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    Thank you E. Well all i know is that he was going to school full time on an expired f1 however he fell ill in the past few weeks and told the student advisor he may have to drop the classes due to the illness. She said she was going to contact Immigration to find out what he could do. Im SUPPOSING this is how it started. He was not working or illegal. We were going to marry Easter and get our family started. I went to apply for the car. Then this happened which led me to ask those few questions.
    People like Michael need to understand that not everyone is a dementia with a failed life. Although he sets a fine example, its too bad that a tramp puts him to shame.


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      I assume then that she contacted Immigration(as she must under new regulations), and they ordered him deported for violation of status (dropping off the clasess).
      Now, when you say "he studied on expired f1" do you mean his VISA STAMP was expired, or did he have specific date on I-94 Form that expired?
      Or was it D/S but he fell out of status for some unspecified in your posting reason?
      If he just skipped classes recently because he got ill then he can apply for reinstatement of his status, and if there is a proof that he skipped classes due to circumstances beyond his control(for ex. : evidence of illness, statement from curing Doctor that he was not allowed to attend classes because of illness and etc.), then he should get his status reinstated after sending in new I-20 form to CIS.
      It would be helpful if you could specify all circumstances.

      Good luck,



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        that is swell michael I just can't help it need to poke my claws too you sinner you! sweettears, don't take michael too seriously, he's a real poor loser, I mean just look at the following pictures and you'll undestand why his obviously unhappy wife had to hurt him BAD


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          No offence. But if you want help or *really* have to disclose everything, including what his status is, how long been here, what communication he's had with INS, what have they sent him, etc. etc. etc.

          Most people get real ******, bad advice on this baord -- not cuz of the people giving it, but because people seeking advice don't accurately disclose ALL the details in a nice, organized fashion.

          No one has the time to keep asking 3-4 questions to get all the info required to give an intelligent reliable dependable answer.

          -= nav =-


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            Oh Lord ...those pictures are horrible....
            Now it all makes sense.
            God grief...........!!!!


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              Hi SweetTears,

              I am a student and at one time was not on full load. It did not pose a problem to me as long as it was done after consulting with the school administrator. I suggest you talk to the school administrator about this problem so they can help you - which I am sure they will. Specially if your boyfriend is nearing graudation or completion.


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