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Am I a Citizen? how do I proove it.

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    and i have to say this ..where is the freaking webmaster on this bull s h i t ????????? i just dont believe what i just saw...ur an amazing *******


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      I aggree with you Mike. Eventually he'd get to this, and here's the proof. Punch, spit and kill???
      5) Obey the laws and rules
      6) Be courteous and kind (except to Moslems, Jews, Fundamentalist Christians, Liberals,Mormons, Democrats, Republicans, Ralph Nader supporters, blacks (there goes his buddy bev), racist whites and any other idiots (mainly himself!) not included in this list
      7) Support Gun Control for above mentioned group and oppose it for law obeying white non-fundamentalist Christian males ??
      9) Oppose racism??? Bit of a contradiction, isn't it? But then, look who wrote it!!
      It's high time that someone here starts banning such ppl.


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        i just dont understand how can he get away with this iswear they should trace his ip address and put him in prison for the rest of his life..he's not good in his head i dont think he's and i blaim the webmaster for all this..go on immigrant2us or visajourney and try to insult someone and u will c that ur whole thread will gets delated within 2 min.. this is really terrible what he just said . iam just mad as hell . those things should never be mentioned on a public forum.if u hate or whatever problim u have in ur head .then keep it for ur self .this is nasty and i will digg anf digg until i find away to report him over the phone and i will .. this animal should be in prison were he belongs to


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          Don't let it get to you, this is what he intended. But do continue to find a way to get him and those falling short of doing the same thing he did, out of here!


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            i will and i promise u that..when ppl make comments like someone12 and beverly it doesn't really bother me that much. bcoz we know what is it about . but when it get's to this point this is way way different and i will find a contact number and if not i will report him even if i have to spent the rest of my life to do so ... but i will . this animal should be behind bars


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              According to you, you came here with a green when you were 7 years old.... and your father is an american citizen so that automatically means that you are qualified to be an american citizen... I don't know if you are parents are still alive or not, but I suggest you should ask them especially your father if they applied for your citizenship or not.... please this is just an opinion.... Since you have no way of proving that you are a citizen, you might want to hire a qualified lawyer to help.... In order to get CERTIFICATE OF NATURALIZATION, you must apply for it.... I'll give you a website that can help you more: go to and go the CHILD CITIZENSHIP ACT!
              Its more complicated than that. What is not known is whether USC father that he known since childhood is the actual biological father. It may appear that USC father is not the biological father; thus a green card for son. Second, if green card, he would apply for citizenship when he was 18. Quite possible to have dual citizenship since Danish law allows that. Thus, either a FOIA request to USCIS or to State Department may be his only recourse to prove USC citizenship either by obtaining the naturalization records, registration from birth abroad, etc. 14th Amendment only applies if he is born here or if birth was born abraod.
              "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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                  If you do not agree with my commandments then you can not be a good American !!! Nothing I said is bad ! Defending America against terrorists, criminals and racists is a good thing !!!

                  AMERICA - LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT !!!!!!


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