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    I have been a keen follower of the visa bulletin but this time I was surprised to see the latest visa bulletin on the new look website of being the one posted for the month of May, the previous bulletin was June, I wonder what this new development is about?

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    I have been a keen follower of the visa bulletin but this time I was surprised to see the latest visa bulletin on the new look website of being the one posted for the month of May, the previous bulletin was June, I wonder what this new development is about?


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      Ignore that error (May 2004 Visa Bulletin). They will either update the bulletin today or by Monday for August 2004.

      When is your priority date? - and for what category?


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        My Priority date is October 7 2001 I-130 for LPR. Thanks


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          Yesterday, over night, the U.S. Department of State eradicated its July 2004 Visa Bulletin and switched to May 2004 as the report of "Current Visa Bulletin!" The weird behavior did not end there. The Department's telephonical report eradicated its July 2004 Visa Belletin and switched to June 2004 as the report of "Current Visa Bulletin!" It happened in coincidence with the release of the new design of the Department 's web site or upgraded website, whichever one may prefer to call. Initially, this reporter thought it was a mistake committed in the process of changing the web site. However, the change in telephonical report raises a suspicision that there may be a more serious plan behind the mess. This reporter requested the Web Master of the Department via e-mail to correct the mistake with no avail. Just weird! What is going on?

          It is indeed ironic that the Department stopped reporting "current" visa bulletin and started reporting just archive (or archaic) visa bulletin when the curent visa bulletin should receive heightened significance because of the USCIS' policy change, which was coincidentally released about the same time, which stated that the USCIS would not adjudicate the relative immigrant petition (I-130) until the priority date became available in the monthly visa bulletin. The USCIS policy change added to the Visa Bulletin the meaning of processing times tracking for I-130 petition adjudications. Consequently, "current" visa bulletin each month should provide a significant information for I-130 waiters.

          The consumers of the U.S. Department of State deserve explanation one way or another as soon as possible!


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            Stop making a mountain out of a molehill. Obviously, the new look website is what caused the error. Somewhere there is a command glitch that pulls up 5/04 as the current month. I'm sure it will be fixed by early next week at the latest.


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              Whose side are you on BornzeLady? - Can I be the DOS's spokes-person?

              I am sure it will be fixed, but its embarassing for the DOS to go through something like this when the Immigration community has their eyes on their website in a period like this.

              They should seek better webdesigners in my opinion.


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                Don't think I wasn't amused when I saw that they updated their website's "look" and screwed up the visa bulletin. Classic government at its best. Just not into the whole conspiracy theory thing.


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                  BronzeLady... I concur.

                  New DOS Visa Bureau Website: Confusing M&M Candy Bag of Former DOS Site and USCIS Site

                  The upgraded U.S. Department of State Visa Bureau website has not only brought a confusion on the Visa Bulletin report but also confusion on the visa function of the DOS and the immigration benefits function of the USCIS of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Even though the Homeland Security Act provided these two federal agencies to share the visa function, the immigration benefits function clearly remains the sole jurisdiction of the USCIS.

                  Currently when it comes to the immigration benefits function, the USCIS web site offers an excellent and sufficient sources of information for all the parties involved. When it comes to the Visa Bureau web site, people's interest lies with the policies, procedures, standards, and issues involved with the management and regulation of human traffics including U.S. citizens and foreigners "entering" the territory of the United States. Once the human traffics enter the United States, it should remain the business of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the public is well aware of the division of function and authority within the Executive Department. For this purpose, both Department of State and Department of Homeland Security have successfully engaged in campaigns to educate the public with the distinction between the "visa" entry permit which is the jurisdiction of the Department of State and the "status within the U.S." which is the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security.

                  Because of the public's understanding of the disctinction of these two federal Departments and their distinctive functions, the public visit each Department's website with the expectation of getting information on the Department's function. However, the new website of the Visa Bureau has abandoned its traditional practice of posting information relating to its function on its website and terribly mixed the two website postings just like a M&M candy bag. It is extremely confusing and frustrating to obtain the visa information from the new Visa Bureau website. The Visa Bureau apparently intended to create a "user friendly" web site, but it is doubtful whether the new site serves the purpose. The links are embarrassingly led to the USCIS website in lot of postings rather than visa information. Again, it should bear in mind that the public is well served by the USCIS website when it comes to the information on the immigration benefits management and operation by the USCIS. The Visa Bureau web site will serve its intended purpose by focusing on its function and its area of business, "external" foreign services functions as opposed to the "internal" alien management functions of the other Department, so to speak. It is hoped that the Visa Bureau reconsiders its web site policy and reinstates its traditional approach and focus. It is one thing to post links to "other web sites" and it is the other to post links confusing the public as though the public would get the Visa Bureau information and visa information. It is also not in the public interest (rather a waste of time and expenses) to repeat over and over the information which is already available in the USCIS web site.


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                    Hi Mo you sound like an immigration policy analyst or is it just common sense, why don't you break it down to the language of a layperson. Should I now check the priority dates on the USCIS website and under which link should I check? perhaps they will have a similar link called Visa Bulletin


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                      You guys will probably not find the AUGUST 2004 bulletin anywhere, even on the DOS website or phone line. So, I decided to check some of my immigration sources on the internet, where one website lists the new bulletin after their attorneys made some calls to the DOS to find out the new cut-off dates.

                      Check it out:

                      It's sad to see some attorneys post the new bulletins on their websites before the DOS does.


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                        Mo, Is that long post that you made a quote from a website?


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                          Still Learning

                          Yes, I copy-pasted an immigration attorney's quote from his website... I thought I would share it with you friends.


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                            AUGUST 2004 VISA BULLETIN

                            Family Worldwide India Mexico Philippines
                            F-1 10/22/00 10/22/00 01/01/92 07/15/90
                            F-2A 04/15/00 04/15/00 09/15/97 04/15/00
                            F-2B 07/01/95 07/01/95 12/01/91 07/01/95
                            F-3 10/15/97 10/15/97 05/01/92 09/01/88
                            F-4 08/15/92 08/01/91 08/15/92 03/22/82


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