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    I read on Prensa Libre newspaper ( 1 of Guatemala's newpapers) that they are pressing for TPS for guatemalans affected by hurricane Stan. Similar to what they did for Mitch's victims back in '98.. Has anyone heard anything about this??? Or how can I find out how soon it will be passed? Thanks!

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    Need help. Have question or concern feel free to call 212-289-4680 or e-mail us at with any questions you may have


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      on Wed, Oct 26 2005 the Minister of External Relations to Guatemala presented a petition for TPS to the United States Presidet Geroge W Bush, no answer has been given as of this post on Oct 31, 2005.

      Guatemalan Embassies throughout the US have asked the Guatemalan-American community for their help, in asking to lobby with their local and state government officials to help with the approval of the TPS. Contact your local Guatemalan Embassy for more information, I'm sure they will gladly give you information re/ how you can help.

      -Mario R Alvarez


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        Thank you for your response! Do you happen to know how long it generally takes for this to get approved?


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          I really do not know, how long it takes, from what I understand, until Mr. Bush decides to grant the status, then it will happen. So, it's up to us and our lobbying skills, which most of us don't have.

          But call your local representatives, state level as well and let them know that you are in favor of this.

          as of this response 6:30pm EST November 6th, 2005, it has NOT been approved.

          I will keep you posted.



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            Hello everyone,
            Our visit to to Washington DC went ok, I think.
            Our purpose I think was to lobby for TPS on behalf of Guatemalans, and show our support for the Guatemalan Government. We met with several congressmen, some did not take the time to talk to us, but some were already ahead of us and had already sent letter of support to President Bush. We have copies of the letters, as well.

            Our outlook is positive, however, we have many things clouding our request, one of them being Mr. Bush's view on Immigration Reform, second, Previous TPS granted to other countries.

            What we have going for us, according to Mr. Kennedy's office, is the fact that Guatemala's President "ASKED" for the TPS.

            We brought with us, thousands of letters, postcards and signatures of support.

            I will be posting more informaton re/ TPS at so please keep in touch. Give a few days to put it together.

            ALSO, very important, it has come to our attention that many scam artists are already ripping off our people, please make sure to tell people, that TPS has NOT been approved, and when/if they approve it the process will be FREE and they will not be charge anything, according to Guatemalan Embassador.

            I'll keep you posted.

            -Mario Alvarez


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              Thank you SO much for your info and also thank you for keeping us updated. There really are no words to express the gratitude that I have for you. This has been a difficult situation since the hurricane hit and it is comforting to know that there are others out there that do care. Again thank you and please keep us updated.


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                Hello everyone...
                The site for information on TPS for Guatemalan nationals is up and running and has lots of information. It is in Spanish however but take a look.

                There is a Guestbook so please sign it, there are also picutes, which I'm adding as I get them.

                if you have an event going on re/TPS just come to the site and send me the information.


                TPS has not as of yet been approved, so please don't be fooled by individuals that urge you to start paperwork and pay a "Fee".

                -Mario Alvarez


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