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If Islam Ruled America?

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    if Islam ruled America, there would be peace.
    everyone would prosper, not just the wealthy.
    the Aerican dream ,so to speak, will be available to all.Islamic law makes it clear that a businesses profit be shared amongst all, from directors to cleaners, everyone should benifit.
    According to Islamic Law, interest is forbidden, this important philosophy makes sure that there is no greed, no one person will become super rich, rathter, everyone will benifit .


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      People of all colour, creed and reliogon would be accepted as one.
      Islam teachers us to tolerate and accept everyone, regardless of their differences.
      Infact when the Turks ruled the world(The Ottoman Empire), for centuries Jews and Chritians were able to practice their faiths freely and as a result prospered.....


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        if islam ruled the world,

        Women's rights would be upheld.
        Islam DOES NOT treat women as inferior beings, women are highly respected and treasured in Islam.

        It is a common, and very sad, misconception that women are inferior and disliked in Islam.

        Just because certain individuals and cultures think and do this, it DOES NOT mean Islam allows or condones such cowardly and unjust practices.

        There are many other positive and beautiful reasons and ideas anout Islam and Islamic laws which many people do not know about and are perhaps affraid of finding out.

        The answer to those individuals lies in the Qur'aan(or Koran - Islam's Holy Book).
        In it you will be amazed to find how simple and pure the words of God are.
        You will see how it contridicts and condemns the acts of certain "fudermentalists" and attidudes towards Islam by uninformed, naiive people.

        Take some time to learn about this relegion, i promise you ,you will change your mind about it.

        take care and

        may God bless all of you

        peace and blessings upon all of you


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          Not only Islam, In my opinion If the whole world had only one religion , whether it be Christianity, Judaism ,or Islam , the world would have been a much more peaceful place.Probably!!


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            I found so
            For Muslim people are more united and better organized than normal American people.

            Several friends are trying to apply for parttime job from gas station, restarunt , hotle or shops to pay the higher tuition fee (It become harder and harder to get scholarship or finacial suppport from universities ) they found themself got rejected or offered unbelievably ultra low salary. Laterly, they found those position are filled by their foreign muslim classmater who hold F1 visa. In fact, they get scholarship from university(plus out-state tuition waive, over 20,000 dollars) and benefit granted to full time students from univeristy like low rent university apartment for students, while these friends are all in two years waiting list. These foreign students are all muslim and come from Bangldesh and Pakistan. They got these job and got payment in cash, which means they donot need to pay taxs for around 1000 to 2000 dollar they can earn in one months. They got these job for they have the networks of relatives, friends, and countrymen. It also is found that more and more gas station, hotel ,shopr run by people from those muslim countries. In fact, these people are more united and better organized. Facing unfair competation, we lose opportinities in education , job and future.

            They are not illegal immigrant ,full time students holding F1 visa. but surelly, they broke the law.working outside school and geting payment in cash. Those muslim students may have some ownship of the store they work for.
            With time , we can anticipate that more and more muslim will pour into this country in this way ,resulting what they are doing to French nowadys.


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              jenna: All foreign Company went to Saudi Arabia for Oil. In 1930/32 and when the Govt. was about to cancel the licence of these comapny the declare the Oil was strick in the filed of the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. They were Two US Co's in Saudi Arabia.
              You said "Saudi Arabia would not be the country without the help of America."
              You are wrong, You need to learn more about that country, don't just reading the Local News or papers.

              Try to findout or go onto internet to find out more about all those Moddle East Countries who had build the life of Millions of Peoples, and companies had made billions of Dollars on account of this Middle-East, and they are still doing that.


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                Hi to all members. Just few minutes ago I became a member and I am trying to find out how to post a problem

                To answer your question if Islam ruled America?

                If so then it would have been no America,the name would have changed so it would have drastically the country change in all aspects. Perhaps the country would have the name Allahmerika


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                  Bushmaster, how far have you finished your citizenship matter, you are now back in GA, right. Good.
                  Like in all religion you dont see all of those thousands or million attending churchs in the US.
                  The same case is with the mosques/Temples.
                  One thing is for sure that muslims do pray five times a day. like Hindu get's up at take a bath and get back to the temple, same is with the muslim.
                  If you want to be govern a free"21st century, you can do no one is stopping any one.
                  How many times all the holly books have been changed to fitin this "21st century, and by who?
                  and under what authorty.
                  I am an old man of 70 years of age I can not I will write back again and will try to explain to the best of my knowledge


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                    I do not have time to go on and on this issue, I mentioned a few facts in the following lines, but as a Christian who grow up in a Muslim country, I can tell you this: Islam is the most intolerant, ignorant, backward, barbaric religion in the world. Do not get fooled, read their holy book Quran and you shall see the truth:

                    If Islam ruled America:

                    Pedophilia would be legal, since in Islam a 9 years old girl is considered adult and you could marry her, like their prophet Mohammed did.

                    If Islam ruled America nobody could change their religion since those who did, will be infidels and shall be killed.

                    If Islam ruled America, it would be Ok to have more than one wife and even their prophet Mohammed had 9 permanent wives and 40 temp wives.

                    If Islam ruled America, we would have a justice system 100 times worse than dark ages in Europe.

                    If Islam ruled America no immigrant will be admitted here unless they convert to Islam.

                    As I said read the Quran and decide for yourself.




                    • #25
                      id like to refute infidel,
                      considering the crimes that arab christians commit you should be the last person on this forum in fact i myself know that the police have special units in arab countries to protect people from being killed by their own family members for converting from christianity.
                      secondly id like to refute the 9 year old propaganda
                      1. thats not in the quran
                      2. the womans concent is required in any marriage in fact she even states her own prenuptuals and conditions
                      3. most 9 year olds dont even have their periods yet and to marry a woman who hasnt reached that point from changing into a woman is cultural bagage not islamic
                      4. there are differnt scholars who disagree on aishas age being 9 based on events that happened placing her at a higher age bracket.
                      i wouldnt expect you of all people to understand islam unless you study it yourself instead of pretending you know something by taking things that happened in your arabian culture for thousands of years and then painting it as islam, read the quran and the hadiths and study islam before you draw up your own conclusions.
                      if islam ruled america no one could change their religion, name someone of sound mind who actually was a practicing muslim and converted to something else, lets name the christian arab girls who convert to islam of their own free will and have to live a life in a witness protection type program because their family wants to kill them.
                      christianity justifies polygyny and i personally believe if every person is concenting to live that lifestyle then why shouldnt they be allowed? they are in wedlock, the man and the women involved want to live that way. and like i said in the contract a woman can state she does not want to live in polygyny and a woman whos engaged to marry doesnt have to enter into polygyny. i think if u ask women they would prefer to be a wife than a mistress and have full rights to their own property and their husbands.

                      just because saudi arabia has laws that dont allow non muslims into mecca doesnt mean all the countries are like that if so then why are you in predominant arab lands?


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                        i made a mistake at the end i put predominant arab lands when i meant to say predominantly muslim land


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