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Boehner hints a back down on 'amnesty'

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  • Boehner hints a back down on 'amnesty'

    Guys, before you read this article, i want to remind all the aliba,somoene12, antifascist and who claims the house wont even go to a senate-house hearing,, who rep.boehner is..Rep. boehener is the leader of all house republicans. He has very strong power to turn the tides.

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    Guys, before you read this article, i want to remind all the aliba,somoene12, antifascist and who claims the house wont even go to a senate-house hearing,, who rep.boehner is..Rep. boehener is the leader of all house republicans. He has very strong power to turn the tides.


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      House Majority Leader John A. Boehner refused yesterday to rule out compromising with the Senate to expand the House border security bill to include a guest-worker program or provisions that opponents call "amnesty."
      "Let's wait and see what the Senate can produce," he told reporters yesterday when asked whether House Republicans would reject the Senate Judiciary Committee's proposal to allow the estimated 12 million illegal aliens now in the U.S. to seek citizenship after paying a fine.
      Since Monday's Judiciary vote, the Senate appears headed toward approving immigration legislation that strengthens border security some while creating a new guest-worker program and providing a path to U.S. citizenship for illegal aliens already in the country. Republican opponents of the proposal call it "amnesty" since it doesn't deport current illegals for breaking immigration laws.
      "The American people are counting on us to secure our borders and restore the rule of law to our immigration system," Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican and Judiciary Committee member, said Monday night after voting against the proposal.
      He said the panel had "let the American people down by passing out a blanket amnesty bill. We've been down this path several times before, and it proved a failure."
      Conservatives were especially appalled to see so many Republicans -- Sens. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Sam Brownback of Kansas -- join panel Democrats to approve the proposal.
      "It appears that the members of the committee who voted for this misguided legislation are more in tune with the thousands of protesters waving Mexican flags in the streets of Los Angeles than they are with the overwhelming majority of Americans who are demanding that America's borders and national security be protected," said Bill Lauderback, executive vice president of the American Conservative Union. "The first priority of any immigration reform bill must be to secure our borders. By contrast, this bill undermines respect for the rule of law and encourages more illegals to storm our borders."
      The only solace for the conservatives has been the House, where many Republicans adamantly oppose any process that permits current illegals to apply for citizenship without first leaving the country. Also, they say Congress must prove to voters that they can enforce existing immigration laws and strengthen the borders before creating any guest-worker program that draws new immigrants.
      Mr. Boehner and other House leaders said yesterday they still prefer their border-security-only bill.
      "Border security is a huge, huge issue everywhere," said Majority Whip Roy Blunt, Missouri Republican. "House members are on the right side of the issue."
      Mr. Blunt declined to give an opinion on the Senate proposal or even whether he considered it amnesty.
      "I don't know what the Senate will finally do at the end of the process," he said.

      But, like Mr. Boehner, Mr. Blunt indicated he is open to compromise.
      "The critical concern here is clearly securing the border," he said. "What else has to happen with that for the legislative process to work -- you know, we'll let the process work."
      Mr. Blunt and House Republican Conference Chair Deborah Pryce of Ohio said yesterday they will be sharing recent polling that shows American voters overwhelmingly supporting the House position of shoring up the borders and enforcing current immigration laws.
      "The poll numbers really shout loudly and clearly how the American people feel about this issue," Mrs. Pryce said.
      Though Mr. Boehner repeatedly sidestepped reporters' questions about his -- or the House leadership's -- stance on the Senate proposal, he did say that he hopes that whatever is sent to President Bush more closely reflects the House bill.
      "The House has passed a responsible border security bill," he said. "While this was a very difficult issue for this Congress, I think the American people expect us to strengthen our borders and so I'm hopeful the Senate will do the same."


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        I would advice everyone to read this article above because it just refute the claims of tancredo and others that says the house is anti any guess worker.

        This article makes it very clear that member of the house are defecting the tancredo, tough talk approach, and they are defecting very fast because they are on record saying that they are open to a guest worker plan.


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          House Majority Leader John Boehner, who voted against a House bill tightening border security in December, defended that bill Tuesday as "responsible" legislation, but stopped short of either endorsing or criticizing the need to have a guest worker program in the bill's final version.

          "There are arguments to be made in favor of a guest worker program," he said. "There are others who think this is the first step toward amnesty."

          He declined to speculate whether a bill with a guest-worker program could pass the House.

          His comments came a day after the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that both included a guest worker program and varied wildly from the House immigration bill, which focused on enforcement only.

          Boehner, R-West Chester, said he voted against the House bill because he believed it was an "unfunded mandate" that would require employers to verify whether their current workers were legal citizens.

          He defended a heavily criticized provision that would make it a felony to aid or assist an illegal immigrant, saying it was aimed at immigration smugglers.

          "The intent of the House bill was to make it clear that those who assist in smuggling illegal immigrants into the country should be dealt with severely," Boehner said.

          Critics have said the provision would make it a crime to offer an illegal immigrant so much as a bowl of soup.

          The provision proved a deterrent to Rep. Mike Turner, R-Centerville, who also voted against the bill. In an editorial he wrote in mid-February, Turner criticized the House bill for turning not only illegal immigrants into felons but "turning Good Samaritans" into felons.

          Turner, Boehner and Rep. David Hobson, R-Springfield, were among House Republicans who voted against the House bill, which passed in December. Hobson thought it would be overly burdensome to small businesses.

          Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, meanwhile, called the House bill "absolutely horrible" and said the bill passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee sounds like "a very good piece of legislation." He lauded the Senate committee's decision to include a guest worker program.

          A spokesman for Sen. Mike DeWine said that by early Tuesday afternoon three of DeWine's Ohio offices "” Xenia, Columbus and Cleveland "” received a total of 125 calls on the immigration issue, most opposed to the Senate Judiciary Committee's bill.

          DeWine, R-Ohio, who is on the committee, supported the bill.


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            "" He defended a heavily criticized provision that would make it a felony to aid or assist an illegal immigrant, saying it was aimed at immigration smugglers. ""
            But there's no section in the bill stating the "intent of congress" so the statutes are going to be interpreted "as is". This is an excuse and nothing more, if the House really wanted the criminal provisions to apply to smugglers only then a section describing the intent of congress would have taken care of the issue. Excuses and empty talk, nothing more.


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              Boehner will approve a house-senate meeting, then he will pull out the felonization of good samaritans and undocumneted workers, but im guessing that they would want something back, like the abolition birth right citizenship or a china's wall type..I think both of those are terrible.But, i do think that the house will accept a guest worker program as long as there are strong enforcement in the bill...We can do both without being to extreme like the tancredo's camp.


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                And you all remember that there almost 500 members of the House, and that each and every one of them is up for re-election this fall (only 1/3 of the Senate is). Mr. Boehner and the President will need powerful coat tails to convince these members to vote for something which may well work to ensure their defeat this fall. It's certainly possible that the House is open to a compromise, but do you want to bet on what those compromises might be? "Guest worker" program embodies a number of different plans, including Cornyn-Kyl, which requires illegal workers to leave to apply and doesn't give a route to citizenship. I wouldn't call that an amnesty. Of course, then you might have problems getting it past Democrats in the Senate.


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                  Well, its either they vote for the guest worker program now, or wait untill after the election, and pass it...I have no problem with them waiting untill after the election but it seems like a lot of people are pushing to get this done now instead of later.

                  Democrats are schedule to pick up seats in the house, and they are united on the guest worker front, so i think that the chance of a comprehensive bill passing , after the election is even bigger because no one will have to worry about re elections...The enforcement-only bill is dead..The consensus is, the only immigration bill that stand a chance of ever passing is one that has strong enforcement and a guest worker bill..It is also accepted that immigration talk can not proceed if you exclude the 12 millions undocumented migrants in the U.S..All those kids that are protesting speaks perfect english and have been in this country since babies , there is no way the american public will stand for the INS breaking into schools to arrest undocumented childrens.


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                    Still think they're united on the guest worker front when one of their biggest backer is against it?


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                      When FAIRUS says "let's pass Enforcement ONLY now and then we will think of Guest Worker program" - behold ! It's nothing but a ruse.

                      Once they get what they want, no way on Earth they would consider Guest Worker program.

                      When I say, with full confidence, that "AMNESTY" will be there no matter what, I don't mean to say that I beleive in what and it's supporters say that they will consider and vote for Guest Worker program sometime later, as they suggest now.

                      I am not thAt naive!

                      What I mean is: once "Enforcement Only" bill is passed, it will have too bad consequences for too many people (not just immigrants and their families).

                      And those who most vehemently push it - including those most radical House members - will be ones to pay a price of loosing their seats - mark my words and wait just few years from now - you will see.

             (Along with John Tanton, it's founder) will go down in history as non-prof org that has done the single and greatest harm to strategic interests of Republican party.


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                        The Democrats are united. Think again. Many of Michigan's reps, including the Senators, don't support a guest worker program or amnesty.


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                          And without enforcement, no way a guest worker program would work. Employers don't use the H2 programs that exist now, unless they've had trouble with immigration already, or as in agriculture, where workers have fled to better paying jobs in construction, and the temp program is a way to keep them indentured.m If the entry of illegal aliens is not stopped, and if the laws are not enforced, employers will continue to do as they've done and go around "guest worker" programs in favor of illegal aliens. FURTHERMORE, WE'VE ALREADY HAD THE PROOF THAT GIVING AN AMNESTY ON THE PROMISE OF FUTURE ENFORCEMENT IS A FOOL'S GAME. WE TRIED IT WITH THE 1986 AMNESTY, AND ENFORCEMENT NEVER MATERIALIZED. FOOL ME ONCE...


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                            every single sentence you write on this board seems to be copy-pasted from website, and you had wits to accuse me of posting someone else's thoughts..


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                              A comprehensive immigration bill will pass this year or next year either way..Enforcement-only is dead and will never be mentioned again..Im glad that boehner has stated that a comprehensive bill is the way to go....No ones says that we shouldnt protect our borders, all we are saying is that, you can not do enforcement-only, whyle disregarding the 12 millions that are already here...Im even willing to accept a wall of china if they can garner proof that it is needed, but so far, even border patrol officers says that a wall of china type, will be too dificult to monitor and it sends the wrong message around the world, and remember that we, american destroyed the berlin wall??? remeber that?, so why would we turn around and built a wall like the berlin wall that offends the rest of the world?

                              It works both way, you enforce, and you create a guest worker, at the same can do one and leave the other, they both are join to the head.


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