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John Doe, Withdrawal of I751

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  • John Doe, Withdrawal of I751

    I haven't been posting on the board for a while, so I don't know if this info is germane to you anymore. I have more information on procedure for a USC co-petitioner to withdraw a jointly filed I751. Are you still interested in knowing more about this?

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    I haven't been posting on the board for a while, so I don't know if this info is germane to you anymore. I have more information on procedure for a USC co-petitioner to withdraw a jointly filed I751. Are you still interested in knowing more about this?


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      No thanks, I dont need the info.

      I also dont post here nowadays coz am happy alone w/o my USC wife. Am waiting for decision on I751.

      Swissnut, dont dwell on the past so much;just mmove on with your life instead of struggling to undo the past-it cannot be undone.


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        Hi Jd

        Glad to hear you are doing ok and happy in your life. Best wishes with your petition.

        Hi Swiss

        How you been. I too havent been around too busy these days. Nice to see you.
        Hope u are fine and thanks as always for updating the board with new info if you have it. Im sure someone out there can use what info you have to offer relative to this if it is new procedure that has been implemented.


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          Hi people ...

          Sure, I would like to know about that info ... I know It's not related to me ... but I request swiss to give here that info ...Thanks ..Pasha


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            I'm interested in case our co-sponsor (LPR) tries this stunt.
            Sweet Madame Belu


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              John Doe

              Be nice to our swissnut. she is the queen of the universe now. We have crowned her Miss ILW 2004.


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                Hi Swiss,

                Its been a while since my last post, but you should know there has been some new discoveries and changes over the past week with my BCIS case experience.

                My questions concerning the I751 ...

                My wife's petition was approved without an interview subsequently locking me into the I864. Not sure if the wife received the green card via the mail because she never submitted her AR-11 form.

                1. If the wife hasn't received her conditional green card then she will have to refile the proper forms all over again. Wouldn't this be preceived as a red flag indicator for BCIS - the address listed on our form should have had the card delievered to our front door steps. Without her filing an AR-11 then she would also be deemed out of status right?

                2. A non profit agency was listed on the petition replacing our terminated lawyer. Can a non profit legally receive then forward a marriage based conditional green card on to the alien in another state?

                3. My local BCIS office appearently never received my I865 (USC change of address) form that was received by the National Regional office. Brought in a copy of the receipt letter to my local office where they updated my current information. Clerk made commit that he would have to report the change because the confirmation letter from the National office was actually created in October of last year. Do you think it will spark an interview?

                4. In our 2003 taxes preparations we are filing Married but Single. Of course there will differences in address and states. Shouldn't this create another red flag scenario for the BCIS investigators?

                5. What possiblities could occur if I fail to sign the I751? Clerk mentioned there would be penalties, but did not go into depth of what they were. Can you enlighten me?

                Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon and everything is going well for you.


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                  Hello Swissnut, long time no see.

                  how are you ?


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                    I shall try to answer you questions, although I am really speculating, given that you have not offered much detail.
                    1. If she never received the Green Card I should not think she would have to refile, but simply inform USCIS that the card had not arrived. Again this I am not certain of, but it would be my best guess.
                    2. Not filing an AR 11 does not render he out of status, but there could be consequences as it is a required procedure.
                    3. If the non-profit agency were the petitioner in her case then perhaps address of record on the petition would be where USCIS would send the card, but in your case I believe this was an AOS based upon an I130, and that would make no sense to me.
                    4. So the local district office did not have your current address, but does now? The Regional TSC center already had your current address in October when your wife was awarded the conditional card? I am not sure that the USC address change would spark an interview.
                    5. "Married filing Separately" is the correct term..and although it might suggest that you are no longer residing together, in the eyes of USCIS there could be reasons for that, which would not necessarily prompt an interview.
                    ^. As far as I am aware, there is no requirement for the USC to sign the I751 if the marriage is ending or has ended or if the USC suspects that the alien intent was not bona fide.

                    Just my hunch on these. Good luck, Mike


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                      Swiss ...

                      what new info you were offering ???? still waiting...


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                        Yea Swiss lets see this grear info. Almost all the info I have seen has been a rehash of whats on the I-751 form.


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                          Months later - we are all still in the same place...



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                            Let me file first and I will be in the same boat of waiting like u guys ... I hope some miracles happen...


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