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    well lets wait till Bush will have to sign it or not.. beside right now there are still differences beetwen Senat and House bill.. Senat signed it without such a drastics immigration reforms..

    "The House passed legislation to overhaul the nation's intelligence agencies yesterday. It includes several immigration reforms deemed controversial by House and Senate Democrats, and that could complicate negotiations between the two chambers.
    House Republicans said their bill not only utilized the recommendations of the September 11 commission, but went further in addressing issues that the commission could not.
    "The 9/11 commission provided a rewarding and admirable service, but they were not able to address certain things because they needed to be unanimous and these immigration reforms represent some of that," said Rep. Mike Pence, Indiana Republican.

    The bill creates a national intelligence director with budget authority over nonmilitary intelligence agencies, a national counterterrorism center and a joint intelligence community council, as the commission recommended. It passed 282-134, with 69 Democrats and 213 Republicans supporting the measure and 125 Democrats, eight Republicans and one independent opposing it.
    Some Republicans, including President Bush, however, opposed the asylum and the deportation provision that would make it easier to deport terrorists even back to countries known to torture suspects.
    Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Florida Republican, said the bill "lumps immigrants with terrorists." Mr. Bush decried the provision as too broad and a radical shift in immigration policy without necessary debate.
    Among the more contentious immigration provisions in the House version are more stringent restrictions on illegal aliens' ability to obtain driver's licenses to take effect in three years, easier deportations and expanded judicial review in asylum cases.
    Republicans mocked Democrats who voted against the bill for straddling the fence and for playing follow the leader with the Senate's bill. Democratic members have complained for weeks that the Republican-led bill goes too far in expanding police powers, the U.S.A. Patriot Act and immigration enforcement and is too weak on nuclear proliferation and homeland-security protection of seaports, chemical and nuclear plants and railways.
    "I must admit I am baffled by complaints from the other side of the aisle," said House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, Illinois Republican. "Some have complained that we are going too slow; some said too fast; others said our bill was too strong; some said it was too weak; and still others complained simply because that is their nature."
    The bill now heads to conference with Senate leaders, who passed a markedly different version on Wednesday containing no immigration provisions and deviating little from the September 11 commission's suggestions.
    After failing to substitute the Senate's intelligence-reform bill in a vote late Thursday night, Democrats tried and failed a second time yesterday afternoon on a 223-193 vote.
    "If we vote for the substitute with the exact same language as the Senate, we can put it on the president's desk tomorrow; we can be in the Rose Garden celebrating his signature," said Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, New York Democrat, who introduced the second substitute.
    Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., Wisconsin Republican, said the measure is necessary to protect America from terrorists.
    "No one who comes to the United States legally would be subject to the expedited removal provisions of this bill, what's going on now is there are a lot of non-Mexicans coming across this border and many of them are from the Middle East; many have committed crimes at home, and without this expedited provision, we are stuck with these people," Mr. Sensenbrenner said.
    A provision to give judges the authority to use a defendant's "demeanor" and "consistency" in their determination of asylum claims remained intact in the bill.
    Opposing Democrats and Republicans said that amendment will make it difficult for legitimate immigrants to claim asylum and said the current system, which bars terrorists from claiming asylum, is enough.
    Other minor battles also took place on the immigration front with Rep. Doug Ose, California Republican, winning favor for his provision to complete construction of a 14-mile-long fence along the southern border dividing Tijuana, Mexico, from San Diego.
    Various human rights, Hispanic advocacy and civil liberties groups decried the House immigration provisions.
    "This legislation is not what the [September 11] commissioners asked for and for the sake of freedom and privacy, it must be rejected," said Laura W. Murphy, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Washington office.
    Eric Biel, deputy director of Human Rights First, said that the House version "severely restricts the rights of immigrants" and that the deportation provision would, "subject some to a high risk of torture in their home countries." "


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      In Ohio you must present one of the following to renew your license:

      An applicant and a co-signer for a minor applicant must present two (2) acceptable identification documents to prove both Date of Birth and Social Security Number, if ever assigned. From the following:

      Driver License - (Any State) with photograph, current or expired not more than 6 months.

      U.S. Birth Certificate - Must be original or certified copy, have a seal and be issued by an appropriate government agency. (U.S. territories are included, i.e. Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands)

      State Issued Identification Card - (Any State) with photograph, current or expired not more than six (6) months.

      Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) Documents - Must be original and valid.

      Certified Copy of Court Order - Must contain full name and date of birth. Examples include: Adoption document, name change document. (Cannot be related to any Bureau of Motor vehicles issues).

      Birth Registration Card - Must be an original containing the official seal of the issuing county health department and display the registration or file number; include name, date of birth, gender, and name of parent(s). Must also be signed by the City Registrar of Vital Statistics.

      U.S. Valid Military Identification with photograph - Spouse and dependent included.

      Valid Passport - U.S. or Canadian, with photograph. If from any other country, appropriate INS documentation is also required.

      State Issued Learners Permit - (Any State) with photograph, current or expired not more than six (6) months.

      And one from the following:

      Must Include Social Security Number (if one has ever been assigned) and if not on Primary Document.


      Official Social Security Card or Official Print Out from the Social Security Administration - Metal card is not acceptable. SSA print out must be stamped and signed by issuing agency. If the social security card states "invalid if laminated" we will not accept it if it is laminated. If the individual presents a card that has no mention of lamination, and it is laminated, we will accept.

      Bureau of Indian Affairs Card/Indian Treaty Card - Tribal Identification card is not acceptable.

      Certified Copy of a Court Order - With or without the date of birth adoption document, name change document, divorce or dissolution decree. Any certified court order.

      Credit Card - Valid only if social security number appears on primary document.

      Employer Identification Card - With photograph.

      Foreign Birth Certificate - Must be accompanied by a translation by an approved translator. Translation must be notarized.

      Health Insurance Card - Example: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Veterans Administration Universal Access Card (military health card).

      Internal Revenue Service or State Tax Form - Issued by the Governmental Agency involved. (Form W-2 is not acceptable).

      Marriage Certificate or License - (Photocopy is not acceptable).

      Medical Treatment Records From a Doctor or Hospital

      Valid Military Dependent Identification - With photograph.

      Military Discharge Separation Papers (DD214) - With photograph.

      Gun Permit - With photograph.

      Pilot's License

      School Record or Transcript - Must be certified copy. (Includes G.E.D. Certificate).

      Student Identification Card - With photograph issued by a school or university.

      Vehicle Title - Vehicle registration is not acceptable.

      Voter Registration Card - Please note that Ohio does not issue such a document.

      Human Services I.D. - Photo not required.


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        Either way, many people will be doomed.

        These days, there is no such thing as a good decision, the congress, the senate or the president are constantly keeping immigration paralyzed until americans move towards in a world without fear. As long as people have a unscaled concerns about the security of the nation... no "one" is willing to sympathize with immigrants and their issues.

        Hope keeps things alive.


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          The Ohio BMV doesnt say anything about Foreign Student, or what documents needed to "renew" a DL for a foreign student with a DL.

          So, lets say, I can submit my "about" to expire DL (with SS# on it), which statisfies it as a Primary Document. Plus offical SS card as a Secondry Document... will that be it? - this sounds like the old requirements, I heard the state became more strict towards non-citizens.


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            That's the way I read it from the website. As long as you have an unexpired DL and a non-restricted SS card then you're good to go.


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              My SS card says "Work authorization needed"... is that considered non-restricted?


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                  How about the "about" to expire DL as the Primary Document, and Student ID card (as the Ohio BMV list of required seconday documents suggests) as a Secondary Document.

                  Will that work?


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                    I've seen cases where the person looks american, they go in, tell them they were born in the US, (pick a state) and theyre off with their new driver's lisence... now if you don't look american.....better have your visa in hand!


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                      What if the person who is applying for the DL renewal does not have an american name?


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                        That's just ****ing great. As if I am not having enough trouble getting the ****ing SS card now I'll get hassled for a driver's license. How the hell am I supposed to get around town? My town has no public transportation whatsoever except for the greyhound bus which passes through town, like oh, once or twice a week on midnights.


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