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I751 discussion/withdrawal of petition, US spouse leaves

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  • I751 discussion/withdrawal of petition, US spouse leaves

    I have been looking for the dicussion that talks
    about the I751 interview experiences. There is
    one where it states, that the US citizen spouse
    walked out at the I751 interview. I cannot
    find it. Does anyone know where it is?

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    I recall, the discussion, had about the
    US citizen spouse writing a letter to immigration,
    bringing it to the I751 interview and leaving.


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      Hi Nireehamdi

      How have you been.Sorry, No I dont remember any threads like that . And of course those things do happen. I do recall the spouse bringing the letter to the interview. but that was just a comment in an old thread prior to 3 years ago.

      So Whats going on with you dear. Is it time for your 751 interview. Is he treating you better? this process is almost over for him you know.

      I just want you to be ok out of this. Bring me to date, as I dont visit this site very often anymore. Well.. you can see why


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        If the US citizen spouse wished to send a clear message to USCIS why show up at an interview at all?
        The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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          4now...I'm okey. no, there has been no interview
          yet. Things are somewhat better or maybe I've
          grown up and accept. I have yet to figure out
          why i have stayed in. I recall the spouse
          brings letter to interview...that's what I'm looking for......we both could have left...but
          haven't....we neither one figured this out. a crazy
          thing, but something has always been there..between us 2. we don't even know. I would not take from
          anyone as I have him. why him? I don't know. I'll look for the comment, in a thread by you.
          i'll keep posted.


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            glad to hear u r ok. dont blame yourself, Maybe he is growing up finally.

            I rarely started any threads on the board , Nireemdi. I would look in 751 Threads mostly under Swissnut during that timeframe.

            Listen to me.. If you are staying with this marriage to see him thru the citizenship, dont do anything foolish/clever like bringing a letter to the interview. Be either "in" or "OUT". Dont straddle the line.

            Plan B:

            Be prepared for him to leave after getting all his goodies. So be prepared to find someone else to fulfill your life. You are still a beautiful woman. dont let that go to waste before your train goes away.


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              I concur. Anything is possible after the conditions are removed.

              As for the train leaving, now that would depend on if it was the "bullet express" or a "switcher", wouldn't it?
              Now, if it's a turbo-powered prime mover with heavy horse-power and lots of load, that's a different story


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                u track me up.oops crack me up. Nice to see you my friend. Hope u are doing well and taking good care of those iron mules.

                I see I didnt miss much while I was away. Sad state of events at ILW these days. Just seeing you with your bright wit reminded me of the "old days" Take care Swiss.


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                  he says, he's not going to interview. if you
                  can't go in truth, then don't go I feel. if
                  misrepresentation, then problems. I know this.
                  we are at risk. i don't want to lose all I have.
                  this is not a joke at all. why I am staying
                  in this, I have yet to figure out, he stays
                  in too. i appreciate all the words of wisdom.
                  I have grown up and do not hurt too much now.
                  it was awful. I know one day, he's gonna really
                  regret his actions towards me.


                  • #10
                    Are your posts cryptic for a reason? You don't want to lose all you have, but you don't say what it is you don't wish to lose. If you are staying with him out of love, why is it that you don't know and how is it that you have any apprehension?
                    The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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                      not referring to him. I mean property, accounts,
                      etc. that have our names on it. he can
                      renounce legal documents to pur them out of
                      question. if he's screwed, I don't want to
                      be too.


                      • #12
                        Still not making a lot of sense to me. Perhaps I'm missing something, here. Why would you lose property, accounts through an immigration interview? If you are suggesting that the only reason you stay with him is for financial benefit in that to divorce would mean that your martial estate would be subject to distribution, and as a husband he might be entitled to some of it, that is understandable, but surely then the reason you remain with him as been identified?
                        The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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                          Au Contrare..... it is me with all the stuff.
                          we did a pre-nup, all I had prior to getting
                          hitched remains with me. What we do in
                          community is 1/2 to each. I have no problem
                          with that. We bought a house for rental
                          purposes, however, I am the one that put forth
                          the bucks, all he did was sign. (NO investment
                          by him at all) Rent is community income. His name is on accounts, which he has not violated in any manner. Good! if a person, doesn't do,
                          and gets deported, i don't want to go...
                          and do not care to lose my stuff, because of
                          his total inabilities. I am separating him
                          from accounts that his name is on (that is mine)
                          Misrepresentation on legal docs....isn't good.
                          IT is not a joke to anyone. Maybe to him.
                          It is serious.


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                            I'm still not understanding where the BIG problem lies

                            a) If you attend the I751 interview with him, he will not be deported (unless there is something you've not told us that would cause USCIS to think this was not a genuine marriage).
                            b) If you go to the interview and he doesn't go (for whatever reason, I can't fathom!) then he'll be denied and ordered removed
                            c) If neither of you go to the interview, same as above.

                            If he is denied and ordered removable, why would you think you have to leave the country with him? Do you mean as a wife it would be necessary in order to be married to him? Because if so, and if remaining married to him is your intention, then why not both go to the interview together and get the darn green card conditions removed.

                            Sorry to say this, but your posts come off to me as if you wish to hold the "moral" hammer above his head. Is that what's going on?

                            Am I the only one that is confused?
                            The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


                            • #15
                              I hold no moral hammer at all. He says, he's
                              not going, and that's okey. He asked me to
                              go and get all okeyed myself. I'm not doing this.
                              Not sure his reasons. That's up to him. i told
                              him he could leave, not go, it doesn't matter.
                              maybe he thinks he's at risk. I'd like to get
                              it over....i hold nothing over him and he can
                              leave at any time....he even said he could leave
                              at any time, but he hasn't. I told him to
                              get a waiver and go another way.... the alien
                              is grossly at fault, I can assure you. But I
                              have hung in there for what reason, not sure.


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