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    Never mind...

    Best thing is ignore it ... you will learn it in a long journey on ILW like me... why to take extra stress that's not gonna help anyone


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      This is an immigration discussion board and not just another left wing outlet; you are a disgusting hateful person and i hope the moderator bans you


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        Another newbie got trapped at Michael's café ...well Mikey ... u r getting lot of attention now...


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          Gosh Michael. That was so CALM. I am tempted to say many things but I'm not looking for World War III on ILW. My one question for Electra is: Electra, have you decided which country you would like to go and live in?

          Electra, you might want to read this since it addresses your moderator concerns:


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            I took it back

            [This message was edited by Phantom on March 01, 2004 at 04:01 PM.]


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              To Josephine Schmoe: Who is Michael's buddy who had prior knowledge of 9/11? If you are referring to President Bush, then you are one demented person. Michael's point is that it is outrageous that most Muslim countries & people were happy to see 9/11. Not one major Moslem group came out strongly to criticize the 9/11 attacks.


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                Still Learning:

                You might want to visit and read some FACTS.


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                  I am a natural born American citizen and have served in the armed forces which guard our country and way of life....I also served in two tours in an unpopluar Vietnam war, I did not have to agree with it, but it was my duty as an American to support my constitution, my country and my President at the time..Obviously there are many in this chat room here in the US for other than becoming "True" and Loyal American citizens, they bear hidden agendas and should seek the first port of exit to get the hell b back where they came from...the freedom of speech they exercise in here may not be that free where they come from....What is wrong with you people? thankful you are here and not where you came from, if it is so much worse over here then please exercise your freedown to leave the US return to YOUR Country,,,apparently many of you are not yet prepared to accept the US as your country and your loyalties lie elsewhere...Do me a favor..GET OUT


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                    This is an interesting debate, but to bring it full circle back to an immigration slant, I would hope that anyone coming to America would ideally do so because they agree with the words of Winston Churchill (a Brit, I know) who said, "Democracy is the worst form of government. Except for all the others." Otherwise, why come to America or any other free, democratic nation? I know some people will say to rape the land of its riches blah blah, but individual prosperity of an envied level can only flourish in a free society like America, which is the worst country in the world, except for all the others (pardon my biased patriotism, harrumph!)


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                      As quoted by Michael:

                      "This is an immigration discussion board and not just another left wing outlet;"

                      Hel-lo! You are always spouting your right wing BS here! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


                      Who else would I be talking about? You know what a fan of Bush I am.
                      Sweet Madame Belu


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                        kjv62803: I partially agree that most Muslim groups did not come out and condone the attacks MORE strongly, but a lot of them did. If you didn't hear of them, and only saw the handfull of children dancing in the streets (who were by the way given a few dollars by the reporter to dance) and then filmed and it was reported as if 1 billion Muslims were happy about the attacks.. well, I'm not the only one telling that you're watching too much Faux News Channel and you need to brush up on your simple Math skills a lot (a Billion has 9 zeros!) ... by the way how many Christian/White supremests groups did you see come out to appologize or condone after the Oklahoma bombings?

                        tonyB: thank you for your services...but can you explain to me please which part of defending America it was in the bushes of Viet Nam, mowing 2 million poor peasants? As far as I remember we did not win that un-winable war and America still stands strong and prospereous as ever - much more than the 'winner' Viet Nam to say the least! And it looks a lot like the defending of Democracy and American security (oh, the Republicans call it out-right 'American interrests', don't they?) has to do with invading another sovereign country and defending its oil raffineries? And how come the oil prices don't go down then, but instead a few rich buddies are only getting richer anyway.. If you're not one of 'em buddies, then you're just being brain washed by Faux News Channel 13 too.

                        American interests are defined differently from salvating 50K+ in Viet Nam and now close to 600 American lifes and 4K maimed for life for the economical interests of a few. I don't see President Bush's daughters doing anything for this nation, how come they expect that of us? Something wrong in this picture...


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                          To Schmoe: I hope you enjoy 4 more years of having George W. Bush as your President. I know I will.


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                            That'll never happen! You need to stop smoking that whack.
                            Sweet Madame Belu


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                              Hey Schmoe - How do you like the new George W. Bush ads - the ones with the 9/11 references??? (Just wondering)
                              4 more years......4 more years....4 more years....4 more years......


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                                Hey KGB:

                                I don't watch t.v. Bush is TOAST!
                                Sweet Madame Belu


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