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    Then let me do you or anyone else that share your opinion a favor:
    1) Goto one of those website that allow you to run a query for a modest fee and run a query on our friend Michael Schmitz. From there you'll obtain his workplace information.
    2) File a report againt the Postmaster of that local Post Station on how he's abusing the system and spreading his racist view and falsefying information while using government's equipment and on government's payroll. Send a copy to the Post Master General and the local police station.
    3) File a civil lawsuit against Michael Schmitz for personating a federal officer, spreading of false information, etc.
    4) Contact the local NAACP/Rainbow Coalition on how a postal employee is using his position to cause harm to others, especially the minorities.
    5) Stand back and watch the firework begin.

    Disclaimer: take my 2c for what its worth


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      Thank you.

      Who do we contact about the pedophilia?
      Formerly Josephine Schmo


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        I dont get over here very often anymore, but couldnt help myself today reading this from you:

        "Just look at today's world. Name one moslem country thats considered a developed country. If the arabian penninsula is not blessed with abundance of oil, its inhabitants will still live in tents like their ancestors."

        Likewise, dont you think British barbarians here would still be running around "scalping" the native inhabitants of this country.

        Saudi is blessed with oil and the wealth shows.As does the intelligence of these countries. I know I would love to live like they do in Dubai! Whew talk about technology and great luxurious living. If America only knew the kind of lifestyle that United Emerite States lived they would be green with envy!

        Obviously you have never visited Algeria or Tunisia. Beautiful Lebanon. need I say more? There is not oil there. And of course no one here can truly say about libya b/c we not allowed there.. Therefore US reports what they like about this country. But I assure you they are highly educated there. and if America had that level of overall educated people there would not be so many problems here based on ignorance and lack of higher education.

        Marm, Im surprised at you. Stop listening to the propaganda bullscrap that US is feeding you. Book a flight and go visit these places You will judge for yourself


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          Maybe the plane will crash.
          Formerly Josephine Schmo


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            You're probably right, I think thats too wide of a blanket statement. I should've said most moslem country = developing countries. Don't worry about US's sponsored BS. If I do, I would've supported the war in Iraq just like the rest of the elephants did
            I've visited the Arabian Penninsula more than once, although I've never been in Dubai except for transit. The cities are wonderful and its denizens do enjoy a high standard of living, but remember, those are built by foreigners and foreigners run many of the important facets in those nations. And when the oil]s gone, can those standard be maintained? Qatar does a good job but its still survive because of oil related industry. Like I said, without oil, Arabian Peninsula will still be one underdeveloped area.
            And we haven't even touch to area such as women's right, freedom of speech, etc.

            Never been to Tunisia or Algeria, so I'll defer. I do have hard time to believe Lebanon can be considered a developed country after all the civil war that ravages the country.

            No doubt there're plenty of intelligent people there, but it takes more than that. Just look at India. No doubt about the quality and intelligence of its people, yet its still a developing country.

            People like Itduzz like to bash the west and promote the glory of Islam, while if you look at restrospect, those that claimed to be moslem countries are in much worse shape.


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