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N-400 while I-751 pending and how long for NSC?

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    Hi All,

    It takes 2 years and 9 months after getting the conditional green card to apply for a citizenship right? How about if the couple is divorced? Does it take 2 more years of 5 more years?


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      Actually the answer is incorrect.Naturalization takes usually 6 months.
      From the time filing the N400 through "InfoPass",taking the "Test" and the actual "Ceremony".

      In case though while the I-751 is pending,I would first wonder why your I-751 is still pending,as amrried person.That would put a big question mark on my face.But, its true though,that you can file for your N400 while your I751 REMOVING THE CONDITIONS is still undecided aka pending.
      What can happen and usually does happen, you will have your I-751 interview,and right after that the same day your Interiew aka test for your N400....thats what usually happens,if the I-751 Is still pending when its time to apply for citizenship.In that case you would get 2 appointments for the same day,one for the I-751 to you and your spouse to appear for the interview and after that alone for the N-400.

      Here is my question though, do you know why your I-751 is still pedning? usually the message still pending means as far the webpage goes,it has not been viewed yet.But it also tells you,when it will be viewed aka,what dates they are going through currently.

      My I-751 took exactly 6 months.

      PS: for an extra $1200,your N-400 can and will be process within 14 days,imagine that ;-)


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        Depending on which country you are a citizen of and if your name sounds dangereous. The Dpartment Of Homeland Security made its on rules after they parted the USCIS formely known as the INS from the Dept of Justice. Some cases take 6 months some take 3 years. (( Name Check))


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          True, the name check and country of origin.Forgot that part.


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