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  • Fears of an American

    The United States was founded to escape tyranny and oppression. In America, we have the opportunity to be free. We have the absolute rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Today, America is under attack from all over the world because people hate the idea that people should be free. Our enemies have sent in armies to attack us from within. They have hijacked our planes and crashed them into our buildings. What fears all Americans most is not that people did these monstrous acts but that the world, at best, shrugged and at worst, laughed. In Palestine, people that America has helped for decades danced and rejoiced in the streets. British taxi drivers laughed while they were watching "yuppies" jumping out of the towers. Even Moslem groups in America had parties and laughed while Americans were powerless to do anything about it. Not one, NOT ONE, major Moslem organization came out strongly against these attacks. At best, they offered back handed condolences. In World War 2, the most decorated American combat unit was made up of Japanese-Americans. They were ashamed of what their people did. Countries all over the world strongly condemned Japan and Germany in no uncertain or vague terms. There is no shame among the Moslems today. I would expect every single Moslem to renounce that "religion" but that has not happened. There is no resounding condemnation from the countries of the world. Instead of blaming the attackers, they blame the victim. They say "America got what it deserved". My grandparents came here to build a better life and to contribute and build America. Many times I read about, and I have first hand experience of someone who scammed me personally. So whenever I see a foreigner, I am forced to wonder why they are here. What their intentions are. Do they love America or do they hate it. I want to know and see who's side they are on. And in every thing I read on this board and elsehwere I see where they stand and that makes me afraid.

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      Hamas did it, you moron. And your buddy had prior knowledge.
      Sweet Madame Belu


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        >>The United States was founded to escape tyranny and oppression. In America, we have the opportunity to be free. We have the absolute rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.<<
        THAT is the reason why I am here! Just like your grandparents, I came to the United States to >>build a better life and to contribute and build America<<.

        >>They have hijacked our planes and crashed them into our buildings.<<
        I know Michael, I've been evacuated from a sky scraper that 9/11 morning and feared for my life. The celebrations and apparent happiness from other countries, or groups of people within the U.S., displayed on the media back then, hurt and insulted me as well, in a way that I can't even describe with words..

        As a Christian I was tought not to hate, and I don't hate, but since the 9/11 attacks I have certainly changed my attitude towards Muslims. Before 9/11 I didn't care. 'Live and let live' I used to say.. I know, just like good and evil Americans, there are good and evil Muslims, good and evil aliens.. How would we know the difference between the good and the evil ones, when the evil ones disguise themselves to look like the good ones? Nobody is that naive to believe that a person with malicious intentions would come forward to say that publicly.
        One thing the 'evil ones' certainly did, was to change the way Americans now see foreigners in general. Aliens (and I am talking about the aliens in the U.S.), are now seen as potential terrorists. I understand that, I agree with that and it makes me feel more secure in the U.S., seeing all the security checks and USVISIT programs and all these measures supposed to impede potential terrorists..
        I shouldn't be afraid, I don't have a foreign accent, I am blond with blue eyes and simply don't fit the profile of a terrorist. I know that my father was in service for the U.S. military for nearly 20 years and that he would have given his precious life for this country. But just like you Michael, I am afraid. I am afraid that 9/11 will happen again, I am afraid that America will be harmed and that my family will be harmed by people who don't understand our values. Whoever simply defines Americans as 'crusaders' or 'zionists', needs some serious education..

        Michael, I am certainly NOT part of the 'Trojan Horse' project in the U.S., and even though I am an illegal alien, I completely agree with you and I think we share the same fears.


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          Its hard to fight a war when your enemy utilizes religion, and carefuly brainwashed/manipulated their foot soldiers, which are dumb ppl that can't tell between right or wrong.

          Personally, I rather have the US pull out completely from the middle east. Let the countries there manage it themselves. Once Israel destroy a couple arabic countries, I would like to see if the arabs are willing to swallow their pride and plead the US for help.

          On the same token, US must stop threaten/enforce their view on other countries. Sometimes, the hypocricy is mind-boggling. US put sanctions against countries try to develop nuclear arsenal, while in the same time holds thousand of nuclears warheads in its disposal.


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            It is ALWAYS hard to fight a war! Period!

            If one can't afford high-tech, super-modern weapons, they sure can afford to use religion as a weapon. It's free! If you are smart and (ab)use a little psychology, you will likely be able to manipulate others and make them believe that 'good' is 'evil'. One just needs to change definitions of these two words a little bit. Everybody knows that it's always 'the others' that are evil. It's never 'us'!

            As for the global disarmament:
            Should everybody completely get rid of their nuclear weapons? YES!
            The U.S. too? YES, but only if we're the last ones! Reasons are obvious.


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              Why shouldn't America impose our views on other countries ? American views are peace and freedom; you got a problem with that being imposed on people ?


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                Heh, very funny Michael. Americans views are "Do whatever we want because we are superior, and everyone else are inferior compared to us". People like you are prime example of it.

                Just look at Phantom's response for example:
                "The U.S. too? YES, but only if we're the last ones! Reasons are obvious."
                Its the famous me me me first attitude, coupled together where capitalism also at its best.


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                  marmaduk, would you agree to completely disarm knowing that there's still a few nuclear warheads somewhere in N. Korea or Iran.., or knowing that Osama might have this potential as well?!?

                  I agree with Michael on U.S.' views on PEACE and FREEDOM. What I don't agree with, is imposing our views. I think we should try to teach others about the benefits of peace and freedom, similar to the work of missionaries. The others should still have a choice. Imposing our views means we do it by force. The others must be convinced that our views are right before they accept them and implement them. Well.., if teaching doesn't work, AND if it is a threat to the U.S., then impose it! Use force if necessary!
                  Look, Irak for instance, seems to not understand that they were liberated, they want to kick us out of there, ..and they would do it yesterday if they could. The U.S. troops go in there, get killed, and it almost seems like an unnecessary loss of precious American life. They see Americans as invaders, not as liberators. Why? Because they don't understand the difference. If Iran would have 'liberated' Irak the same way we 'invaded' it, the Iranians would have gained 'God status' in Irak, I guess..

                  Unlike Irakis, the people in the country were I was born, were praying and hoping that Americans will liberate them some day. It never happened..


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                    So your reasoning not to disarm the thousands of nukes arsenal in US is because N.Korea or Iran might have some (in other word for self-defense). Then why US threaten and levy economic sanction against Pakistan and India when they completed their nukes? Its exactly the double standard that US has practiced for centuries without fail. Last time I checked, US is the only nation with nuclear capabilities that have been invading other countries and remove its present government (Panama, Iraq, etc).

                    And to quote you:
                    "The others must be convinced that our views are right before they accept them and implement them. Well.., if teaching doesn't work, AND if it is a threat to the U.S., then impose it! Use force if necessary!"
                    With this kind of attitudes, you wonder why there's hatred in many part of the world?

                    As for Iraqis, let me start by saying the majority of the ppl doesn't harbor extreme views like you said. Its a small radical insurgent group (including al-qeda operatives) who have persitently make the attack against US forces.
                    But the Iraqis are suspicious to say the least. Why shouldn't they? Afterall, US is the same country that hang them to dry (especially the Shiah) after the 1st Gulf War, after urging them to revolt against Saddam and then offer no assistance whatsoever. Not to mention, they watch it daily as their oil beein suck out and ship into by American companies & tanker. Dubya's govt have been quick to conquer iraq, but very slow when it comes to implement basic law & order and govt. infrastructure. Besides, who would like to see armed forces from another country patrolling the street of their city?
                    And you forgetting one important fact. The US forces are NOT there to liberate the Iraqis people, they're there to find the <non-existant> WMD. It'll be nice and all that if they have come in the intention to liberate the Iraqis from the clutches of Saddam, but thats what not they're there for originally.

                    Which is just another example of US selfishness. What other country in this world invades another just because of possible threat ??? (one thats proven to be non-existant if I might add). At least when Israel launch an attack against Egypt/Jordan/Syria, they have solid proof that they'll be attacked.


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                      marmaduk: Unfortunately, complete nuclear disarmament is probably not something we will see in this lifetime. Maybe only as part of a SCIFI movie.. I also have to agree with everything you've said in your last posting. I was just speculating, I have absolutely no idea why all this happens and how it could possibly be solved. Whether the use of nukes as deterrents makes sense, or preemptive strikes (or invasions/liberations) are a smart choice, I really don't know..
                      Why the U.S. REALLY entered Irak doesn't matter RIGHT NOW. People will always be speculating on this, it could be the search for the (yes, maybe non-existent) WMDs, the search for more oil, the liberation of the Iraki people, or maybe even that Bush didn't like the fact that people stepped on a picture of his dad in a Baghdad hotel.. The most important thing is what will happen from now on, and how we can exit Irak without further wounds to us and to the Irakis.


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                        Phantom, I've to disagree. Those whom doesn't learn from history are bound to repate its mistake. Off course with all the politics and cover up going on in Washington, history itself is being re-written to fit their needs.
                        I agree that exiting Iraq has to be the first priority. Lets just hope dubya or kerry or whoever win the next election will make it their priority as well.


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                          who was asking this question: "They see Americans as invaders, not as liberators. Why?"

                          Well, we're hurting for 600 American service men and women lost, they're hurting for 10,000+ ... can you imagine that it's difficult to feel you're being liberatored when your 8 yr. old daughter is being shut in the back?

                          Iraq's invasion has nothing to do with democracy, WMD or what have you, it's all about OIL = Operation Iraqi Liberation; that was the original wording for this excursion, but was quickly displaced by "freedom" for obvious reasons...


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                            aceIaw: Regardless of all reasons the Americans give the world for entering Iraq, I always wondered what the Iraqis think of us? Not what the media says they think of us, I mean the TRUTH. Does the majority of Iraqis think we are liberators or invaders? I don't really expect an answer to this question, since only an Iraqi could answer it.. I hope that some day we'll get to know what THEY really think..


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                              Hey I thought this was a community for helping immigrants and people of foreign decent???
                              It looks to me like Michael is confused==this isnt an opinionated discussion board for neo cons and libs to play. Funny how it seems nobody is against these words of arrogance I see before my eyes or that a moderator had taken no action. Its amazing how people in America can be brainwashed by their governmental lies and the biased Media they see on television and magazines. Im sure nobody here saw on television or heard in the news about the 120 palestinians buisnesses that were demolished by Israel over the weekend, or the 2 children they shot and killed in cold blood. You dont see me saying Those Jewish Terrorists! Shame on them and Shame on the Jewashed Media that dominates America! Because that would bring me to Michael's level. See, thats where religion comes into play. All of you Christians, Jews and Muslims have the Same God Same Prophets Same idealistic views on what makes a pure society. Yet you all go about treating each other like a trash in the name of religion which is what "God" Is against. Well, i too would be dancing in the streets on 9-11 and instead of candies Id throw 100 dollar bills in the air. Why? Because America is a country that funds billions of dollars each year to a zionistic state of cowardism. This state has massacred hundres of innocent civilians that have already resided on that "holy" land since the times of CHRIST. So if you support people that steal land and kill innocent children, be sure to ask for Christ's forgiveness in the end. If Islam is a terrorist religion, and Christianity is a religion of Child Molestation and Judaism supposedly killed Christ (if you saw passion u know what I am referring to) Then where do people get off acting superior to one another, You are all going to the same place in the end. And yes, I am 100% American. My grandparents came from GREECE for working purposes only but Im sure they are rolling in their grave lately at the all of the bigotry and hatred going on in this country now days. Michael, Does it scare you to see that plenty of Americans are on the side of the foreign nationals, those whom you consider as terrorists? I can very well say that If America treats foreigners the way the Americans want to be treated like them, perhaps then there wouldnt be so much annimosity in this society. The world laughs because America tries to control oil rich and depressed countries (Iraq?)(Afghanistan?) (Haiti?) (Whats next, the rest of the World?) Israel and America are working together to create a New World Order. This is freedom? I think the world should make a immigration portal for the Americans that want to flee this country to make a better life!
                              Its amazing how people still jump to conclusions about 9-11 3 years later, yet the Bush adminstration still stonewalls the investigation. That doesnt Scare you?
                              Best Regards


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