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    The example you gave is the illegal person's own fault. He/she should have thought about this before he/she started a relationship, made a child
    No, Jeff, this is the kind of argument that one would expect from GESTAPO or NAZI REICH(With their infamous sterilizations, population controls and etc.), but NEVER in America where everyone HAS a RIGHT to choose and marry whom THEY want, and it's none of mine, your or ANYBODY else's business to tell someone: "Hey, you shouldn't fall in love with this and that, but instead go and fall in love and marry the other!!"
    What a ridiculous statement this is!

    If two people fall in love one is from another country, that foreign person goes back to his/her own country and together those two people figure out how to legally immigrate to the US provided that is where they want to live and that they want to continue the relationship
    What is practical USE of doing this?
    You know that this foreign person will be back , immigrating permanently to US after 5 years, so WHAT IS THE USE OF FORCING SOMEONE TO GET SEPARATED FROM SPOUSE AND KIDS FOR 5 YEARS?
    What is the use of it, other than arbitrarily causing undue hardship on entire family?

    If you want to live in the US, or any other country, you have to obey their laws, learn their culture, speak their language ---PERIOD--- . IF you can't do this even at the very beginning when you first enter, why should the US Govt believe that you woundt be anything other than an irresponsible person who can't or won't follow their laws?
    That's nothing but empty rhetoric.
    It's not about YOU and ME, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of Spouses of LPR, parents of USC who, UNDER THE LAW, must separate from their families for 5 years (in some cases even much longer) before their I.V is available and before they can immigrate to US!

    NOW LET ME ASK YOU AGAIN , Jeff: What is the incentive for them NOT to overstay?

    If the LAW was passed tomorrow that said: "Pick up a hummer and hit your wife along with your children!", would YOU OBEY it?!


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      Hmmmmmm, are you related to Maria??? Your comments to my posts are mind numbingly stupid. The fact is if you want to live in the US do it legally, if you do not want to or are unable to, then stay in your own country. Read my post again, all the answers to your dumb comments are in there.


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        I am not related to Maria, but you certainly seem to be in the same intellectual pool with Someone12.
        How else am I to adress your name calling in absence of logic and persuasive answers to valid questions I posed to you?

        Again, just as with Someone12, it reveals your inability to maintain an intelligent and meaningful discusiion, within the frames set in civilized society.

        Best Wishes,


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          No, you want me to write what you want to hear. Here i'll simplify it for you, if you drive from point A to point B, you would map it out before hand, before you get in the car right? Well before you immigrate to another country, you would check into it, plan it out, figure it out. .....Hold on, let me get a pair of socks...puppet show coming up for those who just don't get it.


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            PUPPET show coming up for those who just don't get it.
            PUPPET show has long been going on!
            That's why I copy-pasted the article "PUPPETEER"

            You can follow the thread here:


            Good Luck!


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              Thanks for advise "still learning".I am educated and holding bechelor degree and i am very nice person.I gave my old car to charity i had have volunteer and i have some many certificates and so much fiends in my native country so i was little famous there and i never broke anyother law here and in my native country only this overstaying just becouse of my uninform and just becouse i didnt now how to continue my legal status and i was waitng to long and now i realise and find out where was my mistakes.I just belive to much on some friends that i met them here in usa and they lie me too much .I havent seen my mom for almost 5 years and my younger sister who is getting her master degree and she is very busy.I read the new law and says that everyone who is here illegaly even if he or she enter the country legaly and are overstay they will be treated as a criminals doesnt matter what kind of person you are ?Is this true ?I cant find Lawyer who will be help me to resolve my case.If some of the lawyer read my post on here can they please send me their website or give me some additional advice.
              I have one friend who is very nice and she is in good shape and work in one of the bigest company in usa and she said that can help me to get green card but i said to her that i dont want to married some one just for green card and i dont want to get divorce in my live.I will never divorce anyone .My rules are clear get married one in the live and stay with that person all live.Thanks for everyone in advance.


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                The only option you have is to marry a USC. You may want to improve your English language skills in the meantime.

                In answer to the other question, a GC holder could give up the GC, obtain a H1 with the spouse getting a H4. Failing that I would query any relationship where one party did not want to, perhaps better to say was not prepared to, live in the same country as the other.


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