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  • February Bulletin

    Bulletin is out for the month of February.

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    Bulletin is out for the month of February.


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      Hi Sunita,
      Where is this February bulletin? I have been checking this morning on the website below but they still seem to have the January bulletin

      What is the progress like?


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        I called NVC and the machine came on.It is simple to do just dial their # and listen.


        • #5
          Hi tkalush this is the # 12026631541 if you are in the US then drop the first 1 dial from 2026631541.By the way which category are you in?Mo has finally reaches his priority date so I don't think he will be interesting about bulletin now.I am in the third preference category.bye


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            Hi Sunita,
            thanks I tried the number and it seems to be more current than the website. I am eyeing the F2A especially F2A subject to per country limit my priority date is August 2001. I don't know how long it is going to take, it looks like it is moving by 1.5 months every month, any inside story about how they will progress in 2005? I think Mo must be sick of looking at these websites after that long wait.


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              No more looking for me tkalush. My priority date became current last month.

              I think this month's bulletin is good news to many, as most categories advanced a reasonable number of month(s).

              The lesson I learned out of all this is, to be hopeful that the end of the process (waiting) is near.

              I was in everyone who is waiting's shoes couple of month's ago... hang in there everyone.


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                Mo it is good to know you are still here.My category advance by two weeks.I was hoping for a month but guess we just have to hang in there.


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                  Most of the priority dates moved well but ours Sunita. (F3) I am now 17 or so weeks away from current. If the visa bulletin for Oct/04 is accurate, it may be another year before it is current. I find it frustrating to see the F4 site moving quickly, and ours not. I pray that it will move quickly over the next few months. I was hoping the backlog reduction would help us, but rather it has hurt us, I believe.


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                    Lucky you 17 is not bad I am 32 weeks more to go.I know F4 is advancing quickly but I have a relative who had reach priority date since Oct 2004 and still have'nt received any package from the embassy here.They called to find out whats going on and they told them they had'nt scheduled an appointment yet and as soon as they did they will mail them the package.So after waiting for the priority date we still have to wait many months for them to schedule an appointment.


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