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Taking away immigration papers

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    You know what the really cool thing is?

    He must of had some sort of legal citizenship because the first time he went to jail they kept him for 8 years.

    There must be a law somewhere that states after so many years they can take away your right to be a citizen. Does anyone know what that is?




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      Are we still discussing your worthless, violent, criminal, drunk, illegal alien boyfriend?

      He was sentenced to prison for eight years, then deported once his term had been served. This is routine procedure.

      America is better off without him.


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        You know America would be better off with out haters like you. You are so busy condemming everyone because you are a citizen.

        America was not founded to keep people out because of their status. In fact if you know anything about American history it is a story of immigrants who wanted a better life.

        Think of this way, if there were no immigrants there would be no America. Deal with it.


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          Tell me something Jenne, with the millions of immigrants that are waiting to come to this great country, why should USA let your illegal boyfriends, with his 8yrs prison time and assaulting a police officer criminal record, stay instead?


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            Gosh Marmaduk, that is because he is such a wonderful person, and because our entire judicial system is corrupt and he alone has been singled out for unfair treatment and because the Native Indians were here first and because the Minutemen are racists, but mostly because Jenne really really really thinks he should be rewarded for his crimes because she knows so much more about the world at large than any other human being....


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              Thank-you for your wonderful display of intellect.

              You are so intent on being right that you can not fathom anything. The only thing you know how to do is name call.

              He as not on his way to getting the LPR when his incident happenened.

              If he was illegal than why does his social security number show up in his LEGAL name?

              You can't me this because you are too busy calling me names and telling me what I believe in.

              And you really think Native Americans were the first ones here? You are brilliant.


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                a dirtbag by any other name is still a dirtbag, no matter what it says on his "social security" card.


                • #38

                  I wonder if you have looked in the mirror for the complete explanation of yourself?


                  • #39
                    DOWN WITH FASCISTS !!!

                    LONG LIVE FREE U.S.A. !!!

                    IMMIGRANTS !!!



                    GOOD LUCK !!!


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                      Thanks for the information I had the same problem ,

                      well this info will help.

                      Good day ,


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                        I havent read your original post but I can tell you this for sure:

                        1. If you are a US citizen you can not be deported unless a judge takes away your citizenship.

                        2. The only way your citizenship can be taken away is if you obtained it by fraud (and it is a process that doesnt happen often, as a matter of fact it is very unlikely to happen).

                        3. You can have a real social security nnumber and still be illegal. That only means you were probably legal (or requested to be legal) at some point in your life. I know several people who had work or cultural exchange visas and were given SS cards. Their visas expired (so they were not allowed to work or be in the US) but they still kept the card (which is legal).

                        4. The fact that he was not deported after his prison stint years ago may be due to the fact that back then INS was not deporting criminals.

                        5. If your boyfriend wants to come back to the US, he needs to file a waiver. He has sevaral issues that make him inadmissable: overstay (if not EWI), criminal background and god knows what else. In order to file a waiver he needs an immidiate relative who is a USC or a LPR who would suffer extreme an unusual hardship if your boyfriend is not allow into the US. And if he ever claimed to be a USC, forget about it because then he will never be allowed to come back.

                        6. Police officers are humans but 99% of the time they are doing the right thing. That is exactly the reason why the other 1% makes the news. 6 patrol cars following your boyfriend? That means he was driving really erraticly (and therefore putting inocent people in danger) and he refused to stop when the first police officer asked him to (otherwise there would not have been enough time for the other patrols to catch up).

                        Please dont play the race card. I am hispanic and I hate when my fellow friends use it to justify every single thing that happens to them. The first step to improve your life is to take responsability for your actions instead of blaming evrybody else. When you believe that all bad things that happen to are everybody's fault, then you feel there is nothing you can do to change your situation and you stay in the same mess. But when you admit that it was your actions who cause all the trouble, you can make ammendments and get a better life.


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