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  • Come on freedom fighters

    lets slaughter them...its been quite a while since last beheading..lets give these people wat they deserve...ALLAH HU AKBAR...

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    lets slaughter them...its been quite a while since last beheading..lets give these people wat they deserve...ALLAH HU AKBAR...


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      Allah wouldn't appreciate you talking like that. And I am on this site, seeking help to help my husband, and here come you ignorant f*cks. You are the reason that my husband is being held in jail. Because he is muslim and f*cks like you claim Allah wants you to do this. Allah wouldn't tell you to do that.


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        Asid - what, you have a hotline to Allah? He converses with you regularly? What are the lottery numbers for tomorrow?
        How in the world do you know what any deity is thinking (assuming said deity exists)??
        Your husband is in jail for a thousand and one good reasons, most likely. BUt then, you would probably try to argue that he should be released because I ran a red light 23 years I understand your desperate should really start posting your pathetically uninformed blather on that marvelous other, also known as "twitteringdesperatecows.whine"


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          One, Allah means God. And God would not approve of such things. And the reason they call him Allah is because you can't say things like "Allah-awful" but you can say "God-awful" and "God ****" and other such profanitys with "God" in them. That is why he is referred to as Allah. And two, my husband is not in jail for a thousand and one reasons. And lastly, I was not going to refer to your ticket from 23 years ago. You still took the argument out of context. Fine, you want me to tell you what I think should happen? Hey, itduz, call up your taliban homies and go suicide bomb Someone12's house. Thank you.


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            and just how do you know what God is thinking??? Another hotline to that deity?
            Let's see you prove it.....go him up and tell him to lay siege to my house.......well......I'm still waiting......still nothing.......hello.....anyone home? .....guess Allah's hotline is busy......


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              Holy sh*t. Do you have a PhD for taking things out of context, or too literally? If you had read the bible like you should have since you're so **** proud of being American that you'd have to be Christian, then you would know that God does not approve of such actions. And I did not, even once, state that I would call him up and HAVE him do it. I asked him to, but not in a literal sense. And also, I said I would pray that it happened. So yes, go on with your "witty" sarcasm. It just makes you look like an even bigger douchebag. I am done wasting my time on a pathetic, piece of sh*t, old man who knows nothing but thinks he knows everything. You claim you fought in the Vietnam War for "YOUR" country. Now do "YOUR" country a favor and drop dead.


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                sorry, but the bible does not rule my life....I have far more brains than to have to rely on a collection of dogma....boy, your IQ is even lower than I thought -- so your god will respond to your prayers asking that some harm be doled out to another human being because YOU think it should happen? Yea right....keep dreaming...oops....there's the phone....must be god calling.....


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