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I am desperate(wife filing for battered wife falsely) Help!

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  • I am desperate(wife filing for battered wife falsely) Help!

    Edited for fear of the crazy.

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    Edited for fear of the crazy.


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      At 25, you shouldn't be living with mama, taking expensive vacations and wasting mama's money, especially with your new bride at your side. She may have some issues, but it certainly sounds like you do as well, possibly even some paranoia.
      Cut the apron strings, branch out on your own and do some growing up.


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        I fully concur with davdah on this, but on the legal representation, I would make sure you spoke with an attorney who knew BOTH family law and immigration law. It's unclear from the original message whether this happened or not.

        In my area, only a small percentage of attorneys expressly deal with immigration law--and I don't know ANY immigration lawyers in my county. If there's a lack of immigration expertise, this could explain part of the confusion you may be experiencing, even after consulting with multiple counsel.
        I'm just a J.D. I cannot give legal advice, except for the following:
        See a reputable immigration attorney for help.


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          When did you file for an annullment or divorce and get her served? An annullment for fraud would be better.

          If you dare say, at this point, that you have not done so, then you are so utterly stupid and beyond help, then we will refuse to help you and you will get what you deserve. eos.


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            Whatever you do do not put yourself in position to be set up on false domestic charges. Often times women in her position lure their husbands back into "reconciling" only to dial 911 on them. They wait until the husband is sitting down relaxing. Then they go into another room dial 911, inflict some wounds (scratches and bruises) over turn some furniture etc. They do this of course to add to their packet they send to the USCIS in Vermont. The USCIS calls police reports, photos of wounds, medical certificates from the hospital emergency, affidavits from arresting officers and restraining orders signed by a judge as "primary evidence" of abuse. Some of these women needing these things get carried away and claim rape and all sorts of wild things.

            Somebody upthread advised about getting a lawyer that knows immigration as well as family law. Good idea. One area overlaps the other but most family law attorneys do not know this. The best place to find an attorney that knows both is by recomendation from an immigration attorney. Also it would be a good idea to find an attorney that knows how to defend against domestic violence charges. At least know who he/she is. I would advise a counciling visit and explain your situation so if that day ever comes you can act quickly. The domestic violence courts give a guy little time to prepare their defence or find an attorney. They say it's this way to protect the women but I believe it is so because they know that a rush to judgement by the prosecutor puts them at an advantage.

            Keep your head down, prepare for the worst and good luck. If you are smart you can minimise the damage.


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              From what I understand from his post, he has not even filed for annullment yet. You can't help people like this. Lets write him off as a lost cause.


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                Whether it is a scam or not or whether to file an annulment or not this guy is most likely in a dangerous position if his wife needs a Green card. Guys get all soft and sentimental at these times but the women always keep in mind their need to maintain their immigration status. If she has a boyfriend then his danger is doubled. Same if she has parents or children to worry about if her immigration status is put in jeapordy (sp) because the marriage is flying apart.


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                  To me the wife should go where ever the

                  husbands takes her, besides didn't she know

                  from the begining the guy lived with his

                  mom.Marriages like this just put in doubt the

                  real ones!!


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                    In most of these countries, there are 10, 20, even 30 people living in cramped apartments with 3 and 4 generations of families.

                    A sincere marriage is for better or for worse; through good and bad times; the struggles and triumphs and UNTIL DEATH DO YOU PART !

                    STOP MARRIAGE FRAUD !

                    GOD BLESS AMERICA AND RUSSIAN L E S B I A N S AND NO ONE ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      Sonof - you are 45 years old and need to grow up! My God - why do you post this stuff on the board. Who cares about les bian sisters? What a primate you are!


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                          I hope everything works out okay, BrianBenson. That tire cut looks like it was made with a sledge hammer!

                          I hope, in your state of mind, you can stay on top of this. If you, if fact, never abused her, then I hope you and your lawyer can prove otherwise. She sounds like a nutcase, in my opinion. Just something to think about. A woman rarely leaves a man unless there is serious abuse or another man is involved. If your case is not the former, you might want to hire a detective for a short period of time to get proof of the other man. Then, if she files abuse, her case will be pretty weak. Good luck.


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