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    Hi Sandhu
    Just another question. Could you tell me about ur 1st interview experience please. I mean; how was it. Wat did the officer tell concluding the interview. What did u feel about it.
    thank u so much


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      hi goldspot7,
      my first interview was just for 15 min, just general questions and officer concluded that he will mail me decision. i dont feel anything abt it coz it was just normal interview but this time i m so scary.


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        I just went for my 2nd interview a few days ago. it was HELL. they had about 50 or more questions and we were questioned separately. it lasted about 3 hrs total (for both my husband and i)anyhow, unfortunately, we got so nervous esp my usc husband and failed on a few questions. our marriage is real but Ins didn't believe us. now i guess i have to wait for a denial letter and figure out how to proceed. my husband got pretty upset making the officer even more angry & not helping the situation. my lawyer wasn't any good either. seems the officer wasn't impressed with their behavior but it's me who stands to lose. i've been here for about 15yrs. i didn't enter here illegally, i was on a student visa which expired a few yrs ago so i was out of status but i met my husband & got married in 2004.
        if anyone out there knows of a very good lawyer, i'd appreciate. i'm not a criminal, i pay taxes & have been of good conduct. i entered my marriage in good faith but it was unfortunate for us.
        just be prepared. it's not enough that your marriage is bona fide, those questions can be real nerve wracking & it's easy to slip up like we did. now i feel like my life is almost over..i don't know if i'll ever be able to adjust my status.


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