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Can my fiance on permanent disability due to his bipolar illness be a spousal sponsor

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  • Can my fiance on permanent disability due to his bipolar illness be a spousal sponsor

    Hi1 I really need help big time. I am engaged to be married to an american citizen who has been on permanent disability for the last 6 years, therefore has not been paying taxes. His total disability pay each year covers the required amount to support 2 people but since he doesn't pay taxes due to his disability, people are saying that we need someone to co-sponsor me. I am a Filipino national and my fiance and I have been engaged for 2 years now. Please help me as to what to do other than looking for a co-sponsor because we don't know of anyone who will agree to co-sponsoring me because of the obligations that goes along co-sponsoring an immigrant...God Bless you all!

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      @federale86: Can you clarify what you said no to and why? thank you.


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        ,,,,, on permanent disability....'

        Sorry stewiesmom but this has touched me somehow to ask if your fiancé go by the nickname of "someone12" Speaking with Sympathy but u better keep in mind once a joint sponsor will be hunted from any human rights organization, I shall alert your brain cells that you and your sweet heart will be making so many friends at so many places including value village, YMCA, and also..... Hmmm, better not to say!!!! Do you guys have Food stamps in Asia,,, cause this will be something u will need for your Noddelzzzz and fried riccccce!!

        Originally posted by stewiesmom:
        @federale86: Can you clarify what you said no to and why? thank you.


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          to abercrombie toronto: I did not do anything to deserve such disrespect, insensitivity and racism from you. You are a sorry excuse for a human being. This forum does not deserve to have a member like you. And to satisfy your curiosity, my fiance is not a member nor does he go by the nickname someone12 of this forum and at the same time I have just signed up for this site.


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            I found a similar question on another website:


            Q: My boyfriend receives Supplemental Security Income because he is disabled. If we marry, can he help me get permanent residence? My boyfriend is a U.S. citizen. I came here on a tourist visa and overstayed.

            Agnes, White Plains

            A: Your boyfriend's limited resources means that you may need affidavits of support from a friend or relative to prove that you won't become what the law calls a "public charge." You can also use your own and your husband-to-be's assets, and your income (if you have been living with your husband and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has authorized your employment).

            With limited exceptions, a petitioning relative in family immigration cases must file an affidavit of support for the beneficiary, in this case you. The family petitioner must prove that he or she has income that equals 125% of the federal poverty guidelines for the family unit. If the petitioning relative doesn't have enough income, the applicant may submit affidavits from friends or relatives and proof of family assets. Just remember that even if you use resources other than your husband's income to prove you won't become a public charge, he nevertheless must submit an affidavit of support for you.

            For more information, visit the Web site of National Immigration Law Center, Click on Immigration Law, then "Affidavits of Support."

            Read more:


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              K1 and Philippines is the problem.

              The Consulate decides and they have a reputation for not liking these.

              If you have no other option, no harm trying.


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                Hi Theone. I didn't come through a K1 but a B1 visa. I have sought a free one time consultation and said that my circumstances should not be a problem but they aren't sure about a spouse on disability (SSDI) sponsoring a foreign wife. There is a big difference between SSI and SSDI because his is the SSDI due to his previous work history and contribution and we checked the poverty guidelines and what he receives through SSDI is above 125% of the required income. He could afford to provide for 2 people easily each year with a li'l left over. problem is SSDI does not require beneficiaries to pay taxes so we can't provide any W2 which is required when filing the AOS. Is it possible to just show the document provided by social security every year showing the total amount received each year? I am a medical professional and intend to work as soon as I get my work permit.


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                  Yets again, some them foriegn types be showin their true colors and all. When someone be knocking who aint like em they tear em up with racial and hateful comments and all. But, they be first to ridicule someones fer givin them a taste their own medicine. That hypocracy if there ever was. Abrucrumbie be one mean hateful person I guess.

                  Anyhow, here's the deal fer yer income problems. They says they wants a W-2. Thats cause you dealin with brain dead beurocrats that dont be understandin anything but a w-2 meaning havin money.

                  Shoot, ya should have seens the trouble I went through trien to explains profits on stock trades and futures contracts. They thought I was from mars or sumthin. I bout gives up.

                  What ya do is gets you an official report from SSDI showin the payouts and such. If it be direct deposit gets the bank statements showin it to back it up.

                  Then, do some researching to make sure ya can quote the law that define what be counted as income incase you gets one them knuckleheads that be sayin it must be a w-2 cause it dont. Jus needs to show ya gots money and where it be comin from. That be all.
                  This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.


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                    @Davdah: You are so helpful and I really appreciate your input. You are a kind soul and you have just made my Christmas a little merrier. The hope you have given me is priceless and know that I am truly grateful for that. I owe you one. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! and May you and your family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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                      Whether a person can be a sponser depends on the income level. Go on the USCIS site and you'll find the poverty guidelines.


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