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VAWA Immigration Fraud - Martha Laura Granados 11/14/66

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  • VAWA Immigration Fraud - Martha Laura Granados 11/14/66

    There is a law in this country (The Violence Against Women Act - VAWA) that provides motives and incentives for an immigrant woman (man) to prostitute herself (himself), lie, deceive, abuse etc. an American citizen in order to deceive him (her) into marrying her (him), and then that same law provides motives and incentives for her (him) to falsely accuse the innocent American citizen of DV, rape and abuse.


    The VAWA immigration loop-hole:

    The formula is simple: Pretend you're in love with an American citizen, get them to marry you, then, a few months later start making unsupported accusations of abuse. The accusations will stick, even if completely unsupported by facts. In no time they're on the path to permanent residency and with plenty of help from US taxpayers. The innocent US spouse often pays a heavy price in terms of psychological distress, legal bills, damage to reputation, and in many cases even a criminal record.


    My VAWA fraud story:


    There are a number of factors that these psychopathic immigrants use to carry out their diabolic plan:

    1. Men have a natural tendency to care for and help women (in distress) and some women have that tendency towards men (co-dependency). The immigrant poses (acts) as a victim and manipulate the American citizen to help her.

    2. Most men (and women) have a firm belief - it is in their self-concept, belief system or internal map of the world - that when a woman (man) offers "love" is must be true love. Offering love for interest (in this case - immigration) is not a part of their internal dictionary. In the past when a woman (man) loved them, they expressed their love in words and actions, and if they didn't love them, they either walked away or stayed as friends. Nobody ever pretended to love them!

    3. Because of the above - men (and women) will devote and commit themselves to helping the immigrant and the idea that the immigrant may one day turn on them and falsely accuse them (and thus betray them) or simply leave after getting what they want - the Green-Card - is inconceivable. A "human-being" that expresses so much love and acts as the perfect wife (or husband) would never do that, right?... wrong!

    4. The Radical Misandristic Feminist movement, which are thriving on very, very sick doctrines that are both anti-social and anti-family. According to their doctrines all men are naturally violent and abusive and all women are victims of men. Men "deserve" to be (falsely) accused of violence (and abuse) and women deserve to be helped based merely on their claim of abuse. Thus: Men are always perpetrators (even when the woman is) and women are always victims. Women have the right to falsely accuse men and men don't have the right to defend themselves and there are no repercussion to false accusations made by a woman.

    5. The Radical Misandristic Feminist movement was successful in passing a very sick law (VAWA) where the definition of abuse essentially makes every expression or action a man takes toward the woman "abuse" or “domestic violence”. At this point it doesn't matter what the real circumstance are: A woman claims abuse - she is right. A woman goes to a VAWA shelter - she is right and she must be accepted. An immigrant woman wants immigration based on claims of abuse - she is right. The truth does not matter anymore.

    6. The above creates the possibility for any woman to be highly abusive towards men and to use and exploit men (for money, housing, medical care, schools for her children... and immigration) and when the man realizes he is being used and wants to terminate the "relationship" (which is technically not even a relationship but an abusive interaction) she can simply claim abuse and gain from her false accusations while the man - who has already been abused – must suffer even more from ruined reputation, legal fees, a difficult divorce and in some cases arrests, jail time, criminal record and loss of employment.

    Immigration laws were changed in the past to include a temporary Green-Card and a second interview two years down the line. Unfortunately VAWA creates the immigration loop-hole described above which makes these changes futile.

    I expect immigration laws to be changed again and that immigration marriage fraud will become even more difficult. The time for the second interview may be lengthened beyond the term of two years which would make it a lot less attractive for immigrants to enter into sham marriages.

    In addition, the immigration loop-hole created by VAWA must be closed!

    Left is the ubiquitous destruction of our society that VAWA and the Radical Misandristic Feminist movement impose on all of us. Today an American Citizen cannot marry or enter a relationship with a woman without considering that in the future his live can be destroyed by false accusations of violence, abuse or rape.

    The basis for creating a family is thus being destroyed by the Radical Misandristic Feminist movement and their doctrines.

    As the family is the basis of society - our society is being destroyed!


    Ref: Martha Laura Granados bellia66 Martha Granados (DOB 11/14/1966)


    I was helping Martha and her sons so much. After her divorce I offered her my house. She and her 3 sons lived in my house for three years. I helped her with so many things: house, car, driver’s license, doctors, surgeries, money.

    She told me she wanted to be my wife. I agreed to marry her so that she could be legal in this country. It was then that trouble started.

    There is a law in this country called Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Under this law a woman can simply claim that she is a domestic violence victim and she gets all the help she needs: Housing, Legal, Psychological, Medical, Employment and Immigration papers to stay in this country…

    She contacted a VAWA agent and claimed there was domestic violence. After being in the shelter for a couple of weeks she signed a petition for a Temporary Protective Order that was full of lies.

    When I met Martha in October 2005 she was a Domestic Violence Victim and I wanted to help. I never imagined she would end up accusing me of the same. I offered her and her 3 sons to stay in my house.

    In august 2008 she asked (begged) me to marry her because she was out of legal status in the US and wanted to become legal and needed to see her son in Mexico. Again I wanted to help and I agreed. On Aug. 27 – 2008 Martha and I got married.

    Immediately after we got married her behavior changed dramatically. It became clear to me that something was totally wrong with our marriage. Martha threatened me to “leave me a present” meaning “send me to jail”. I thought she was under a lot of stress and again I felt pity. On Oct. 5 – 2008 I filed for immigration for her and on Nov. 9 – 2008 for her 2 children.

    Martha had managed to create a deep conflict between her 2 children and their own father and now she was working on doing the same between her 2 children and me. Her children’s behavior was becoming more and more unhealthy. When I discussed her sons’ situation with her she lost her temper, and later she would turn that into Emotional Violence in order to gain Immigration Benefits. On November 27 she told her son, Raul to cut off the TV cables which he did in 4 places.

    As I realized the situation was becoming very unhealthy I asked her to look for another place to stay. On November 29 Martha went to the police which escorted her and her children back to our residence. On Sunday Nov. 30 2008 Martha informed me that she intends to stay married only for the purpose of gaining Immigration Benefits. On Monday Dec. 1 2008 – for the above reason - I filed the Divorce Petition.

    Martha immediately began to look for ways to retaliate against me. She joined the Domestic Violence Program - VAWA claiming there was “Emotional Violence” against her children. On Dec. 19 2008 Martha and her children left our residence and moved to a Dekalb County Domestic Violence Women’s Shelter (International Women's House, P.O. Box 1327 Decatur, Georgia 30031 Phone: 770-413-5557 Fax: 678-476-6804 eMail: Martha left to the shelter using my 2007 SUV that I lent her.

    On Dec. 31 2008 I came to Martha’s sister’s house to wish them a Happy New Year and to pick up my 2007 SUV. When I was driving the vehicle away Martha and her two sons ran out in front of the vehicle in an attempt to forcefully stop the running vehicle thus endangering their own lives and mine.

    On Jan. 8 2009 Martha filed a petition for a Temporary Protective Order with Cobb County GA Superior Court – Civil Action 09-1-179-99 - FALSELY accusing me for domestic violence against her and her children. On Jan. 13 2009 when appearing in front of the judge Martha committed Perjury for the first time.

    On Jan. 23 2009 the Temporary Protective Order – Civil Action 09-1-179-99 was dismissed by Cobb County GA Superior Court judge – finding Martha’s accusations to be FALSE. At the court session Martha committed Perjury for the second time.

    While giving her testimony Martha referred to events that allegedly took place on a trip to Orlando, FL in June 2008, proving that when she asked me to marry her in August 2008 her intentions were dishonest.

    On Jan. 29 2009 the FINAL DECREE of Divorce was granted – Civil Action 08-1-11044-40 by Cobb County GA Superior Court judge.

    On May 29 2009 Martha appeared at my house and attempted to gain access to the property. When the police arrived Martha informed the police that she was still married to me. By doing so Martha committed criminal trespassing and provided the police with misinformation.

    On December 1, 2009 Exactly a year after I filed for divorce she, assisted by her son and others from the shelter broke in to my house and robbed me of the things they knew were most dear to me.

    If only we could enlighten the people of the illegitimacy and unconstitutionality of VAWA, then its fall will be inevitable!!!

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    Protecting one's property is a most sacred right.

    This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.


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