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    Why not? According to you illegals comes here to get $$$ and better living. USC doesn't want to pay for illegals cost so they can have more $$$ and better living. I don't see a difference here.
    So explain again why illegals can use the money argument and USC can't??? (


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      I guess you didn't understand me..
      If it's the financial implications you are worried about with immigrants, then you cannot use that argument, because everyone, including your ancestors, as far as they might go, have come here, to also make money, which at that time, probably came out of the pockets of some USC.


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        and though it may seem unfair to you and all other USC like you, that is how it goes..and has gone since immigrants first started coming here...there was a time when Native Indians had to give up their privileges, resources and freedom, so that 'greedy' immigrants can settle here and start building on their own prosperity...we now think it was disgraceful, what happened, but the fact is history of immigration will continue to repeat itself, over and over..


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          I think I understand you just fine, its just I believe that your reasoning is flawed. Just because most (if not all USC) ancestors are immigrants to this country, and come to this country to get $$$, doesn't mean that their descedants can't choose to fight to protect their $$$ right now.

          You mention the American Indians, well for todays Americans sake, I do hope that they not ended up sharing the same fate of the Indians, which is to some degree why illegal immigration is an issue that need to be addressed.

          Unfortunately, most USC are too ignorant to take a stand and address the issue until its too late, while most politicians are too busy garnering all the votes to stay in power and failed to see the consequences.


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