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After RFE received what then?

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  • After RFE received what then?

    We have been waiting for nearly 3 years for our employment based Green Card. They have just sent us a notice for a whole bunch of documentation as well as our medical exam. They have given us til August 24 to give them all the stuff they want, does anyone know what will be next? Will it be our interview?

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    We have been waiting for nearly 3 years for our employment based Green Card. They have just sent us a notice for a whole bunch of documentation as well as our medical exam. They have given us til August 24 to give them all the stuff they want, does anyone know what will be next? Will it be our interview?


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      Mairead, what documentations are they asking for? Are they asking for the Visa Screen certificate? Your 485 is being processed by the CA service center, right? Do you have the Visa Screen certificate already? Would you have the idea if there's any excemption from the Visa screen requirement. Thanks in advance, I think after you have submitted the requirements, the interview will follow(basing from the expiriences of the people that I know). Good luck!


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        what is a visa screen certificate? They did not ask for that. They are asking for a letter from Employer, tax docs for last 3 years, our medical results, our original TN visa or I-94 and divorce certificate if any. Thanks for the help Lexlee, hope all is going well for you. Will await your reply especially about the Visa Screen and yes we are being processed through CA


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          Hi Mairead, the Visa Screen certificate is a certificate issued by CGFNS(Commission on graduate of Foreign Nursing school)to verify that your education is the same standard as what an American nursing education is, compose of 3 parts 1.English competency tests (TOEFL/TWE/TSE) but I think you are exempted from this tests if your Canadian, Australian and British 2. Either you pass the CGFNS test or the NCLEX-RN 3. Your license from your home country. If these 3 tests are met you will be issude a certificate usually according to most people that I know is that they ask for it during the interview. I have asked 2 lawyers already and they're advicing me to get/ accomplish one. Anyways at any rate I also got a RFE from CIS asking for another set of finger print(my first one was done Aug 2002 when my 485 was filed). I don't know what the next step will be, I'm also guessing.Did you have another fingerprint done? I also just had one last March 2,2004 when my 2nd EAD was renewed(it's weird why they didn't have that info). By the way, who's doing your stuff with CIS?Do you have a lawyer? Keep me posted too.


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            After 3 yrs , I also got RFE from BCIS.(I485 based on EB3), They only asked for a letter from employer and 2 months of my pay stubs. They also returned original medical exam (done in 2001) because Doctor did not complete the form. They want the doctor to complete and send the original form back. Hoping my waiting will be over soon. anyone with the same experience?


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              Hi and thanks for the info Lexlee, I think that has all been done as I sent in my NCLXX stuff, my license etc a couple of years ago. We were first fingerpringted in April 2002, then again in January 04. Did you file a 1-140? I think that is the same as the Visa Screen, but I will ask Lawyer, I went through a guy in LA, Mark Acalin. What about your job, still there and still roughing it? I hope you get out soon. Kiss Baby for me you lucky girl.


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                How long ago Jojecon did you get the RFE? Shouldn't be too long now huh? Let's just keep playing the waiting game lol.


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                  RFE recieved June 14,2004. Will be sending all neededdocuments to my lawyer today (jun28). Will inform everyone what happens next. Still in the waiting game.


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                    Jojecon, they gave us til August 24 for all documentation to be in, and was wondering what happens then? Guess its still a waiting game. Keep me posted on what happens and how long.


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                      This is employment based GC. I got my labor certification on Nov 1st. I lawyer got a letter from BCIS for my I-485 asking for the tax papers of my employer 2001,02, 03 they gave us time till Augu 16.

                      Anybody in this boat pls advise.



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                        When I filed for I140 (Nov 2001), They also asked the same thing (Last 3 yrs tax return of employer). We sent them and we encountered no problem after that. BCIS just wants to be sure that company sponsoring you has the means to pay you the salary you listed on yout LC application. I think it's no big deal if the company is legit.


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                          Mairead and everybody, I have an approved I-140 last June 15,2002, my I-485 is pending since July 12,2002, they're asking for another set of fingerprints (i have an appointment on July 31), it's so weird because I had another one done last March 4,2004 when my 2nd EAD was renewed and I did it thru a local ASC and they're asking for another one (isn't that weird, they don't coordinate they documentations). Anyways, with regards to the Visa Screen I have asked 2 lawyers they said that I still need it 'coz it's an employment based GC, probably you're excempted 'coz your Canadian, I'm from the Philippines. Anyway, at any rate, my husband is still filing for me, 'coz he's also getting tired of me being stressed out with my present employer who happens to be my sponsor, so if in case they ask for the visa screen, I have another option(plan B). Ok, I'll kiss the baby for you! Thanks, God bless.


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                            one day we will be pleasantly surprised and will finally get it. My I-140 was approved 11/01, fingerprinted 4/02 refingerprinted 1/04 pending I-485 since 2/03. I work for a major hospital here in AZ who sponsored me so I know there is no problem there with that, one of the girls I work with told me that after they receive all the documents they are asking for they will call us to Phoenix for our approval, she got her green card in 01 and it took her three years total she said, so there is hope for us.


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