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Worker Program? BAD IDEA

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    my tow cents....
    worker program is solely a kinda scam for illegals. only people can benifit from this is who have some kind of eligiblity to adjust, other then that its purely agains the illegal immigrant.

    this bill if passes, and illegal immigrant want to go for his three years work permit and another three years extension, this will bring him out from the shadow.( lots of immigrant who never involved in any crime and never applied for any immigration benifits are living in shadow, immigration have no clue for about them).
    once immigration know their whereabout/finger print ( entered in to database) it will be easy for immigration to know on the door at 2 AM in the morning and send back.

    the worse part , this bill give the employer a lot of power to misuse the illegal alien Or force the alien to work for him on lower pay which is already at minimum level,
    Alien will live in fear because he is sponsored by the employer and if sopnsorship is withdrawn and he cannot find another sopnsor he has to go back . in many cases alien might be paying employer to get his sponsor ship intact for three years and renewal for another three years.
    with this power to employer, he can have free labor for three years paying less then minimum wages.

    On the other hand it will not stop illegal immigration but incourage more because "US is giving work permit" kind of trend will appear in other countries and flow of illegal immigrant will increase to get into US and start on work permit on day one.

    Our congress needs someone with good solution for these problem, not the monkeys.
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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