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    exactly ,,and actually this is the question?who she should talk to ?who's in charge of this?it is there only in ther systim...the criminal lowyer search everywere,,and he told her there is nothing under her name anywere,,no warrants,,no criminal charges,no records,,no dmv records,no courts records,,no local police station ,,and he told her that oficer if hes telling the truth ,,by law he have to let her know who issued the warrant and to give her a case number ,,,but this wont happen,,why,,bcoz its the immigration


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      realy?different things like what?can u give me the link plz?yea iam telling,,and iam positive that they flaged her bcoz she was finger printed when her fiance got in trouble there,,this is the only thing i can think of,,i mean there is no record anywere else,,the only thing that she didnt check with is the fbi,but like i said she never got in trouble in all her life,,so it is on ther systim only,,i mean the immigration boarder,,


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        ok here is what happen,,and it all happen today,and now we understand why all this been happening to her,,she went to the store today and when she was coming out of the store,the cops pulled her over bcoz she didnt have her lights on,,so she explained why ,,and then he took her id card and went to hes car and run her name and then he come to her and said,,well,,there is an arrest warrant on ur name ,,but can i see ur nick please,,and she said sure,,so looked at her and then he said,,nop,,its not u,,,she have the same name but she have a scar on her nick and on her face on the left side and then he let her go,,so i guess god send this cop to pull her over and make everything clear,,so now how can she take care of this with the immigration,,i mean the immigration iam sure they know its not her,but they keep doing it over and over,,so how can she take care of it and who she should callto clear her name?


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          hmmm,,so there is no way?will i mean the immigration should give her a pass card ,,if she got stopped more than 200 times ,,they should allready know that shes not the person that ther looking for and i think they really should give her a pass card or at least put her plates number and her driver licence number and make a note for whoever at the boarder to know whats going on,,even the cop said it that it wasnt right what ther doing bcoz he told her on her screen it showing that lady hase different driver licence number and everything about her is different and he was able to tell within 2 minuites,,and why they stop her at the boarder for 2 hours everytime then


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            exactly or just put on ther computer ,,just like its easy for them to flag someone's name,,it should be easy to pt a note or something to avoind the miss understanding too


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              ,,u have mentined one time that u read online about why the immigration flaged some ppl names at the boarders,can u give me the link plz?i tryed to search on google and i didnt find anything


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