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Help me Friends Moving from Chicago to Miami

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  • Help me Friends Moving from Chicago to Miami

    Hi Friends,
    Well it is official now. We are moving to Florida in July/August 2004(we have to). Now my questions and concerns are how does this effect my AOS case here in Chicago? Do I have to take a drivers/ written test again in Florida? I have a valid Illinois driver's license. Guys can I keep my INS file here in Chicago instead of the messy thing of file transfer? We have already put in 21 months friends and we really don't want to wait another 21 months in Miami since I have heard the service is very slow there. God I am praying that we are called for our interview right here in Chicago before August 2004 I hope we do since it will 25-26 months and the wait here is 26 months. PLEASE FRIENDS help me all you can. I really need your help and support.

    PS In my 2 ½ year dealing with the INS here in Chicago I did not have a lawyer and everything was a smooth ride but looks like I would be needing a lawyer soon specially to handle my case of transfer from Chicago to Miami. So this is to my new Friends in Florida please guys let me know GOOD lawyer's names and #'s and your general experience with AOS in INS at Miami. Thank you so much friends. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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    hello?? friends?


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      hey raju...

      have u got any relatives over there in chicago who will be staying at the same address ?


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        your drivers license has nothing to do with ins, you just have to go to DMV in Miami with like a utility bill in your name and/or vehicle insurance papers addressed to you in miami to get your FL drivers license.

        I do not know of any good attorney in Chicago, but I do know an exceptional one in Milwaukee, WI (I personally deal with him as far as recommendation and was recommended to me originally by one of my fraternity brothers who is an attorney himself in Milwaukee).

        I am not very much versed in the immigration matters but I believe there is a 'change of addrress' form you will have to fill out to get your case transfered to Miami. If you have friends in Chicago - that is great but I am not sure how INS documentation mailing rules are and if USPS(postal service) will forward any INS documents. Assuming your documents will get forwarded and you get your interview or whatever, you will have to fly back to Chicago for your Interview or something as simple as fingerprinting....
        Again, driver lincense is an easy - nothing to it. as far as transfering your INS case - stand by for more experienced users to post their takes on it.
        Good luck.
        ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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          this link is for u....

          if u can leave me ur e mail....


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            Hi Pasha Patel,
            First of all thank you so much for caring and helping me out. Oh I have friends and relatives in Chicago but they don't live in the same address they are like scattered everywhere but yes I have lots of relatives and friends in my area. Okay we told this problem to my wife's company and they have been really supportive and said that even thought my wife has to join in Miami in mid-June the company will give her 3 months hotel stay which means I don't have to quite my job until September and she does not have to change her address and mine too till September and my receipt date is 7/25/02 and the wait here in Chicago is 26 months so we are really close. It would be really stupid on our part to transfer files to Miami. Files get lost, bottom of the pile, complications and all kind of things you know. We really don't want that. Me and my wife will visit every 15 days (either she will come up here or visa versa everything will be documented also just to have proof and stuff). Please let me know your views and suggestions and opinions. My wife has waited over 2 years for this promotion and it is so disappointing that inspite of my sacrifice (quiting my job in this economy) and all the time and effort there is a still big question mark is it really 26 months or more.



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              1. The law says aliens must inform the government within 10 days of changing address. For forty years INS pretty much ignored the requirement, but now, post 9/11, they are cracking down on it.
              2. When you move, jurisdiction changes and the office which had your case will not do one more step in completing the case. It ***** to travel hundreds of miles for a finger print or an interview just to be told to go away.
              3. Essential mail will be missed. The post office is not supposed to deliver government mail to an address not registered to the recipient.
              4. Eventually USCIS will find out.

              File an AR-11, change of address form, with Immigration. You do not need an attorney. Notify your new Congressperson. They will make sure the file is transferred correctly and they will do it for free. Chicago and Miami have similar backlogs. You will not go to the bottom of the pile. You will be put in the proper place in line.


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                BIOMETRICS (electronically captured photo, much like the ADIT photo, signature and print of one index finger; these info are required for I-765) and fingerprints (electronically captured 'prints' of all your fingers) are done in local Application Support Center (ASC) NOT in the Local BCIS offices. Appointments are made by calling BCIS 1-800 number (as instructed in the BCIS Notice of Action you received...which was the case for me)

                so, if you change address or move to another state and have not appeared for BIOMETRICS and/or fingerprint appointment(s), it will not be a problem, you can do it in any ASC nearest you.

                i'm currently a student here in Oklahoma, so I scheduled my BIOMETRICS and fingerprint appointments at ASC in Oklahoma City. I do not have to go to Denver (the place where we file our AOS applications) to appear for the appointments.

                all info needed during your BIOMETRICS and fingerprint appointments are electronically captured at ASC and hence can be access thru computer by the local BCIS office that will adjudicate your AOS application. FBI (and other offices that needs to do background security checks) can access them too.

                since we will also move to another state (Colorado to Georgia), we made inquiries to Denver local BCIS office (where we originally filed our applications, last Dec 2003). we were told to submit the change of address forms....

                according to my husband, the Denver BCIS staff also took note of our change of address in the computer and sent a message (i'm not sure to whom) and then told my husband that the message that was sent will enable our files to be transferred to Georgia.
                DOES anyone in this board had the same experience in Denver local BCIS office? or this is a new procedure implemented as a result of the centralized initial processing of most marriage based AOS at NBC-Missouri? personally, I don't know...If anyone can share his/her experience, It will be appreciated. Thanks!

                i hope the information I shared helps. In the future, I'll try to post a message regarding our AOS experience.
                have a nice day.


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                  Hiya Raju,
                  Congrats on the move. Maybe someday we can all meet...Im in Orlando!
                  Take care my friend..
                  Beware of small expenses. A small leak could sink a big ship.


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                    Hi Raju...

                    U got some valuable advices ....and link I wrote before says the same... now if I were in your situation then personally when u have waited this long ....i wouldn't move right now...when u r expecting your interview any time sooner .... Even if ur wife stays in Miami...doesn't hurt your case at all as u have genuine reason.... Lot of couple stays at different places coz of work , education or other reasons ...So I would suggest you to stay in Chicago for now and still u got time up to September. So meanwhile u should get your interview...wish u all the best ....


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                      Hi LongTimeHere,
                      Thank you so much for your response. Well I went on the web site of Florida DMV and may be I read it wrong or may be I am right but to me it looks like there is a wait time of 30 days for Non-US citizens to get a drivers license in FL. I think they do background checks (FBI) and stuff like that (I have never heard of this) I have lived in 2 states before moving to Illinois and there has never been a wait time. But then may be I am wrong. As far as attorney is concerned well I never asked for one in Chicago I was asking about Miami since if I get transferred there I was thinking of hiring one since this whole thing might get to complicated for me to handle. I think you read it wrong I will be moving from Chicago to Miami. As far as coming to Chicago from Miami is concerned well I really hope I can do that since they always go by the jurisdiction thing. After all I really don't want to transfer my case to Miami and wait another lifetime you know what I mean. Anyway thank you so much for your answers.

                      Hi Old Man,
                      Thank you so much for your response. Of course I know if I move I have to change the address I never questioned that. My main concern is that I don't want my file to be lost or put in the bottom of the pile in Miami that is all. Bottom line is I don't want to wait more 21 months in a new location and that is all this is all about. I have renewed my EAD (twice soon to be 3rd) and also been Finger printed by FBI all done here in Chicago. All we are wishing for is we get called real soon that is all. Thank you for your valuable advise.

                      Hi PCR,
                      Thank you so much for your response. Thank you for your valuable information. Like I said before we still have some time before we move and so I hope the INS calls us before Sep 04 that is all. I am applying for my EAD soon again (3rd time) and also I have been fingerprinted so hopefully things should move faster. Best of luck with your AOS case and move from Colorado to Georgia. I am sure you are also moving for job reasons. I guess that is life.Thank you once again.

                      Hi Zab Zub,
                      Hey man long time no see. So good to see you back on the board. Forgive me if I am wrong but weren't you supposed to be going to your home country or something like that? Singapore or something and I remember you saying that you were going to use your advance parole right? So how did all that go? Oh we have not moved as of yet you know but surely in Sept 2004 and I am praying that we get called for our interview soon. Going to my mailbox is just like a adventure for me everyday hoping for a letter from INS you know what I mean right? So you in Orlando? Wow those guys are even slower then Miami I think aren't they? God save us all.

                      Hi Pasha Patel,
                      You said it right. PEOPLE MOVE be it job, education and stuff like that. Well we both are really hoping that we get called for our interview before Sept 2004. Thank you so much for your support. Like I said even if my wife moves to Miami in June we will be calling everyday + every 15 days I will be going to her or she would come to Chicago + we are going to document every ticket just in case they want to see. I hope we won't have to be apart and hence praying that we get call letter soon say tomorrow. Thank you so much for your advice.


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                        you are not getting a NEW license, you are just getting FL one. DMV already has your info in IL, so it should be easy. Call FL DMV and ask what is the process of changing (use word changing vs obtaining) your DL from IL one to a FL DL. FL DMV digits are:
                        Customer Service Center (850) 922-9000

                        or use this form and email your question to them.
                        ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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                          hello! raju

                          thanks for replying to our messages. i appreciate it.

                          yes it's true that some people who are married but may be living in separate states (in our case, it's my education, i'm a PhD candidate now and need to finish my research). my husband and I even put different address in our application forms [i used my school address that i have in my SEVIS records (because i'm physically here in Oklahoma) and my husband used our residence address in Colorado].

                          so, in case you choose to stay in Chicago (while your wife is in Miami) while waiting for your AOS, there'll be no problem with that.

                          i've read in other message board (and also in previous messages from this board), that some couple hire a lawyer. in your case you can hire a lawyer in Chicago. so your lawyer will be able to receive any communication from BCIS Chicago. they hire lawyer from the state where they used to live not the state where they will move (i'm not sure if it'll make a difference).

                          do you know the AOS processing times in Miami? in our case, Georgia (Dec 2001?) is slower than Denver (Nov 2003?), moving to Georgia will definitely mean longer waits...
                          ....looking on the positive side, as long as my husband and i can be together while AOS is pending it's great... and we'll also be able to have more documents as proof of our marriage, which we can bring at the AOS Interview.

                          we hope for the best for you and your wife. let us know how your AOS interview turns out. thanks!


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                            Raju- if you want your case completed in CHI, don't move. Unless you are a student (like PCR) or in the military, your application has to be adjudicated by the office with jurisdiction over your residence. You can get some shyster attorney to collect your mail and represent you at the interview, but once the DAO finds out you live in Florida, you will be out the door. Are you going to keep your IL drivers license, IL auto insurance, IL registration, pay IL taxes, maintain an IL residence, have an IL employer (even NW Indiana will do), have IL utility bills, IL phone bills, keep a Jewel/Osco or Dominics shopping card... I can go on all day, but the point is that Immigration will find out you don't live in the CHI jurisdiction and send your case to Florida anyway. You will waste a lot of time and effort. Either don't move until after you approved for LPR or move and get your case transferred. You don't go to the bottom of the pile. Your case gets put into the new office's processing timeline based on when you filed. Unless Immigration thinks you have been trying to play the system. That is when "accidents" happen.


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                              yep Raju.... Old Man is right... as i wrote before...i wouldnt move in this case... u got may be few more days or 1-2 months before interview...good luck...


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