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link to Nick Berg's video.

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  • link to Nick Berg's video.

    Scroll down you'll find it. Judge for yourself. What I found inconsistent is that the guy with black head scarf started cutting but the one who lifted up the head wore white. Did they switch?! black-scarfed dude started cutting and the white-scarfed finished?

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    You immigrants make me sick. You don't show any respct for another human being and yet you demand respect. You deserve none. I hope you get deported you filthy savage.


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      Almighty Michaelth Spoketh, Amen!

      I'm a born and rased native Californian, you loser. I do believe in Freedom of Speech that's why I posted the link. Judge the video for yourself but it does look fake and staged by us Americans. How would you like the idea of American military killing a fellow citizen to fulfill it's own agendas? How much respect is that? US mass media is censored and biased. Your so-called brain-washed patriotism has nothing to do with freedom or respect. Get a life.


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        We should execute all Canadians and say they did it to themselves


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          Michael you must be so ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!
          The poor guy is a USC!!!!!!!!!!!
          you are really empty headed, I always tell you to take care of the fact that your B A L L S went up your head..the consequense, you loose it both way: can't think propely, can't satisfy your partners propely...Result: we have a sick, retarded and frustrated B A S T A R D named Michael on the forum!


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            I am sick and a b a s t a r d ? You don't think it sick to post a site of another human being being decapitated is sick ? And then to make a joke about it ? Making a joke about a man screaming in pain while his head is cut off ? If you think that is not sick, then I am happy to be sick in your book !


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              Warning: This is a little gruesome.

              A friend of mine pointed out that "muslims" would never cut from the back.

              Any time they kill a lamb or goat, they cut from the front, so it bleeds out while alive. Kind of like kosher. If you watch the Daniel Pearl execution, it is done from the front. Americans might be responsible for such a hack job.

              So, is the victim alive, a dummy, drugged, or dead? A dead guy wouldn't bleed as much as a live guy.

              If it were me, I'd be struggling and screaming bloody murder. (No pun intended)

              Have the parents made any type of public announcement? If not, I find that odd.


              Michael has b a l l s?
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                you fly too low to be in my book!


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                  to the person who posted this site.......YOU R A DISGRACE TO MANKIND!!


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