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Boehner hints a back down on 'amnesty'

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    Suffice to say the next 2 weeks will be interesting. VPlenty of heated arguments abound. In a way, its good that this took place during election years. Now the senators & reps can't hide one way or the other

    Aliba, I think its the general consensus that enforcement will be enacted with every single variation of the immigration reform. These senators ain't too terribly stupid to ignore it.


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      Now, imagine 500 Representatives and 100 Senators trying to agree when we can't


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        Now, imagine 500 Reps and 100 Senators agreeing on a compromise, when we can't


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          the democrats wont have to argue, in fact, the democrats are laughting at republicans becuase they is a huge split among them on the immigration issue whyle the democrats are all align for the pro immigration bill.

          This is a republican argument, not a democratic issue, so when you say 500, you are lying..


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            There're 36 Democrat Reps that support the Sensenbrenner's bill and 17 Republican Reps that oppose it.
            Who's having what problem now??

            Just wait and see what'll happen. Its all that everyone in here can do...unless there's a congress member among us??


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              marmaduck, are you aware that pelosi and other house democratic leader told a handfull of house democrat to go ahead and vote for the bill since it had no chance of passing the senate?? this is a fact, and if you want, ill look for the d-a-m-n article for you.

              Believe me when i say this, the democrats are laughitng are the republicans because there is a deep split among their base when it comes to immigration..You have the president , who's a republican, telling republican to vote for the guest worker program, whyle you have tancredo who's also a republican, telling his base to vote against it...Democrats doesnt have such issues and all they have to do is just sit down and watch them arguing whyle they laught.


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                I said number of times that this is not a matter of NUMBERS , but of perceived force, FIELD behind one or another cause.

                If you look strictly at numbers, then consider this:

                1. Most Democrats (out of 36) were pushed to vote for Sesenbrenner against their will, by their Democratic leaders , so that their votes on HR4437 wouldn't be used against them during November in most contentious districts.

                2. A lot more than 17 Republican Reps. (including those who voted for Sesenbrenner Bill) admitted that they would vote for Guest Worker program if it was part of HR4437.

                Strictly speaking , there are enough, more than half House Reps to pass the Guest Worker program, but the "FIELD IN THE AIR" is what carries the day.


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                  Ah, but what "guest worker" program would these guys vote for, AF? That is the question. There is no one guest worker program. That could be anything from the McCain-Kennedy amnesty to Cornyn-Kyl, or something that isn't even on the table yet. When POLLING you need to be sure that you give the respondents a common frame of reference. Guest worker program means different things to different people.


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                    Cornyn-Kyl version seems reasonable, with very narrow exceptions offered under Sens. Brownback and Specter.

                    That kind of "Guest Worker" program has enough support (in terms of NUMBERS) in the House.
                    But, again, it's all about "FIELD IN THE AIR", and not just a matter of numbers.
                    Meaning, I don't envision a possibility of ANY Guest-Worker program making past the House this or even the next year.


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                      antifascits, why dont you zip your mouth with your carp$ about field force...This is not about all of those ****$ you are talking about...This is about numbers and it will always be about numbers.....Right now, they are strong support for the pro immigration groups with the religious group pushing very hard to make sure their large constituency understand what an enforcement-only bill means.

                      All the millions of people that demonstrated against the House'S bill, has officially killed it..Everyone agrees that the large rallies was a huge blow to H.R4437, so how can you still continue to run off your mouth about enforcement only being enacted when you have the d-a-m-a house republican leader saying he's willing to make compromises?

                      I predict a comprehensive bill before july or after the election, when no one will have to worry about re election bids...Remember the lawmakers that are worried about people voting against them because they voted for comprehensive bill, will also have to worry about voting for enforcement-only and risk the chance of the unions, chambers and the largest growing block(hispanic) stopping all cash flow to their re elections bids.


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                        antifascits, why dont you zip your mouth with your carp$ about field force...

                        Why are you angry with me?
                        For stating facts?
                        I support sensible, comprehensive immigration reform, but it doesn't mean that I have to lie and say it will pass through House this or even next year, while I personally beleive that it won't.



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                          Except their largest and most fervent constituency is illegal aliens, Jean, which is precisely why they want them legalized. You've never heard the term, "silent majority", have you? That's what wins elections. The parties with vested interests always scream loudest precisely because they have so much to lose, but there are a lot of people out there watching these marches on TV or reading about them in the paper or on the internet, and where they didn't care before, they are now, and are offended by the display of people who are illegally here demanding "rights" when they haven't even the right to be here. I wonder how that picture of the Mexican flag being flown over an upside down American flag at a school in California is going down for denizens of the internet?

                          There is nothing that says that felony provisions for some could not be negotiated back into the reconciliation bill. It depends on what people are willing to trade.


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                            One thing that i will say is the elites in this country will not allow enforcement-only to ever pass because they know it will destroy it..The elites are the ones that run this country, not the american public's sentiment, so even if you have american public wanting enforcement only, the elites will never agree to it because they have facts that the american public might not have.

                            I would also state that those elite member are the one behind the huge rallies and others other word, if those guys think that amnesty is what is to occur, then amnesty will occur.


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                              write your Reps and suggest that they build brick ovens instead of felonizing Good Samaritans.
                              Just turn the flesh of those unworthy illegals into something more useful, like heat. Or soap, at least.


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                                BTW, I don't beleive a MYTH that it's ELITES vs. American Public issue.

                                ELITES have nothing to gain from illegal immigrants.
                                ELITES run multibillion corporations, hire highly skilled workers (if they happen to be in US), or simply move to Asia if they need a cheap labor for production of goods.

                                It is in FACT NOT ELITES who need illegals most of all, but it is a small business owners and average Joes (roofing contractors, store owners, service employers, restaurant owners) who need and rely on cheap labor most of all.

                                It is just ironic, as well as a testament to Noblility and Wisdom of ELITES that they support the interests - not of their own - but that of average people.


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