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    Hi everyone this is what I have from another website.F1-22 Apr 01, F2A 01 Nov 01 ,F2B 22Apr 96,F3 15 Apr98,F4 1 Feb 94.All for India.I really don't understand the E1, E2,E3 that much but it seems to be retrogress about six years and less.

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    Hi everyone this is what I have from another website.F1-22 Apr 01, F2A 01 Nov 01 ,F2B 22Apr 96,F3 15 Apr98,F4 1 Feb 94.All for India.I really don't understand the E1, E2,E3 that much but it seems to be retrogress about six years and less.


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      hej Sunita
      where did u get this info ?


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        It is official now. All family categories have moved forward moderately except mexico. Unfortunately, it shows a sever setback on employement categories especially for people who are from China and India.


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          There're gonna be a lot of angry programmers/engineers from China and India.... The bad news was expected, but I'm sure they're not expecting it to retrogress for 4-5years!


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            Looks like it's going at a snails pace. April 15 and now 22nd argggh!!!!!!!!!


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              At this rate when will a May 2002 prioity date become current?


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                I`m really suprised to see cut off dates for employment base.
                EB-3 1st march 2001. My priority date is 30 april 2001.
                "forward movment is likely to be limited ". Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


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                  Hi guys, at this rate how long it will take to reach August 8th, 1996 from April 22, 1996 for F2B? It is very hard to predict F2B, I thought it will move fast since new fiscal year but I guess I was wrong.


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                    I say a rational bet would be alternate in a range of 3 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks advance each month. The August 8th cut-off date could be current in January, February or March next year. a good sign seems that INS is finally wrapping up most case reduction for all family categories. Now it starts to focus on employment case reduction. F2B has showed a steady improvement since last year. Actually, its overall movement is faster than those of F1 and F3. Hang in there.


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                      Hi rida and everyone of you here I was trying to get back a reply to all in days but everytime I click on reply I have a message that says(a pop up window has been block).Anyway my teenage daughter help me to get it right.Rida when I post the bulletin there was alot of controversy surround it if Manila website that bring it out has bring out the right bulletin.Vivek I know how you feel but atleast it is moving to another date so now you have fifteen weeks more to go I have nineteen more to go lets race and see who reach their PD first.I know you have the first jump on me.Seriously though I hope dates move just the way they are going for the next six months but I think we ought to take family based advice.I think of it the same way too.To all the employment category just hang in there they have to move sometime it is a dissapointing set-back but look on the bright side atleast you have the opportunity to see the USA many people here wish they could but they have no hope of going not even for a tourist as they don't qualified(not enough assets).


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                        Hi Familybased,

                        Thank you so much for your reply and you are right about between January and March 2006. My sister's case is at local consulate since March 2004 so in next march it is going to be 2 years since case was sent to consulate from NVC. Let's see how it goes from here.


                        Yes you are right at least it is moving to another date, I remember those months when it wasn't moving at all so cant complain in that regard. And let's see who made to finish line in terms of PD okay. By the way pop-up blocker can be unblock from tools menu from your web browser or it can be like a toggle button like on and off, you just have to click. Sometime it is available as a button on one of the toolbars of web browser.

                        By the way where ever you got PD information that came out to be so true. I keep checking following link as well dial following number but from both the place didn't get the information what you wrote during that period. Thank you.



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                          The website below posted the October visa bulletin one or two days earlier than DOS did. I found that their wetsite always keeps immigration news update. My brother's case has been pending in the U.S. consulate more than a year as well. Good luck for all your guys



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                            Hi Vivek thanks for the tips how to overcome this pop up blocker it is blocking a lot of site I want to go to but now I do know what to do.I have the Bulletin from Manila Phillipines website.My case file is at our consular since June 2004 maybe June 2006 we will have all these behind of us.we did send in pkt 3 in Feb2004.We just have to wait eh.


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