks :-)


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