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Work Visa, H-1B also in a Slavery

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  • Work Visa, H-1B also in a Slavery

    While many talking about illegal immigrantamnesty, I am legal on work visa, H-1B, still be in a slavery situation. I work as a construction civil engineer, but was treated bad, no respect, exploited. I have no choice to negotiate my pay. I can not speak out because it will jeopardize my status, "out of status". Transferring and looking for a new job is so complicate process, i.e. time to be in status. Everywhere is the same, no matter where I go. Since they know my status which is depend on employment to be "in status", they take advantage. I keep on applying Permanent Resident through work base, but it is so difficult to get from INS. Years and years waiting and waiting. Work visa, H-1b, could be grant for 3 years without any conditions until it's expires. It is not good for both I and American, since they pay me cheap because of my choice while American unemployed. It should be free market and real competition.

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    This is discrimination.


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      The only discrimination is against American workers. H1-B laws do not require that preference be given in hiring or layoffs to Americans, so employers prefer to hire cheaper H1-Bs.

      I do not feel sorry for you. My brother, an American civil engineer, was laid off after almost 20 years at his company and couldn't find another job in his field. At the same time there were more than 600 H1-B civil engineers in his State, earning less than the average starting salary for a guy fresh out of college. If he has to take his lumps, you have to take yours.

      You are not a slave. You are free to return to your own country. You are free to change employers, if you can find another to sponsor you. You are free to negotiate your salary. Of course, it may mean that you risk not getting sponsored for your green card, but all this is something you either knew or should have known when you took this job. You are not "entitled" to a green card--you merely have the opportunity to try for one. You and your employer are undercutting American professionals, and frankly, I think you deserve what you're getting, or aren't getting as the case may be.

      I do agree it should be a free market, BUT that would mean eliminating the H1-B program with its use of the green card as a subsidy to attract workers. The only solution I see is to make the H1-B purely temporary--no chance to apply for residency, or require employers to sponsor employees for green cards before they begin work, as we used to do until the mid 1990s. Either way, foreign workers would negotiate the best salaries they could get.


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        There's some merit in the argument for temporary H1-B status.


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          , ALIBA, Are you American?
          I still believe in American value, equality and fairness. But don't worry, I am just unlucky. I will find my way.

          Thank you for your help.


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            Cass: You understood the conditions and limitations on your H1-B status before you came to America...and you made the choice to accept those conditions and limitations.

            Regardless of what you want us to believe, you are NOT helpless in this situation; you are free to return to your country of origin at any time.


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              Heh, comparing H1-B to slavery....

              I'm a strong proponent of work visa like H1-B,etc because it brings in educated professional that this country could surely use but I'll iterate what others have said. Nobody is forcing you to stay at your current job. If you don't like it, quit and find yourself a better job. You been in the job for awhile, you know the condition and situation. You stayed because you choose to stay and not willing to spend the time and effort to find another job. Its your own responsibility and so far it seemed you've failed quite convincingly.

              And employment based LPR is not exactly hard to get, just take a long time. Besides, with AC21, its much easier nowadays to transfer from one position to another.


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                Marmaduk: I agree with you. H1-B is, for the most part, a good program because it enables America to attract educated and skilled workers.

                Educated and skilled immigrants assimilate quickly and learn to speak English.

                Educated and skilled immigrants don't throw tantrums on the streets of America while waving the Mexican flag and screaming, "Mexico, Mexico, Mexico."

                If the Congress wishes to have an amnesty of any kind, they should allow those with H1-B visas to apply for Permanent Residency without restriction...and deport forthwith the dumb and uneducated illegal aliens whose loyalty is clearly not with America.

                BTW: Has anyone seen the picture from California where worthless illegal alien tantrum-throwers hoisted a Mexican flag above that of America...and the American flag was upside down? Here is the link...but please ensure that you have taken blood-pressure medication before you click on the link:
                (The picture and story are about half-way down on the page)


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                  SunDevil, maybe you could kindly ask those folks whether they considered themselves Mexican or American. If its the later, then why on earth do they put the American flag upside down below Mexican flag? If its the first, then what make them think they've the right to everything they're demanding, when its pretty clear they're in the good ole USA instead of Mexico?

                  Hopefully you won't get beat up or shot while asking those question


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                    I have not seen a single US flag during all those demostrations !


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                      It is easier said than done. Many do not understand the problem and issues faced by the legal immigrants in this country. People like me who are legally present are here only because of the existing folks could not able to do the job. We do not like to have mercy, but would like to be treated with dignity.

                      We legal immigrants are really unfortunate as we stuck between the broken immigration system and the undocumented workers, despite we pay taxes and contribute significantly to the community and the country.

                      Last time when such an amnesty is created, we are the bunch who got affected by the huge retogression which is still hurting many, as those in the line are ***ped by them. It is still sad that either USCIS or DOL does not even have any clue on how many are in waiting line for each stage and have a proper reporting or prediction machanism.

                      I hope at least the coming immigration reform bill (if at all it will become a legislative) will bring some relief to folks like us in near future. I also do not know why this is to be combined with the issues of undocumented workers and get buried underneath that.

                      Those who suggesting such immigrants to go back the country of origin might as well read the book 'Flight Capital' by David Heenan.

                      The restrictions brought by various measures already moved many jobs off-shore resulting in loss of tax dollars for the already suffering economy. People who are advising in such a manner are similar to that of people sitting inside the glass house and throwing stones outside foolishly.


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                        Hey, man... Aliba, SunEvilUSA...

                        This is the country of immigrant, but you all guys hate immigrants... you all hate everyone new. Tell me you hate them because they are mexicans. If they are Irish , Polish or other european, would you say something....Jesus!!!


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                          Cass: Actually, this is the country that belongs to Americans, not to immigrants. I understand that you're in America on an H1-B visa...and this means that you're NOT even an immigrant.

                          Specifically, you're a non-immigrant...look on your visa and I'm confident that you will see those very words.

                          I am sure that my friend AliBA will agree with me when I say that I resent your racist attitude...and your reckless throwing around of the "R" word.

                          With all due respect, I have no idea what nationality and/or ethnicity you are...and, quite frankly, I don't care. It does seem to me, however, that you're lacking in self-confidence and have low self-esteem.

                          It is quite pathetic that you whine and complain about the opportunity that America gave you to live and work in this country for a while. Personally, I hope that you never get to immigrate.


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                            Cass, as an H1-B, you are officially a nonimmigrant until such time as you get someone to sponsor you for a green card.

                            You came to this board asking for sympathy because of a situation you put yourself in. But you have no understanding or interest in what you and other H1-Bs do to Americans, or even to green card holders. What do you think your employer will do to you, if you get your green card and get too expensive for him? He'll lay you off and hire another, cheaper H1-B. Probably make you train him, too, just as some companies have made Americans do to their H1-B replacements if they wanted a severance package.


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                              The H1-B route is NOT the route immigrants must take. It is the route they CHOOSE to take. Until the early 1990s, most employers sponsored employees for green cards in order to bring them to this country. Employees were free to look for other work immediately, if the terms of employment were not acceptable.

                              As long as nonimmigrants are willing to take H1-Bs in the hope of getting a green card, they are indenturing THEMSELVES.


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