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    I am the US citizen and the petitioner. My wife is the beneficiary.


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      One thing I forgot to mention is that I am a US citizen through naturalization and not a natural born citizen.


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        My wife and I decided to consult a lawyer about our case. Can a lawyer do anything more to find out information or speed things up a little after the case has been filed? What kind of power does a lawyer have after a case has been filed? Any power or will the lawyer be in our situation... just sit back and wait? We are meeting with a lawyer on the 23rd of this month. About March 28/29 we are planning to schedule the InfoPass appointment. I will keep you all posted on how things turn out.


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          <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">The advantages were that we were from the same country and age group and the disadvantage was that we did not have much in common. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

          How can you not have much in common when/if you're both from the same country and age group?


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            I gotta tell you - I had a nightmare getting them to get around to finally approve my wife.

            I will tell you what I did which eventually worked and got her green card.

            1) Luckily for me they did not do infopass appointments where I had my interview - so I was able to just pop in once a month and they more or less had to see me and feed me some kind of information every time - I made a polite nuisance of myself and was a thorn in their sides like clockwork - I went once a month to get after them and explain everything over and over and over again.

            2) I wrote a VERY lengthy and detailed letter to both of my senators and I know for fact that at least one looked into the case - I don't know how much pull and leverage they have when USCIS is wrong or slow...but I imagine it's quite a bit.

            So, in the end, I don't know if it was the senator lighting a fire under their rear ends, they knew they made a mistake and had to fix it soon, OR if they just got sick of seeing my face after a while.

            I also pleaded to their conscience in my inquiries, stating that my wife has an 11 year old daughter that she hasn't seen in 4 years in Colombia who is growing up without her and may not recognize her when she sees her next, AND that her mother, who she hasn't seen in just as long is quite sick and I would hate if something happened to her before they straightened us out and she could finally go home to visit.


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              By things in common USCIS means things like car, house, benefits, taxes, and such. At the time of the interview all I had was joint tax return, medical and dental benefits, life insurance, bank accounts. Now I have credit cards, cell phone, soon (about two months or so) a house, I am adding her to the deed of the timeshare, I am trying to pay out the car so I can add her to the car title (for some reasons the bank which financed my car can not add her now), car insurance, checkbook, utility bills come under both of our names, etc.


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